Reflectix Double Reflective Pack Insulation, 48 in. x 10 ft


Reflectix is a 5/16-Inch thick, seven layer, reflective insulation which is available in rolls of various widths and lengths. It is used extensively in both specialty and standard construction projects. Two outer layers of aluminum foil reflect 97-Percent of radiant heat. Use with: Reflectix Heavy-Gauge Aluminum Reflective Foil Tape

Available in multiple sizes.

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The Reflectix Double Reflective Insulation is the most versatile, widely-distributed, energy-efficient product that is manufactured. The characteristics that make it so attractive include ease-of-handling and installation, more than 40+ commercial and residential construction applications, and a large selection of product configurations to accommodate the vast majority of applications / buildings. Each layer of foil is bonded to a tough layer of polyethylene for strength. Two inner layers of insulating bubbles resist conductive heat flow, while a center layer of energy-efficient gives Reflectix high reliability and strength.

Further Information:

  • The product consists of two 96% reflective layers of film bonded to two internal layers of heavy gauge polyethylene bubbles (total thickness 5/16”).
  • A wide variety of widths and lengths are manufactured. (Please refer to “Product Codes/Sizes” below.)
  • Two product edges are available; a “standard edge” and a “staple tab edge”. When the insulation is installed on 16” or 24” centers, or inside cavities, the staple tab edge is easier to work with. (See renders to the left.)
  • Product Benefits (R-value and/or Radiant Barrier) vary per application. Please refer to, or the webpage that contains the specific application of interest.

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