BougeRV 40A MPPT Solar Charge Controller, w/ APP Control (12V/24V/36V/48V)

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BougeRV 40A MPPT Solar Charge Controller with APP Control.

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The BougeRV 40A MPPT Solar Charge Controller, w/ APP Control (12V/24V/36V/48V) offers  the following features:

  • EASY MONITOR: Pairing the solar controller with your phone via ChargePro 2.0, which makes seeing output and history data a breeze, also allows the charge voltage, current, etc. to be set for different type batteries. The remote app control provides 15 feet signal.
  • ACTIVE SHIELD: Certified by CE and RoHS. With 6 protections, over-temperature, open-circuit, short-circuit, overload, polarity reverse prevention circuit, flow backwards of current protections. BougeRV MPPT solar charge controller features with dual MOS circuit to prevent the reverse current and to reduce the heat in operation. Maintain your battery all the time. With the heavy-duty heat sink on the back sheet, it can increase thermal effectiveness of the solar charge controller.
  • INNOVATIVE AND EFFICIENT: Using the latest, fastest MPPT technology, BougeRV 40A MPPT solar controller provides up to 99% conversion rate. With temperature sensor, it is able to support lead-acid battery temperature compensation. Feature negative ground design, the 40amp MPPT solar panel regulator can compatible with most RV or other vehicle system.
  • TRIPLE COOLING DESIGNED: Die-cast aluminum case, internal glue filling, glass panel design, better heat dissipation performance, to ensure that the controller maintains a long time full current output. Heavy duty designed also allows solar charge controller to keep efficient work.
  • WARRANTY AND ATTENTIONS : System voltage:12V/24V/36V/48V. Wire specifications:15-8AWG. Max.PV input power:600W/12V, 1200W/24V, 1800W/36V, 2400W/48V. Please connect the battery to the solar charge controller first to complete the recognition process and wake up the display. BougeRV promise an 18 months warranty of the 40 amp MPPT solar charge controller.

How to use the Charge Controller Montoring App


System Grounded Negative Ground
System Voltage 12V/24V/36V/48V
Compatible Battery Type FLD/GEL/SLD/Li/AGM
Rated Charging Current 40Amp
Maximum PV Input Voltage <150V
Maximum Input of PV System 600W/12V; 1200W/24V; 1800W/36V; 2400W/48V
Remote Control Signal Range 15Feet
Temperature Sensor 6.5Feet
Working Temperature -31℉ to 113℉
Protection Level IP34
Altitude ≤3000m
Net Weight 0.64 lb
Dimensions 8.6*5.9*2.6 inches
Installation Size 8.1*2.4 inches
Portection of 40A MPPT controller


Color Yellow
Brand BougeRV
Item Dimensions LxWxH 10.83 x 7.28 x 4.13 inches

Instructions for Use

  • When installing for the first time, make sure that the battery has enough voltage for the 40Amp MPPT Negative Ground Solar Panel Regulator to recognize the correct battery type.
  • The controller should be installed near the battery to avoid voltage drop due to excessively long wires and affect normal voltage judgment.
  • The BougeRV 40Amp MPPT Remote APP Control Solar Panel Regulator can only use photovoltaic panels as a charging source, and cannot use a DC power supply as a charging source.
  • After changing any setting about the battery, please DISCONNECT the solar panel and the battery from the solar charge controller, then reconnect them to activate the modified setting.
  • Sequence of connecting : Connect the battery to the solar charge controller FIRST, then connect the solar panel to the solar charge controller.
  • Sequence of disconnecting: Disconnect the solar panel from the solar charge controller FIRST, then disconnect the battery from the solar charge controller.

Additional information

Weight 4.76 lbs


13 reviews for BougeRV 40A MPPT Solar Charge Controller, w/ APP Control (12V/24V/36V/48V)

  1. Ryan

    less then 24 hr delivery!less then 24 hr delivery! Product came in clean working order.

  2. Jansen

    Charge controllerWorks great, better than expected

  3. George T. Otty

    Super nice features and quality!Looks very well-built. Love the heavy duty heat sink and the remote display is awesome: the only thing I would have liked (and others have mentioned as well) is to provide a far longer length of cable for the remote display. For houses, cabins and even large RVs it’s far far far too short.

  4. Richard Hudson

    Detecting 24 volt systems seems a matter of luck, but otherwise a nice unitThe first time I connected it to my 24 volt batteries, it decided that it was a 12 volt system (it shows on the display), overcharged to 25.4 volts, and refused to let the panels charge.While I could change Battery Type from the remote panel, I could not specify that the batteries were 24 volt.A support request on the BougeRV website was not answered by the next day, and after disconnecting it, I reconnected it, and this time it detected it as a 24 volt system, and started charging. I didn’t do anything different, but now it works…The unit appears well-built, and now that it’s going, I hope it will continue working correctly.UPDATE: Tech support did contact me by email, but their message ended up in my spam folder, so I didn’t see it for a couple of weeks. They asked for my order number, which I gave them and I am awaiting their response.The unit has been working well for a couple of weeks, now.The remote display showing how many Amps, Watts and AmpHours the solar panels are putting out is helpful, as I had no monitor for that with my previous controller.

  5. Orest D. from Anthony Mark Enterprises Ltd.

    Watch out for calibration of the unit you receive.I have 2 units of the same kind (40A) from the same seller. One calibrated correctly another not so much. That not so much thinks that voltage is 14.2V when in reality it is 14.4V. This causes issues with properly finishing loading of the LiFePo4 bank (BMS steps in). The remote monitor is displaying battery capacity for LiFePo4 way off (like it shows 49% for depleted battery and 100% for little loaded one). There is no user setting for that… Also there in no backlit for that remote I can find. So I rely on another monitor for battery capacity. MPPT is working but slow not sure this is due to the panels reactance time or internal logic. When reaching powers around 300Watts the unit heats up close to 22C above ambient. I think it needs cooling in hot climates and bigger powers. Super positive features is it will not get damaged when battery is disconnected (or connected after panels) and it will still output 14.4V even with no battery. Manual is well written and unit is very simple to understand. The modeI got did not have load disconnect on overload or depletion of the battery but in reality this is what BMS is for. The unit is relatively compact. I say ideal for small RV B class or van conversion with up to 4 panels (4 different models cover from 260W 12V battery bank till 1320W @ 24V battery bank).

  6. Joseph Dughetti

    Nice, programing is easy.The remote is the only way to see what your doing, that’s ok, but should back light the LCD display while it is being used.

  7. Squirrel

    Well worth the moneyAfter a lot of comparing and research, I purchased this mppt solar charger in my portable solar generator. Does exactly what I need it to do. I loved that it came with a mountable screen so I can monitor the battery, the voltage and whatnot. The only thing I wish was that the screen was back lit, because it is hard to read even in the day time. But overall this product is still a great investment.


    WorksUsed in conjunction with a 100 watt solar panel on my teardrop camper. It also provides 2 additional charge ports for phones.

  9. doug

    Excellent valueVery nice charge controller, easy to install, works great

  10. J. Rudy

    Well built but inaccurate.If you can have just one charge controller and don’t care about accuracy this is a reasonable one at price point. It has a great fit and finish. It handles 2.5 more power than the Victron at the same price and it has built in Bluetooth. You may be able to squeeze 6 gauge wire into the solid feeling termination lugs. It easily takes 8 gauge wire.It is stylish and the connector cover hides the wires. The smooth glass front mean it could be mounted in a public space. It looks like artwork!The app is usable but basic. It reads .2volt high and can be generous up to 2 amps, showing up to 20% more power from panels that is measured by my clamp meter. I hope the app and firmware are upgradable. The app does allow for changing basic parameters for Lithium batteries.

  11. HHH

    good customer serviceUpdate: BougeRV contacted me after I posted a 1 star review. They quickly sent out a replacement charge controller that is now working well.—————–I had this installed in my camper to keep batteries charged via solar panels. The screen stopped working in 2 months and it is not charging my batteries. Don’t waste your money.

  12. Justin Anderson

    Love this ControllerBouge 40amp yellow. Great controller. Works as expected and love the bluetooth app. Strong lugs and the glass face and magnetic cover are top notch. Very substantial weight. Hope it lasts.

  13. Jim

    No problemsEasy to read. Lots of data and you don’t need the book to de-code what the alpha-numeric display is saying. You might need to refer to the book for understanding the 3 LED’s, solid, blink meanings.Gets the most out of the solar panels to charge batteries fastest without cooking them after they are full charge.

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