#GMC/MOTORHOME: Ditching Your Carburetor and Getting Fuel Injection Makes Sense

BY Jim Bounds—In this video, I explain how the original fuel delivery system in the 1973-1978 GMC Motorhome works and why today’s ethanol fuels play havoc with your original fuel tanks, fuel hoses, and carburetor. I then discuss the advantages of switching to FiTech’s fuel injection alternative.

Here I am showing you how the system works and how we install it on a GMC Motorhome

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By the way, here’s a video that the folks over at MKCREATIVE made over the summer. It features Jared Kohl from the GMC Tidewater Crabs showing us around his 1975 Eleganza GMC Motorhome.

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Guest contributor, Jim Bounds, writes and publishes videos as well as technical articles about the GMC Motorhome; explores its history; and takes the reader through some of the more challenging restoration projects he and his team have worked on over the years.

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