Soundcore by Anker Space A40 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

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Adaptive Noise Cancelling for Personal Space: Space A40’s noise cancelling detects noise levels around you, then automatically picks the ideal mode for your current environment and reduces noise by up to 98%.

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Adaptive Noise Cancelling for Personal Space: Space A40’s noise cancelling wireless earbuds detect noise levels around you, then automatically picks the ideal mode for your current environment and reduces noise by up to 98%. The charging case gives 4 full charges for convenient on-the-go recharging, a 10-minute charge of the earbuds will give an extra 4 hours.

Ultra-Long 50-Hour Playtime: Get 10 hours of listening from a single charge — enough playtime for all-day listening. The charging case gives 4 full charges for convenient on-the-go recharging, a 10-minute charge of the earbuds will give an extra 4 hours. When in ANC mode, you still get 8 hours of playtime and up to 40 hours with the case.

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Sound with Exceptional Detail: Soundcore’s Drivers with pioneering double-layer diaphragms made from metal and ceramic deliver highly-detailed sound with strong bass, clear mids, and bright treble direct to your ears for a stunning listening experience.

Enjoy a Sound Profile Unique to Your Ears: Use the upgraded HearID Sound 2.0 feature in the app to analyze how your ears hear music. Soundcore’s exclusive technology then creates a personalized sound profile that iss completely tailored to your ears.

Comfortable Fit & Water-Resistant: Space A40 noise cancelling wireless earbuds have an ergonomic shape, 5 sizes of silicone ear tips, and weigh just 4.9g—providing comfort throughout long listening sessions. They are also IPX4 water-resistant, so don’t worry about using them outside even when it’s raining. Space A40 noise cancelling wireless earbuds are smaller than all other soundcore ANC earbuds, are as light as a sheet of paper, and have an ergonomic shape so they fit comfortably in your ears.

Always Sound Clear on Calls: The Soundcore by Anker Space A40 noise cancelling wireless earbuds have 6 microphones and an AI algorithm to intelligently identify your voice so that it comes through loud and clear on calls.

Upgraded Transparency: Use environmental mode when you want to hear the sound of traffic or switch to voice mode so that you can easily talk to people without removing your earbuds.

Multipoint Connection: Make switching between music, calls, and videos easy by connecting Space A40 to two Bluetooth devices at the same time.

Wireless Charging: These Soundcore earbuds have a 10-hour single charge playtime, and fast charging gives you 4 hours of listening from a quick 10-minute charge. That’s enough playtime to enjoy up to 1,000 songs or 25 movies. The charging case can be charged via a wireless charging pad or USB-C cable.

Customize Your Listening Experience: Use the soundcore app to tailor Space A40’s sound to your preferences. Choose from 22 EQ presets, create a tailored HearID Sound 2.0 profile, customize noise cancelling, and access transparency modes.

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10 reviews for Soundcore by Anker Space A40 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

  1. Doug

    Good earbuds at a good priceI’ve been using these for a few weeks now. When I first put them in, I was in my wife’s car and the sound of the car disappeared completely. Noise cancelling is very good, and that’s coming from someone who owns some quietcomfort headphones. They fit very well, and don’t get dislodged while eating or daily activities, but I did have one fall out while sleeping on my side once. Now I wear a headband over the ears so I don’t lose them. Sound quality is good, but I’ve only tested it with Pandora and YouTube. On par with some decent wired headphones, but could be a bit sharper in midtones. Bass and treble sound nice after updating the firmware. It’s good for listening to music, podcasts, etc. I’ve gotten 6-8 hours of battery life, depending on what level of noise cancelling I use. When the battery runs low, it does announce ‘low battery’ but not as jarring as some others I’ve used. I’ve also not had an issue with dropped connections. The only thing I wasn’t impressed with was the app’s choices of white noise. You have a lot to choose from, and can join up to three choices, but I was never able to find something soothing. The closest was the train setting, but you hear conversations in the background. From what I gather, you can load the sounds to the earbuds which I assume extends battery life.Good:Noise CancellingSoundBattery LifeFitpriceBad:White noise options (if you use their app)Edit: I updated the firmware after the review and set LDAC on, which greatly improved sound quality. Unfortunately, it greatly dinged battery life to about 5 hours on the first try. Because of the trade off, it’s still really 4 stars.

  2. Junior

    A great introduction to Bluetooth earbuds without spending a fortuneI’ve used Bluetooth headphones for years, but I always balked at the high price for the Apple or other similar products, especially given all the stories I hear from people losing them. So I preferred buying wired Bluetooth headphones that cost only like $25. The battery life was only 8 hours, if that, so I usually had to charge them at least once per day. I kicked myself if I went out and the headphones died while in the middle of my day. Shoving them in and pulling them out of my pockets gradually wore them out, and I went through several pairs over the course of a few years. And my last pair, the wire was always getting in the way and getting caught on things. So I finally looked into wireless earbuds, and came across them. Anker is always a brand that I’ve liked, and I really liked the price. When I got them, what I didn’t really understand initially was that every time you put them in the case, they charge. That case carries a charge of 50 hours. In the two months I’ve used the product, I’ve only had to charge it once. Even better, when I pull them out of the case, they instantly connect with my phone without delay. My old cheap wired pairs were always a struggle to connect. And the sound is fantastic. I was shocked at how clear I could hear things compared to my old pairs, and how much it cut down on outside noise. I definitely do not regret this purchase.

  3. Justin

    Great for its price.Went through a couple sony wf-1000xm4 and decided to shop around for a cheaper option since I was so irresponsible with losing parts on the vastly more expensive sony’s. I still don’t understand why I bought the second pair of sony’s after getting the a40s. I don’t have to yell when making calls like I used to with the 1000xm4’s. And I mainly use the a40s to listen to podcasts at work anyway and they’re perfect for them. Not to downplay the quality on general music.They also fit my ears better, but maybe too good. At least once a week, when I take out my earbud, I have to fish out the silicon piece out of my ear, whereas the sony’s would fall out if I moved a certain way.The only gripe I have is the lack of features with the a40s that you might find with sony. But I thought it was gimmicky anwyay. If you’re a pure audiophile, the sony wf1000xm4s fit that niche, but if you’re the average joe like me, go for the a40s.

  4. Ed E.

    Good price, Very good sound cancellation, Software creates personal sound provfileAfter retiring recently, I decided that ushering at the city concert hall would be nice /fun to do. This is a fairly large (2000 seats) hall with good acoustics.All was fine until the first rock concert where the sound level was close to painful and I spent part of the time in the hallway where the sound was less.A few weeks later, we had another rock concert but I brought drug store ear plugs. They “sort-of” worked but not very well.After doing some research, it occurred to me that purchasing a good pair of Active Noise Cancelling earbuds would be a nice answer. The general criteria were an affordable price and good reviews from RV.I ordered a pair of Soundcore by Anker Space A440 “Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds and they came just before the next rock concert.I opened the box and the first thing I noticed was a full set of plugs of assorted sizes to insure a good ear fit. The instructions said to download their software which I did.The first surprise was a “Fit Test”. I ran the test and the medium size fit well.Then I found a “HearID” test. It said to find a quiet place to run the test which I did. Then the test sent tones to each ear separately and asked if I heard the sound or not. The software then set up a custom hearing profile based on my hearing.Further investigation of the software provided three modes of operation.NormalTransparent Mode – Drops some of the cancelling so you can hear people etc.Noise CancellingNote: You can only change modes using the phone software but I do not see that as an issue.A few days later, there was another rock concert and as I walked into the concert hall, it was clear that this was a very loud one. When it is loud in the hallway with the concert hall doors closed, that is a clear indication.I put the earbuds in, and was amazed. The sound level dropped from loud to a level you might expect in a family room talking to your friends. It was so amazing that I had to take one earbud out to check that the sound was still loud.One of my other activities is walking in the neighborhood and listening to my music. I was a little concerned about not hearing runners or cars coming up in back of me when I was wearing the new earbuds.But when I walked today, I found that:Normal or Transparency Mode was fine. I could hear cars and so on with no problem as well as my music.Part of the walk was along a fairly busy street with some truck traffic and with Noise Cancellation on, the street noise was reduced to “there but not objectionable”.My previous earbuds were “reasonable” quality and sound ($50 price range). I am aware that as one gets older, your hearing changes but with the sound profile that the software created, the sound from the earbuds was very nice.There were comments from reviews on other products that fussed about earbuds not going back in the case easily but the magnets are good and the earbuds just pop right back in the case.Note: If you have / want to spend two or three times the price of the Anker Space 440, you will /map get a “much??” nicer package but I am very happy with this product.

  5. Jocasta

    Good features for price, lay almost flat against ears—niceI purchased this item for the specific purpose of protecting my ears by using noise cancelation in combination with noise-blocking ear muffs. I’m subjected to 90+ dB of machine-generated noise for several hours each work day. I was using NRR 25 ear muffs singularly but while I believe they’ve sufficiently kept my hearing from being damaged, I’ve been feeling noise fatigue even from the bleed through. As a resolution, I thought I’d try in-ear noise-canceling audio equipment WITH over ear protection.One of the main reasons I went with these new Space A40 ear buds was that they looked like they would fit comfortably underneath over-ear cups. They do, and this setup now reduces the noise that reaches my inner ears to the level of what I’d describe as whispers.For comparison, I first tried Soundcore’s Liberty Pro 2. I returned them because they stuck out too much for my personal preference even if I didn’t aspire to fit them under protective ear muffs. Also, I wanted the NC feature, which they lacked. Another Soundcore model similarly priced offered NC but was similarly bulky looking, so I passed and decided to spend the greater amount of money on the A40 upgrade.For my intended purpose, the A40’s work great and are worth the higher cost. They pair with my phone quickly and reliably as soon as I take them out of their charging case, the charging case itself is nicely functional and pleasingly small. Most importantly to me, they are comfortable and fit well. And so far, Soundcore’s claim about the long battery run time is accurate.I will say that I do really like good music quality in headphones, and if I had mostly intended to listen to music instead of podcasts, I would be relatively dissatisfied with the listening experience. For reference, Sony and Shure are the most pleasing sound profiles to me. I know a lot of people find these two brands’ engineered EQs bland, but I really enjoy being able to discern treble, mid and bass ranges with equal clarity. In comparison, music emerges through the A40’s a bit thin and tinny to me. I believe this could be remedied by adjusting the EQ through the Soundcore app, it just still seemed to me they lack a bit of oomph. To clarify, I think these ear buds are adequate for music, just not great, which shouldn’t be surprising, considering that these are $99 versus closer to $300 for those that boast superior sound quality.I think for the price of $99, the Space A40 includes so many usable and useful features that it is rather economical and this makes it a good buy. It has customizable EQ through the free app that doesn’t require you to create yet another user account as a cheap way to get your email data. It has programmable touch controls, adjustable noise canceling that is actually quite effective, one-ear listening ability, and class-leading battery power despite being some of the smallest ear buds in the saturated ear bud market. They’re definitely worth checking out if you want to experience the convenience of truly wireless listening with a lot of features saved for more expensive products.I’m not trying to sell anyone on these. I simply want to provide details to anyone who is looking for information about this product beyond what the manufacturer has stated. I wanted to share that I was a bit skeptical about how I’d like them and how they’d work for me, but they work well, and I like them. I purchased them, I’ve used them. I like that I could customize the tap/double-tap/two-second-hold touch controls, I like the ear buds themselves being small enough to sit almost flush in my ear lobes, and I like that they can run for enough consecutive hours to last a full work day.

  6. Joe

    Great earbuds for the priceHave had these for a few weeks and they’ve been fantastic. Previously had a pair of Raycon E55 and the Soundcore is a definite improvement.Sound quality is great and I haven’t had any issues with bass or volume. Sound quality can be very subjective and I wouldn’t consider myself an audiophile, but the sound quality is definitely a step up from the Raycons I had which I thought sounded good.The earbuds are comfortable and don’t fall out of my ears. I do have to adjust them a little from time to time, but it’s not too often or annoying. The case is also quite nice. The earbuds go in easily and it displays battery charge on the front. The material for these buds also feels high quality and it doesn’t feel like the paint will chip (which did happen with the Raycons).Battery life has been fantastic so far. Charge for the case has lasted for about 15 hours so far and haven’t had to recharge yet. For the buds themselves, their charge has lasted for the entirety of my gaming sessions. Though I only game for about 2 to 3 hours at a time.The one thing to mention is you will want to get the Soundcore app. The functions assigned for the touch control out of the box aren’t good. The app will let you assign the controls how you like. You can also adjust sound settings and create a personal sound profile for yourself. There is also a low latency mode which can only be turned on with the app (I recommend leaving this on).Overall my experience has been very positive with these earbuds. I use them primarily for listening to music on my phone and gaming on my switch. I was able to get these on sale for under $100 and at that price they are definitely worth it.

  7. Jack H

    You will not find a better value option for ANC TWS earbuds!Straight up…you will not find a better value for ANC TWS earbuds out there. Easily offers more features for the money than any other brand and at much higher quality than some costing much more.Setup: A breeze. Pairing is a non-issue and these buds flawlessly connect with any device I have tried. I’m and Android/ChromeOS/Windows11 user and have only had 1 issue that wasn’t the buds fault (thanks Win11). The best part is that these buds are MultiPoint capable, so they can be connected to more than one source device simultaneously. This is much better than many of the faux multi-point options that swap between connected devices offered by iOS and Samsung (don’t get me wrong MusicShare is awesome, but only works between Samsung devices).Performance: the ANC is not as aggressive as most higher end offerings from Bose and Sony, but they offer a fair amount of noise-cancelling and are customized with the SoundCore app, allowing you to not only switch between Ambient (amplifying), Normal (no ANC), and Noise Cancelling (with ANC), but allowing you to adjust the level of ANC along with the frequencies to target when in Ambient mode. This is a really cool function, allowing an easy balance between hearing who’s around without being distracted by what’s around you. Is the ANC as good as a pair of Sony MX4’s? No, not even close…and I will keep my Sony’s for air travel and pure sound quality and use the SoundCore’s for just about everything else. The buds are also pretty neutral in sound and messing with EQ doesn’t really improve the sound to my ear. Keep it flat, people!Features/Design: Wireless charging along with USB-C are pretty standard nowadays, but not always available at this price-point. I’ve already discussed the ANC and Multi-Point features above. Included are also many different sizes of tips. The best part about these buds is that they are very small and will easily fit into any ear, just by using the appropriate tips.Durability: This is the first con here. To be clear I have not had any issues with these devices breaking or anything like that. In fact, I’ve dropped the case several times and everything has worked just fine. I do wish the lid had a stronger closure mechanism that would keep the buds from shooting out of the case like they were shot out of a cannon.Others: Battery life is pretty great. I don’t test this much as I use my Sony’s for long duration usage (flights, etc). But they are very light and comfortable and I don’t mind having them in my ears for a few hours when working at my desk with the occasional web meeting.Also, Windows 11 users (particularly those using TWS earbuds for Teams meetings) listen up!!! To use these with Microsoft Teams, you will need to go into your Sound Mixer settings and disable Audio Sink for these (and just about every other wireless bud set) to have it work properly in Windows 11. This sucks and shouldn’t need to be done, but it’s a MS issue not a problem with these buds.Do I wish the ANC was stronger? Yes! Do I wish they somehow made Windows 11 not suck? Yes!!! But other than that I really can’t ask for more for the money. Great job, Anker/Soundcore!

  8. Caitlin Bautista

    Good earbuds but sound quality leaves some to be desiredI’ve been using the same TOZO earbuds for 2 years and decided to buy these earbuds for these reasons: 1) longer battery life, 2) more options for sound modes, and 3) better connection with my iPhone. To give a little background, I primarily wear earbuds while working, commuting on the bus, and for personal use at home. But unfortunately, I decided to return the Soundcore earbuds for a few reasons. Continue reading below for my reasons why.Likes:1) I really like the sound quality options as well as the ability to adjust the sound quality, using the Soundcore app which I think is a definite must if you want more control over the sound quality. I’ve really enjoyed switching between the ANC & transparency modes as they are surprising modes I never realized I wanted. With TOZO, I could only wear 1 earbud when using them at work so I can still hear my surroundings. But with the Soundcore earbuds on transparency mode, I can wear both earbuds and still hear the ongoings around the office near my desk.2) The battery life is also a godsend in both the earbuds and the charging case. I don’t think I fully realized when purchasing, how fast the earbuds would charge when in the case. At one point, I used the earbuds for 8 hours between ANC & transparency mode, charged the earbuds in the charging case for 15 minutes when I was on my break, and when I went to use them again afterward the earbuds were already 80-100% charged as according to my iPhone. Considering how often I use the earbuds after 8-10 hrs per day and 4-5 days of use from a full charge, the battery life is still 2 lights remaining which according to the Soundcore manual should be about 70-50% battery life remaining (I think that’s the right range).3) After using the TOZO earbuds, I’ve grown to appreciate wireless charging which the Soundcore earbuds do so that’s a plus. Much easier for me as I’m still unused to using a USB-C cable which the Soundcore earbuds do come with, but I just have not liked charging my earbuds with a cord as much.Dislikes:1) As much as I love the sound modes, I desperately need as much noise canceling as possible when using earbuds at home/commuting. So when I’m at home/commuting, I more often use the ANC mode on these earbuds. The audio setting does perform noise canceling well but these fall below the bar when I compare these earbuds to my TOZO earbuds which block out more noise than the Soundcore earbuds. I can cancel out more noise on the Soundcore earbuds by raising the volume under ANC mode. But as much as I would like to continue that method on the Soundcore earbuds, I value retaining my hearing as much as I can.2) Connection-wise for the Soundcore earbuds with my iPhone was good to a point. Connecting to my iPhone was no issue, it was some situations in retaining that connection when going about my day is the issue. I’ve found the audio connection for the Soundcore earbuds cuts off when I’m on the bus/car (don’t worry I’m not the one who’s driving). When the vehicle (bus/car) drives over a very bumpy road/highway, the audio cuts off in response until the vehicle is back onto a smoother road/highway. I’ve also noticed this connection issue when I’m walking around my apartment complex, specifically when I walk under and through a small hallway to enter between complex buildings (my apartment complex is primarily outdoors when navigating between complex buildings to access apartment units). I had this issue recently with my TOZO earbuds so I’m sad I’m already having this issue with the Soundcore earbuds right out of the box. Mind you, the Soundcore earbuds I received may be a previously returned set that was already opened.3) Receiving the Soundcore earbuds already opened dampened my experience with these earbuds early on. But I knew this was a familiar tactic that RV often does if the condition of the item is still almost good as new. So I tried to keep my fingers crossed that using the earbuds changed my mind since the earbuds still looked unused and had no residue of dirt on the earbuds themselves. I still cleaned the earbuds myself just in case, especially nowadays with the pandemic.Overall:The fact that qualities I liked with the TOZO earbuds were missing out for me when using the Soundcore earbuds (sound quality) and I started having the same issues with the Soundcore earbuds as I currently have with my TOZO earbuds (connection issue), this was big negative for me since I still wanted to retain that quality as this was a $99 purchase.But I still rated these earbuds 4 stars because I really liked the battery life which exceeded my expectations and I really liked the type of sound quality modes in tandem with the Soundcore app as it really helped me customize my experience day to day depending on what activity I’m doing (commuting or at work).

  9. Daea

    Top Tier ANC, Excellent Sound, and Pretty Decent call qualityLast two photos are of the damage from me dropping them (after call quality section for height)I will list the features in this review from my favorite/imo best qualities at the price. Also below are the codes (limited time) for 20% off these amazing buds.20% Limited Discount From 08/25/22-09/07/22US: FORSPACEUSUK: FORSPACEUKDE: FORSPACEDECA: FORSPACECAAPP- The app for any soundcore product out there is simply a delight to use. Intuitive UI, superb features, and excellent help. Features may vary by earbud but these have 2 modes with different strengths of ANC, 2 modes for transparency, wind reduction, custom EQ, Hear ID (for people with frequencies they cant hear as well), 22 preset EQ’s, customizable controls for 1 tap, 2 tap, and 2 sec press, Gaming/low latency mode, and even allows you to test the fit of your eartips. Generally one of the best apps out there in my opinion.APP overall- 10/10APP for price- 10.5/10ANC(For reference, I have excellent hearing, as of last hearing test about 3 months ago, and am noise sensitive to even decently loud things)- The ANC on these earbuds is phenomenal, some cheaper earbuds may have white noise like a humming or slight ring etc when used with no music or sound, but these are nearly dead silent when used without sound and in only ANC mode. The quality and diversity of the ANC is excellent and, although not as good as the liberty 3 pros or some more expensive earbuds (missing the mark by a hair in some/most cases), these are a real treat for anyone who loves ANC. Just perfect ANC for the price and the adaptive feature (soundcore app), although not personally my favorite to use (I prefer to leave it on strong), still works phenomenally. It blocks out a large amount of noise and dulls most others so that they are easy to tune out or at least not overly annoying if they are quite loud. Did notice that on sharp, sudden, and loud sounds they do make a pop sound on occassion. However this has only happened when I weedwack larger malberry branches or accidentally hit a pole or something metallic or solid. Altogether I would say it is easily one of the best and comparable ANC performances on earbuds I have heard yet, particularly for the price.Overall ANC- 9.2/10For price ANC- 10/10Sound Quality/VolumeCAUTION- this is without LDAC enabled cause I have and IPhone and sound will be even better (Hypothetically) with and LDAC (available for any phone sporting an Android Oreo 8.0 operating system and above)- The sound quality is excellent on these earbuds, considering the size especially, (beating my Airpods Gen 2 by a mile). The soundstage (depth of distance of sound and its components) is wonderful one of my favorite parts of the sound experience. Treble and highs sound great and not overbearing unless you like a great deal of bass, they reach and sparkle amazingly well for such a compact design and in general. the mids are stunning, the control and out of the box mids were great, an area that a lot of my other earbuds skip a tad for more bass or smoother treble, however these are one of the best sounding mids on a (semi)budget earbud I can find. The subass and bass are definately lacking for any basshead or decent bass enjoyer out of the box, however it can be boosted (either using hear ID or the EQ options) to satisfy and usual enjoyer with the bass, may still be a tad low for bassheads. An all around sounding earbud that has amazing sound performance and is one of the best BALANCED earbuds I’ve used. The volume is way to loud for me at max or even close, I listen at about 40-45 percent volume for a louder listening experience, although subjective I have read/found that these go to about 113.6 decibles AKA way to loud for me, but should be fine unless you have hearing damage or really like to rock out.Basshead Sound Quality/Volume- 8.75/10Overall Sound Quality/Volume- 9.0/10For price Sound Quality/Volume- 9.84/10Transparency- The transparency modes on this are admittedly not so natural sounding as some more expensive brands, but they do allow you to hear extremely well. The modes are fully transparent and Vocal mode, I have seen some people say that the Vocal mode isn’t to their taste and that they keep it on fully transparent, however I always keep it on vocal mode, it accents voices and dims background noise very well in my opinion. Each mode sounds slightly tinny, but only at times and with either a large amount of different sounds or very loud sounds. All in all the transparency is in an excellent position for the price, beating nearly all competition in the price range.Overall Transparency- 9.0/10For price Transparency- 9.75/10Fit/ComfortCAUTION – This section is a seperate scheme to the listing from best to worse since I have a biological/genetic bias of smaller ears than averageThese fit MY ears very well and the range of eartips provided is phenomenal, 5 sets ranging from xs to xl, I use the default Mediums and they fit my ears like a glove (Don’t forget the earfit test). These passed the most rigorous headbanging/shaking/jostling…etc that I could put them through without giving myself wiplash and they stayed in like a champ, hardly even budging. I can leave these in with transparency on and they feel very naturally shaped to MY ear, and seem to have a curvature inspired by the curves of your ear. I cant really say anythin else except that they are small, comforteable, and by proxy not very noticeable. Remember that they are small and sizes/comfort are subjective, would still recommend to most people, especially with small ears. Just maybe not if you have very large ears.Overall Fit/Comfort- 9.4/10 -SubjectiveFor price Fit/Comfort- 9.8/10 -SubjectiveCall Quality- Unfortunately this is where it drops the cake a bit, although the noise cancelling on the calls is superb (compareable to Liberty 3’s) the sound on your voice is less natural and not as good as a select variety of earbuds for similar/slightly higher prices. It still is good and even greatish for calls but is not amazing or gonna wow anyone. And realize that the earbuds are newer on the market so they will most likely get software updates over this or other features later down the road.Overall Call Quality- 7.75/10For price Call Quality- 7.95-8.1/10Durability note- I dropped these from about 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters) off the ground and the earbuds didnt fall out and the case took one to two small scratches and maintained the coloration perfectly fine. Very durable case with good magnets.Features (in case you read comments over stats first)IPX4- sweat, light rain, and splash proofBluetooth 5.2 LDAC and AACQi wireless charging, USB-C, and quick charge (10 mins = 4 hours) only with USB-CMulti-Device connection (no LDAC)- Can connect with two devices simultaneously and using one or both earbudsApp can make them play a decently loud sound for locating them individually or both at same timeWhopping 10 (8 ANC) hours on buds each and 50 (40 ANC) in case, havent had to recharge them since buying them about a week agoTouch controls handle well at least from my experience and don’t false tap at all for me so farDefinite buy unless you have a substancially higher budget or get a really good deal 🙂

  10. americayay

    I have tried ALL THE EARBUDS and these are the closest to the Galaxy Buds +.I’ve been a longtime user of the Galaxy Buds +. I loved them. They fit comfortably and securely, had great battery life, sounded decent enough to a non-audiophile, and came in fun colors. They were also discontinued in 2021. I haven’t found anything comparable since and didn’t want to spend $90 on used earbuds guaranteed to be at least two years old. I assumed it would be easy enough to find something similar. My stars was I WRONG.The Galaxy Buds Pro 2 were my first and the most obvious choice. Sadly, they just didn’t fit securely and the ANC was basically non-existent. The silicone of the Buds + literally dampened sound better. The case was needlessly large, as well, though that’s not something that would have been a deal breaker. Fit was, however, and for $200, I needed to know these weren’t going to fall out.The Sony WF-1000XM4 were next. I barely got them out of the box before deciding they were going back. They were HUGE and HEAVY.The Bose Sport Earbuds weren’t as bad as the Sony WF-1000XM4, but they were still too big for me. I didn’t hate the fit, but it wasn’t great. I also wanted something reasonably subtle and these just weren’t.For a moment, I thought the Sony Linkbuds S were a winner. They were comfortable, though they didn’t fit as securely as I’d hoped. The ANC was great. I liked the blue, even if they didn’t look as high-end as I’d like. They went back, however, when I realized the battery life was grossly exaggerated. I needed 10 hours and got four.The Sony WF-C500 had a better battery life, but didn’t fit well and were made of cheap looking plastic. They had no ANC, which was fine, but for $100, I expected a better fit and nicer overall appearance.The Fitness Earbuds by Raycon were the biggest disappointment. Despite the negative reviews from self-proclaimed audiophiles, I loved these. They were ALMOST as comfortable as the Galaxy Buds + and, though they didn’t look as nice, they came in fun colors. The case was tiny and discreet. I was even ready to buy a backup pair… until I realized they weren’t disconnecting from my phone when I put them in the case, which meant they also weren’t charging. After reading reviews, I discovered this was a frequent issue with no fix. Many people even reported having the issue months later, so I suppose I was lucky and could still return them.The Liberty 3 Pro were my final failed attempt. They fit securely, but stuck out of my ears awkwardly. They weren’t terribly uncomfortable, but they definitely weren’t something I could have worn all day, either. They did sound great and the ANC was amazing, but I needed something smaller, subtler, and more suitable for extended wear.Finally, I’ve landed on the Space a40, after trying ALL THE EARBUDS. They’re PERFECT. I wasn’t expecting to get as secure a fit as the Galaxy Buds + without wingtips, but these feel almost exactly the same. As a stay-at-home mom, I wear them all day long, between audiobooks, music, and just employing ANC to drown out toddler tantrums. The battery life is epic. They look higher end than any of the above choices. They sound great to this non-audiophile and have an especially user-friendly app.I do find it frustrating that I apparently can’t add two of the same brand of earbuds to the app, but that’s honestly fine, because I don’t use it for any reason other than reprogramming the touch controls, which I don’t need to do often. I will say that the ANC is alright, but not as impressive as some of the chunkier earbuds I’ve tried. The earbuds and case are both fairly small and discreet, so it’s not immediately obvious that I’m wearing them. At $90, the Space a40 earbuds cost as much as refurbished Galaxy Buds +. I bought them in white and blue for myself and plan to buy the black as a gift for my husband.After I got my second pair, I realized there was an echo on the receiving end of my phone calls. Some of the reviews stated similar issues or mentioned coming in at low volume. I didn’t have this problem with my initial pair, so I returned the defective ones. The next pair was absolutely fine. So, if you’re having mic issues, there’s something wrong with your specific earbuds. Just exchange them. The same goes for feedback. I returned another pair for the occasional buzzing noise and didn’t have the same problem with the other.I was a little disappointed that despite the popularity and rave reviews of these earbuds, I couldn’t find a custom leather case. I wanted to keep the charging case nice when I tossed them in my purse, though, and tried several options. I settled on this leather zipper pouch from Hide and Drink, which measures 5″×3″ and fits almost perfectly. It also comes in blue to match my earbuds.

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