Victor M751PS Pestchaser Rodent Repellent w/Nightlight & Extra Outlet

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When it comes to rodent repellents, the smart choice is a non-toxic and poison-free repellent, like the Victor PestChaser Rodent Repellent.

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The Victor PestChaser Rodent Repellent with Nightlight and Extra Outlet provides an effective barrier to keep mice and rats away from your home. The high-frequency noise emitted is inaudible to humans but sounds like a jackhammer to mice and rats which makes them want to turn tail and scurry away.

The Victor PestChaser Rodent Repellent nightlight feature emits a non-intrusive soft glow that not only keeps you from stubbing your toes at night but lets you know the repellent is working.

Rodents that are hungry or tempted by easily accessible food may find another route around your protected area, so it is best to remove all likely food sources prior to use. The Victor PestChaser Rodent Repellent was designed to be poison-free and non-toxic, and will not harm humans or non-rodent pets. While humans and most pets cannot hear the high-frequency sound, rabbits and any rodent pets are sensitive to the sound. Be sure to place PestChasers in an area away from these pets.

PestChaser works best to repel rodent populations when used with other rodent control methods as part of an integrated approach to trap, repel, and monitor infestations.


  • Plug-in repellent is effective against mice, rats, and other rodents
  • Ideal for average-sized rooms including living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens
  • Produces a high-frequency sound that repels rodents and is inaudible to humans
  • Non-toxic, poison-free design will not harm humans or non-rodent pets
  • Includes a convenient nightlight feature that provides soft illumination
  • Includes an extra outlet so you never lose plug space

From the manufacturer

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Mini Size, Maximum Coverage

While the Victor PestChaser Rodent Repellent is small and unobtrusive in size, they offer maximum protection in each room they are placed. These repellents were designed to prevent rodents from entering medium-sized rooms such as kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, and more using a high-frequency noise. Note, the ultrasonic noise is not designed to penetrate walls or furniture. To get the best results possible, place a PestChaser in each room you want to protect and arrange furniture accordingly.

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Poison-Free Rodent Control

This ultrasonic repellent sends mice and rats scurrying with its high-frequency noise that sounds like a jackhammer to rodents, but humans and most pets can’t hear it. Avoid placing the PestChaser in any room that your pet rodents or rabbits are living in as the noise will cause them stress.

How to Use Victor PestChaser Rodent Repellent





Locate a Suitable Area

PestChasers need to be plugged in to a 100V wall outlet. Find an area in your home that is relatively open and features the needed outlet. Be sure to place the repellent in the lowest outlet, closest to where mice and rats would be traveling, to ensure it is as effective as possible. Make sure any pet rodents and rabbits are safely out of the room to prevent possible stress or irritation.

Clear Any Obstacles

PestChasers emit a powerful noise that works efficiently in the rooms they are placed. However, their sound is absorbed by walls or furniture and cannot travel through. Make sure you are placing the repellents in a relatively open area or arrange the furniture, so no sound is blocked.

How Will I Know It’s Working?

The PestChaser Rodent Repellent features a nightlight that emits a soft glow. This light is not only great for keeping you from stubbing a toe at night but also lets you know the repellent is working. PestChasers last between 3-5 years to give you long-lasting rodent control. Simply plug it in and rest easy knowing your rooms are protected.

Never Sacrifice Plug Space

These days, plug space is at a premium in most homes. Luckily with the extra outlet feature on this repellent you never have to choose between efficient rodent control and plug space. The extra outlet is conveniently and discreetly located on the bottom of the plug-in.

Brand Victor
Color White
Style Modern
Item Dimensions LxWxH 1.75 x 1.69 x 2.63 inches
Item Weight 0.1 Pounds
Number of Pieces 1
Is Electric Yes
Target Species Mouse, Rat, Rabbit

Additional information

Weight 0.1 lbs


7 reviews for Victor M751PS Pestchaser Rodent Repellent w/Nightlight & Extra Outlet

  1. Book Diva

    This product seems to be keeping the pests away! I’m thankful for it!

  2. Stephanie Hansen

    Mice walk all around it and aren’t bothered by it at all.

  3. Amber Cochran

    I had a mouse problem in my smack drawer. So far i haven’t had any more. Definitely getting more for the rest of the house.

  4. LauraLolli

    The nightlight and extra outlet are nice, but I don’t believe it really works at repelling, although it does emit a high pitch so maybe it’s helping somewhat. Will keep looking, thanks!

  5. Constance Hill

    The smaller plugins with a night light no longer worked in my home, so I thought I would try this product. It seems to work better, so I will be purchasing more of this product.

  6. George

    I had installed one in each room in my apartment. The 2nd night I saw a mouse standing literally in front of one of the devices. When he saw me he ran away. Perhaps I just need to hang a picture of myself in each

  7. GWJ

    We purchased because a neighbor said these stopped Bats from their lower patio. The Victor was same type devise, but different brand. It did not seem to stop the Bat dropping but then weather cooled and Bats went elsewhere. I can’t say product doesn’t work for other in house rodents as thankfully we don’t have that issue. Victor makes good products which is why I purchased. They did not make specific claim for Bats.

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