Reflectix Heavy-Gauge Aluminum Reflective Foil Tape, 2″ x 30′ (3 Pack)


Reflectix Foil Tape is specially designed to adhere well to foil it ensures a continuous reflective surface.

Available in: (1 pack) & (3 pack)

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Reflectix Foil Tape is a heavy-gauge aluminum foil, bonded to an acrylic adhesive with a release liner. The product is designed specifically for bonding seams in applications where our Reflectix Double and Single Reflective Insulations are installed.

The Foil Tape provides a continuous reflective surface in addition to creating a vapor/moisture retarder. The key component shared by all products is that they contain a highly reflective film or foil.

A wide range of benefits and R-values are possible and depend on how the product is installed and which product configuration is utilized. This feature allows for installation in a very wide and diverse range of building assemblies.

In addition to reflectivity and diversity these products have another common characteristic, as they are easy to handle and install.

All Reflectix products are “no-itch” and only require simple hand tools for installation.


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