BougeRV Adjustable Solar Panel Mount Brackets with Foldable Legs

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The BougeRV adjustable solar panel mounting brackets with tilt rack is compatible with Renogy 100w solar panels, and with many other brands of off-grid solar systems.

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The BougeRV 28-inch Mounting Brackets with Tilt Rack is compatible with Renogy 100w solar panels, and with many other brands. These adjustable solar panel mounting brackets are designed for off-grid solar systems. They make a great addition for use on top of an RV or other flat surface. Enjoy quick assembly with stainless steel fasteners and precise hole placement. Only 4 steps are required to complete the installation of solar panels. We have a PDF version of the operation manual, you can ask us for the installation manual at any time. The mounting brackets and tilt rack are made of rust-free aluminum alloy. They are long-lasting and endure all climate conditions.


Solar Panel Tilt Mounting Bracket

  • Weight:4.4LB
  • Length:28.34*2.76*1.97 inch
  • Color:Silver
  • Material:Aluminum alloy
  • Suitable for:50W 75W 100W 150W solar panels

The package includes:

  • 28IN Adjustable Tilt Mount Brackets
  • Aluminum Mounting Rails*4
  • Aluminum Tilt Angle Bracket*2
  • Steel Knob Bolt*6
  • Steel Wing Nut*6
  • Steel Flange Nut*4
  • Steel Split Lock Washer*4
  • Steel Flat Washer*4
  • Steel Hex Bolt*4
  • Steel Self-tapping Screws*6
  • Plastic Retaining Ring*6

Additional information

Weight 4.14 lbs


4 reviews for BougeRV Adjustable Solar Panel Mount Brackets with Foldable Legs

  1. MaxxManic

    Nice mounting brackets. Stellar customer support.Easy to follow instructions made mounting my 210w Newpowa solar panel to the brackets painless.Now that that is over, let me tell you about their customer support.I won’t describe my problem, I don’t want people to take advantage. Just know that I caused the issue. I did something stupid with BougeRV’s product. KAYLEE with their service department saved me. Even after I admitted to my mistake they went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of. I wont hesitate to select BougeRV products above their competitors just because of they stand behind what they sell.Quality product.+Stellar Support.=Happy Customer.Thanks Kaylee!

  2. Dan

    Goes together so fast and easy!Just finished mounting solar panels 10 min. ago. The first one took an hour. Than I made a better plan. Lay panel face down on a waste high table. Than attach one of long rails on holding the bolt up through the hole of the solar panel. Put lock washer on the bolt, than flat washer and finish with the nut. Than do the same to the other end. The second one was put together in less than 10 min. I have mine long ways on the the ground so the wind is not likely to catch it and blow it over.Now to adjust your angel. Hold a can on the face of panel and when you see no shadow on your panel from the can then both the direction and angel are correct. This is important. You can lose as much as 40% of panels power. The BougeRV Co. Gives a good set drawings with units to follow.

  3. Matthew and Derreth McDurfee

    Withstood 60mph windsI have seen many solar mounts on RV. I usually only use rail mounts but decided to give these a chance.Upon opening the box, you get 4 rails with wholes and slots. There is also 2 cross rails that allow adjustment of angle. All necessary hardware is included. I upgraded 2 off the 3 plastic knobs to class 5 nuts and bolts for added stability.Install is kinda difficult. These are being placed on top of a 40 ft high cube shipping container. They are aluminum and the container is steel so there is no way to weld. I first tried fully assembling the mount and panel. This did not work due to size of panel (265w) and angle. It was impossible to get self tapping screws in. So, I decided to take the bottom rail off and install first. Doing it this way required 2 helpers. One to hold panel at angle and another to help line up holes to reassemble due to the rails only going about 50 percent the length of the panel. This was my only complaint because it limits the amount of angle you can use. I was able to get a max angle of 29 degrees, but this is my yearly average angle.After settling on the idea of self tapping screws (they come with). I bought some flexseal clear to make sure I would have no leaks.During the installation, the winds in the mountains of Northern AZ picked up to gusts of 60mph. I thought for sure they would bend or break.To my surprise they didn’t even flex. I watched them through my window all day. The next day still perfect, but the one I couldn’t mount and was on the ground still was coated in the sands from here.Buy these if you have some help, once they are assembled, they are super solid. I am extremely happy with my purchase and know these mounts will last for years.

  4. shippreck

    Buy this. It is worth it.Addendum: I have two Renogy 100 watt panels mounted close together with no issues. Having also purchased these and another brand, I can say with certainty, These are worth the few extra dollars!!! There are small extras that make this worth purchasing instead of a cheaper unit. In-spite of a review saying the holes do not line up, this is not exactly true. I believe that reviewer had a storage issue. The issue is not with the functioning of this mount, it is instead, when you are storing the upright supports for travel. I guess the manufacturer expects you to remove the uprights when not in use. However, If you want to store the uprights with the mount, I found that I could store mine with only one “knob and wing nut, bolt” so no extra hole or alignment is really needed. This mount comes with knobs and wing nuts, so no tools are needed after your initial installation. One more thing, I would recommend that you purchase this longer set, as you may want to change your set-up in the future. This happened to me. I am more than happy with this purchase. Once I bought one set, I thought I could simply make a second set from aluminum angles, but I quickly learned that I can’t buy the materials for what this costs ready to use. I highly recommend these and when mounted to electric panel struts, (IE: UniStruts) they may be moved or reconfigured easily with no new holes in your RV roof.

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