Challenger Breadware Cast Iron Bread Pan (New Lid Version)


The revolutionary Challenger cast iron bread pan designed by bakers, for bakers. The bread pan is made of thick, black cast iron because it is proven to absorb, retain, and radiate heat. We shaped the cover like a loaf of bread to bring radiant heat close to help your dough’s oven spring and bloom.

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The revolutionary cast iron bread pan designed by bakers, for bakers. We crafted our bread pan to help you bake better bread every day! Bake bâtards, boules, demi-baguettes, and other loaves of almost any size. We pour and hand-season our pans in the United States, and Challenger handcrafts every step of the way just as your bread is handcrafted.

Once you start baking bread, you’ll be hooked. Good-bye to the factory-made bread that lines our grocery store shelves. Hello to a revolution in flavor and quality.

Top 5 Reasons You’ll Love Your Challenger Bread Pan®:

  1. Shallow base: Loading your dough is easy.
  2. Sealed environment: Creates the perfect amount of steam.
  3. Top handles: Easily remove the cover mid-bake.
  4. Deep cover: Plenty of room for your oven spring.
  5. Exclusive: It’s the only pan of its kind!

Every detail of the Challenger Bread Pan® was crafted with the bread baker in mind:

  • Made in the U.S.A. – Heirloom quality construction you’ll pass down through generations!
  •  Black Cast Iron – Delivers powerful radiant heat to the bottom and the top of your dough.
  • Versatility – Bâtards, Boules, Baguettes. Ciabatta, Focaccia, Pizza. Cinnamon rolls, Sandwich loaves, Dinner rolls, and even Chicken. The Challenger bakes them all to perfection.
  • Domed Lid – Traps the perfect amount of steam you need for bread with crackling crust, rich color, open scores, and full volume.
  • Improved Design – Now even easier to bake with, thanks to our new handle design and placement, and 10% lighter weight for easier lifting and handling.

Examples of Loaves Baked by the MyMotorhomeLife Team Using the Challenger Bread Pan

Challenger Bread Pan® Video

Bring on the Heat

We made the Challenger out of thick, black cast iron because it is proven to absorb, retain, and radiate heat—just what your dough needs. We shaped the cover like a loaf of bread to bring radiant heat as close as possible to help your dough’s oven spring and bloom. It’s a self-contained oven within your oven so that it will not lose heat even when you open the oven to take the cover off. Finally, with handles large enough for oven mitts, you’ll easily load your dough, place and remove the cover, and safely remove your perfect loaf.

The Perfect Amount of Steam

Steam is what produces bread with crackling crust, rich colors, open scores, and full volume. The loaf bakers want! And we’ve all searched for videos of baking hacks that demonstrate how to add steam to home ovens—yet most of it escapes the minute the oven door opens. Therefore, we designed the Challenger to ensure a tight seal between the cover and the base, trapping the steam your dough needs while baking.

One Pan To Rule Them All

Small combo cookers yield small boules. Dutch ovens have bakers cutting elaborate parchment slings to lower dough without burning their hands (or degassing the dough!). Baking stones and steels require even more elaborate workarounds to create steam. Clay bakers crack. No more baking workarounds. The Challenger allows you to bake all your favorite breads. It’s easy to load and score your dough, and the sealed cover traps the steam you need. Your Challenger won’t crack. In fact, it will last for generations.


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