Great Stuff Smart Dispenser Window & Door, Yellow


Finally! No more drips and much less mess! The foam stops dispensing when you do! When you use great stuff smart dispenser foams to seal gaps around windows and doors, pull the trigger to dispense foam as you always have but now, when you release the trigger, the smart dispenser straw tip will close, stopping the flow.

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Great Stuff Smart Dispenser Window & Door is a minimal-expanding polyurethane foam with low-pressure build that can help lower energy bills by forming a durable, airtight and water-resistant seal between a window or door frame and its rough opening. Comes with new smart dispenser straw. No drips, less mess, the foam stops where you stop. Reusable for up to 30 days – use again and again
Precise, greater control. Soft & flexible, it won’t bow window frames. Offers greater insulation value than chinked fiberglass or caulk.


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