BougeRV 120W Portable Waterproof Solar Panel Suitcase with Built-in Kickstand

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Want to take a trip without any preparation? Relax and just let BougeRV 120W portable solar panel take the wheel. With its portable and convenient, the only thing is to take it to the camping spot, open it, lie it down, and face the sun.

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120w Portable solar panel

The high electricity conversion of 23.5% and adjustable brackets for better angles will make charging on the go as easy as 1-2-3!

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120W Monocrystalline Foldable Solar Panel (Lightweight and Portable)
from: BougeRV

BougeRV 120Watt Portable Solar Panel

WHY BougeRV 120 Watt Portable Solar Panel?

INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUE — The BougeRV 120 Watts portable solar panel innovative adopted the 9BB (9 Bus-Bar Cell) mono solar cell, promoting significantly the efficiency to 23.5% by reducing internal resistance loss, trapping light and collecting current better, expanding greatly the active area of the solar panel compare to solar panel used the traditional 5BB cell (5 Bus-Bar Cell).

LIGHTWEIGHT — Only 12 pounds for the 120 Watts, easy carry to anywhere, make you travel light.

PORTABLE — Adjustable kickstands, twist latch and protective bag included, the solar panel is foldable, which is easy to set up and easy to pack up, anytime and anywhere for your every trip.

COMPATIBILITY — Solar connector to DC adapter conversion cable included, the 120w solar panel can charge any generator with DC 7909/ DC 5521 input outlet. With the universal solar connector, the 18 volts solar panel can also charge the traditional battery, SLA, FLD, AGM, GEL, LiFePO4 and so on.

WATERPROOF — BougeRV 120W lightweight solar panel consists of EVA, monocrystalline cell, PET and superior metal frame, which is meet the IP67 waterproof level, can stand outdoor with a sudden rain on your camping time.

STABLE AND SOLID — The kickstand and the frame made of quality aluminum, 120 watts portable solar panel can stand stable anywhere, grass, sandy or rocky areas, born to be your reliable partner on your every trip.

solar panel

120Watt Portable Lightweight Solar Panel Specification

Maximum Power(P max) 120±3% W
Open Circuit Voltage(VOC) 22±3.3% V
Max. Power Voltage(VMP) 18.5±3% V
Max. Power Current(IMP) 6.49±3% A
Short Circuit Current(ISC) 7.03±3%A
Solar Cells Efficiency 23.5%
Max. System Voltage 1000V DC
Series Fuse Rating 10A
Operating Temperature Limits -40℉ to +185℉
Waterproof Level IP67 IP67
Dimensions (folded) 25.6*20*2 inches
Dimensions (unfolded) 25.6*40*1 inches
Item Weight (kg/lb) 5kg/11lb
Package Included 1*Solar Panel, 1*Fabric Suitcase, 1*Solar Connector to DC Adapter, 1*User Manual
9bb solar panel


adjustable mount



Cover with a protector on each corner, the 120w portable solar panel is wear-resistant for using in coarse places, ensuring the solar cell will not be worn to reduce the output.

Consist of quality aluminum frame, BougeRV 120 watts lightweight solar panel is corrosion resistant and strong, this 18 volts 120 watts foldable solar panel also has longevity.


The kickstand is made of quality aluminum, stand stable anywhere, camping ground, sandy area, rocky area or grass, while the kickstand is foldable, fold it and it could hide on the back of the solar panel which is better to take it. Easy to set and easy to take.


Two butterfly locks on the side of the solar panel, fold it and lock it to take it easily, when you want to set it, rotate the butterfly lock to unfold the solar panel. A handy handle on the top, also comes with the storage bag, when you want to store it, hold the handy handle and put it into the storage bag.

Portable solar panel

 What kind of device can be charged by BougeRV 120 Watts Portable solar panel?

    1. Solar Power Station
    2. Battery. Such as Lead-acid, Lithium, Gel and so on (should be used with solar charge controller)

Please note that BougeRV 120 Watts Portable Solar Panel Kit does not include the solar charge controller, if you do not know what parts are needed to charge your battery, please send us your needs and the specification of your battery, we will help you to pick the appropriated parts for you.

Is this solar panel waterproof?

  • Yes, BougeRV 120 Watts Portable Foldable Solar Panel complies with the IP67 standard dustproof and waterproof (main body panel part), do not install it in water or frequently submerged places.

What is the difference between 5BB and 9BB?

  1. The most difference in mainly, 9BB is more efficient, less heat, more longevity.
  2. The bus bar more thin, the total surface the cells occupied is larger, the more power produced. Through increase the number of the bus bar and reduce the total surface the bus bar occupied, internal resistance and the heat during solar panel working has been reduced greatly. With less internal resistance and less heat, the longevity of 9BB solar panel is promoted substantially than 5BB solar panel.

What causes the low output power or no output during the use of solar panels? How can I solve it?

  •  The output power of solar panels is mainly affected by light intensity, light angle, and shadow occlusion during the use of solar panels. Therefore, during daily use, the angle of illumination must be adjusted to prevent shadows, and the obstructions on the solar panel must be cleaned regularly, such as bird droppings, dust, and garbage. Such obstructions may cause the solar panel to not output at all.
Brand BougeRV
Material Polyethylene Terephthalate
Item Dimensions LxWxH 25.59 x 40.16 x 0.98 inches
Folded Knife Size 25.59″x20.07″x1.96″
Maximum Voltage 18.5 Volts
  • 【 9BB & 23.5% High Efficient】Mono solar panel of 9 busbar solar cells, shows stronger current collection ability which can provide high conversion efficiency up to 23.5%. The narrower busbar space and more cells receiving surface brings lower kilowatt-hour cost and increase the output of the PV module. the smaller chamfer design increases the area of each cell, which greatly improves the charging effect.
  • 【Lighter & Portable】The volume and weight of foldable solar panels with suitcase design are smaller than the 5 busbar of the same spec, after folding is only 25.59*20.07*1.96 inches, easy to store and carry. Made of Ultralight material(PET), only weighs 10.36 lb. The corner protection design of the frame and the spring loaded butterfly twist latch buckle can protect the solar panel when you use or store the panel.
  • 【Durable & Waterproof】BougeRV foldable Solar panels with 9 busbar solar cells have much lower hot spot temperature which can bring lower annual power attenuation and a longer lifespan than the market average level. The waterproof design of the solar panel meets IP67 standards and requirements,fit for different weather conditions: rain, tempest, ideal for outdoor activities: Camping, hiking. Also, the solar panel protective case can prevent dust or other dirt from damaging the panel.
  • 【Simply & Stability】The solar panel is equipped with adjustable brackets, which can be easily placed on uneven ground such as grass and beach.This solar panel can be installed easily even without any experience. Although lighter, the portable solar panels can withstand high winds and other weather when used outdoors, such as camping, and are firmly anchored to the ground without being blown over by the wind, making them perfect for your camping trip.
  • Compatibility & Package】BougeRV 120 watts solar panel is compatible with most solar power station systems and solar off-grid system(RV, Home, Boat)on the market. This portable solar panel is any of the BougeRv solar generators.Package:120W Solar Panel*1, Solar connector to DC cable(for solar power station)*1, Protective case*1,User manual*1.Inaddition, an 18-months product warranty backed and our friendly 7*24 customer service will help you to solve any product problems.

User Manual

Download the 120W Lighter Portable Solar Panel User Manual

Additional information

Weight 13.37 lbs
Dimensions 25.59 × 40.16 × 0.98 in
Item Weight

13.37 pounds

Product Dimensions

25.59 x 40.16 x 0.98 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number







120 watts

Maximum Power

120 Watts

Folded Knife Size


Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?




Date First Available

September 2 2021



6 reviews for BougeRV 120W Portable Waterproof Solar Panel Suitcase with Built-in Kickstand

  1. aTypicalEngineer808

    9-way comparison, as compared to similar panels (both soft and hard folding)Update (1/8/22): Additional observations: 1) Nylon case is well made and good protection, 2) BougeRV is made in VIETNAM, 3) the wire gauge between panels and to the MC4 connectors is probably 16 AWG, which is too small in my opinion (10-12 AWG would be much better), 4) each panel is bypass diode protected (so if one panel gets shaded, you’ll still get 1/2 power), 5) the stand brackets were loose (apparently from incomplete assembly, see below for more details), 6) the stand legs range of adjustment is quite limited (approximately 60 degrees, +/- 5).Updated Recommendation: A) The screws that hold all of the brackets was not only loose, but the thread tolerance was very loose.  You can add thread locking compound, or an alternate method (that I used) was to add telfon tape to the threads.  B) If your geographic location needs less inclination on the panels, reversing the legs might allow a lower elevation (I will test this out and update the review).Summary: Recently reviewed some larger, higher end solar panels (100W or larger), so will be comparing this 120W BOGUERV those. The 200W ATEM fixed panels weigh the most at 22 pounds (including a small MPPT controller, others are panels only). The 200W ROCKPALS is the most expensive, but features dual 18/36-volt outputs, via Anderson PowerPole (APP) connectors, and weighs 18.3 lbs. The Progeny 120W has APP connectors, and weighs slightly less than the ALLPOWERS at 9.2 pounds. The 100W BougeRV is the lowest output, and has XT60 connectors (very heavy duty, 60A), and weighs 10.4 lbs. This ATEM features 50A APP connectors. I have these panels interconnected in 36-volt pairs (two 18-volt in series), which are fed to a MPPT charge controller, into a 24-volt AGM battery bank.Observations (PANELS): The one thing I really like about the PowerECO, 100W folding, hard panel, is that it does not sag. The 200W ATEM is a similar hard folding panel. This 120W BOGUERV Is a semi-hard, suitcase style as well.  One other benefit is that these feature a thick flexible wire between the two panels, whereas the others have a thin wire, which typically goes across the joint, which makes it subject to damage (except the BougeRV, which has the handles at the top vs. the sides). One other heavy duty feature is the output cables and connectors, which are 10-12 AWG, and MC4 (standard solar) connectors. The worst design is the typical 5.5×2.1mm DC connector, which limits the output current for a 100W panel (less would be okay, but still not ideal). This panel does not have the ability to directly charge USB (same as the ATEM, ALLPOWER, and PowerECO).Recommendation: When it comes to PV/Solar panels, there are polycrystalline and monocrystalline; poly is lower cost but less efficient, and mono is more expensive, but also more efficient. For fixed (home) panels, the general cost is $1/Watt; so this 120W panel at $220, is $1.83/watt, which is average cost.Pros: Decent fit & finish; heavy duty output cables and MC4 connectors. Industry standard Voc (open circuit voltage), and Isc (short circuit current) specified on the product page. BOGUERV does appear to be a solar product company (specialty).Neutral: Does not have a built-in USB port (actually a positive for me, but some customers want to be able to plug in a device directly).Cons: Cost $220 for 120W ($1.83/watt), ATEM is $1.50/watt (same style).Conclusion: At $220 for 120W, rating this 4-stars (cost). I can recommend this BOGUERV hard folding panel, over the soft/flexible ones, if that fits your application.Related Products:HARD / SUITCASE STYLE1) BougeRV 120W Foldable ~ $220 ($1.83/watt) ATEM POWER 200W Monocrystalline, Portable Solar Suitcase ~ $300 ($1.50/watt) LENSUN Innovative 110W 12V Foldable Solar Panel Suitcase, $230 ($2.09/watt) PowerECO 100W Lightweight Portable Solar Panel Kit with 20A ~ $315 (~$2.50/watt) / BENDABLE STYLE:1) ATEM POWER Monocrystalline Solar Panel Flexible ~ $135 ($1.35/watt) STYLE:ALLPOWERS Portable Solar Panel Charger 200W ~ $290 (1.45/watt) 100W Mono Portable Solar Panel ~ $180 ($1.80/watt) 120W Portable Solar Panel ~ $250 ($2.10/watt) Portable Solar Panel 200W 18V/36V ~ $500 ($2.50/watt) ENERGY MPPT 100V 20 amp 12-24-Volt (Bluetooth) ~ $160 (5-star)

  2. Jordan

    Don’t buy thisWhen I received it the panels didn’t work I returned them and got a way better set for slightly more money don’t waste your money on this

  3. Amazon Customer

    Not the 120 watts as advertisedThe solar panel surface came scratched up although it was shipped in a carry case and box that were not damaged. This panel is not producing anywhere near the 120 watts advertised as I’m maxing out at 36 watts on a completely cloudless day under the beating Florida sun. I expected better from this panel based on the company’s reputation and the price paid.

  4. shane

    great little panelproducts folds up nicely comes with industry standard Mc4 connections. nice plastic protective corners and aluminum frame. the bag seems well made and durable it has a carry handle as well. no problem folding up extra cables and adapters maybe even a controller inside for storage.

  5. M. J. Reid

    WELL BUILTThe suite case panel arrived in good condition. It was well packed by both RV and the manufacturer. It came with a good quality protective case that holds both the panels and has a pouch to hold wiring.The legs are sturdy and easy to set up and variably position to get an optimum angle on the sunlight. It was cloudy today so I did not get a good read on the power output. This design combines the strength of metal framing with the portability of a light weight folding panel. I look forward to getting another one when they are available.

  6. IMApisces

    Impressed in Couldy Seattle!I could not find reviews that spoke to watts achieved on this solar panel, nor did I believe many of these reviews were not paid hype – so I took a chance to purchase and this is my review – I am so impressed!On an intermittent, cloudy day today in February in Seattle, just shy of 1pm, this solar panel achieved a varying 97-105 watts. Wow! On a sunny, summer day this thing will far exceed my expectations, yet it already has done so today.The watts achieved are right on par with the ~10% loss that the factory specifies will average for the marketed watts on this panel (120 watts x 0.90 = 108 watts). This is a very efficient solar panel folks! I’m sure on a sunny, summer day it will be more than 108 watts if I peaked at 105 watts today.I wanted a light, portable, compact, foldable solar panel that would not be less than 100 watts on average. This is the one! It’s also waterproof, has a great case, and a sturdy metal kickstand. Very well made.I have three critiques: 1) I needed to tighten and adjust the kickstand screws, and clean the panel from fingerprints and gunk from the factory. 2) This is pricy for the advertised watts when comparing other brands, but it honestly delivers and outweighs in quality and watts achieved. 3) My first order arrived USED and damaged on multiple counts, which RV quickly and seamlessly replaced. I don’t know who was to blame for that (e.g. RV or the factory). So, be aware – inspect your panel for any signs of being used or damaged.After speaking with the factory, it seems the mishap was not them.An upgraded model does come out near July 2022. Updates are worth waiting for, but I will still keep mine as it is just fine.

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