Dynamat 21100 DynaPad 32″ x 54″ x 0.452″ Thick Non-Adhesive Sound Deadener

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DynaPad is a heavy, 3/8″ thick, one pound per square foot floor mat, with a four layer composite barrier utilizing “Dissimilar Layer Insulating” technology that solves two of the most difficult automotive problems: exhaust system heat and low frequency noise.

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Noise Barrier


DynaPad has a heavy duty vinyl barrier between two layers of acoustic “sound soaker” foam, covered by an oil and water resisting poly facing. It is used under the vehicle’s carpet as the ultimate carpet pad upgrade.

DynaPad is used for situations that require extreme noise and heat control, like large diesel trucks with loud engine and exhaust noise. The heavy-duty composite barrier of DynaPad eliminates low frequency exhaust and road noise, and blocks heat.

DynaPad is easy to install as an under carpet pad. It has no adhesive, so it can be moved and reused. Use DynaPad on floors, interior firewall, rear deck, and in the trunk for cool, quiet comfort. For the best results, install DynaPad over Dynamat Xtreme, and experience the Dynamat Difference.

Package Contains: 54″ x 32″ 3/8 inch thick four-part composite with 1 lb. per square foot barrier material (12 square feet total)

Legal Disclaimer

This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.


  • Country of origin : China
  • Package Dimensions : 34.32″ L x 6.96″ W x 6.69″ H
  • Package weight : 22 pounds
  • Model number : 21100

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25 reviews for Dynamat 21100 DynaPad 32″ x 54″ x 0.452″ Thick Non-Adhesive Sound Deadener

  1. preston g.

    Made a significant difference in my Landcruiser that I converted to a diesel. Also used lizard skin and dynamat additionally

  2. erik

    It’s easier to cut than I thought it would be. It does have a factory new smell when you install it, but only lasts for the first week or two.

  3. RKC

    Works!, what more can I say. Completely gutted and sound deadened my 2002 Ram Air T/A interior with 36 sheets of DynaMat and two rolls of DynaPad. Much quieter, barely discernible road & exhaust noise. New sound system kicks now with added insulation. Can actually use hands free Bluetooth without having to yell in microphone.Expensive but worth it now that I installed it. The DynaMat Pro Roller is a must for install.

  4. brian cook

    I can only say Wow! Put this and Dynapad on my F150 back wall and all four doors. The silence is golden. Huge difference well worth the money

  5. Sora

    Blocks a whole lot of sound. Easy to cut and apply. Comes with no adhesive but 3M Outdoor double sided tape can do the job if needs to be applied on vertical surfaces. Only 3/8″ thick.Check out the video on testing vs the OE white fiber (rare application) and OE recycled carpet materials (Most Commonly used).[…]

  6. 951Matt

    My first time doing a job like this. Very easy to work with. Very easy to install and cut. Seems like a high quality product. I used it on the floor of my 1988 Porsche 944 Turbo. I used one piece on the driver’s side and one on the passenger side. After cutting out for the front seats, I had enough to cover the rear wheel wells. Very happy with this product.

  7. David J Harris

    These are amazing for sound reduction. 4 layers of mass-loaded foam (I didn’t tear it apart.to look closer, but it appears to be 4 different kinds of foam). Cuts easily to size. I used 5 sheets (along with other types of sound-proofing) when I sound-proofed my home music studio recently. I would definitely buy this again!

  8. Brian D. Larson

    While this is the second time I’ve ordered Dynapad through this seller, this time it was different. Correct thickness, correct material, up until the top layer. Whereas normal Dynapad has a waterproof plasticy/rubbery layer, this one was more or less bare foam. It shouldn’t impact me in this case, as I’ve sealed my car up tight and waterproofed the bare metal before I applied my sound deadening materials, but the difference in product leads me to wonder first about the legitimacy of this product as supplied by the seller, and second about the quality control of the folks at Dynamat.

  9. winston J.

    Good quality product, works great

  10. Theotus 1

    Put it in trunk to reduce exhaust drone in car with pretty aggressive aftermarket exhaust. It helps a bit.

  11. Tim O.

    I used every inch of it to do the floor of my wife’s car. It is an 09 Altima 4 door to give you an idea of how much space that pad used. Helped reduce the road noise a lot. I also used Dynamat on the floor below the Dynapad so I can’t tell you what the difference was with and without the Dynapad but I think it is helping.

  12. Customer

    Bought 2 boxes. Opened 1 box and removed to inspect, and, WOW, smelled like TAR with an added CHEMICAL SMELL!!! Smell was gone in few days after setting outside. As for performance… TOTAL BULL SHxT…. DID NOTHING AT ALL DO NOT BUY!!!!!!! WASTE OF MONEY……

  13. Dean K.

    This mat is very dense, very heavy and easy to work with. However the price is high and for it to be effective I think you’ll need to cover your entire floorboard with this stuff. I used it and the Dynamat Xtreme to covert the front driver and passenger foot wells and didn’t notice a tremendous difference. But then again I have a late model car, if you’re trying to quiet an older car then you might get a better ROI. I do know that the Dynamat Xtreme does in fact deaden resonance in the doors but since the floor is already stiffer and has features (meaning it’s not a flat piece of metal) I’m not sure if it’s as effective on the floor as the doors.

  14. David J. Sanders

    I installed DynaPad in my 2004 MINI Cooper S in a hope to quiet down my interior after fitting a stainless steel exhaust header. I bought two rolls and fitted the product under the carpet, rear sear, and luggage compartment. The car is a little quieter while cruising but under wide open throttle I really can’t tell too much of a difference. In all fairness, I did not have a sound meter, but based on all the reviews I’ve read about Dynamat products I was expecting a more noticeable decrease in noise. On the other hand, my wife is OK with the noise level now, at least at steady throttle, so as long as I avoid WOT with her in the car I should be OK.

  15. Jim

    Used this to replace some removed sound deadening in the compartment behind the seats in my 350z. The material is super dense and heavier than you would expect. Worked very well. I can see it would be really great under you carpets as well. Worked great and got rid of that drum echo happening behind my seats.

  16. Kimo Jim

    This stuff is dense, you notice that right away. Not too thick, but really effective. I put it on the floor under my carpet, with a carpet pad on top. Amazing sound and heat insulation. Not cheap, but worth it. Adds a lot of deadening without much thickness.

  17. VTSoundMan

    This sound deadener works wonders. I put it in my Jeep JK Rubicon and it really reduced the sound levels! I didn’t record the DB levels before, so any readings now are useless (sorry about that). The reduction in sound from the floor boards is substantial (a surprising amount comes up through the floor on the jeep). Coupled with Stinger Expert 80mil Roadkill, my 2007 Jeep is quieter than the brand new ones coming from jeep.The Jeep’s exhaust radiates quite a bit of heat into the passenger compartment…it was noticeable before and is noticeable now. I have not seen a huge reduction in heat passed into the cabin.I am now able to use the speakerphone! This was not possible before – and even required the use of an aggressive trucker style noise canceling headset.There is a little outgassing smell, but it is akin to that new car smell. It only shows up on very hot days and is pretty mild.

  18. Amazon Customer

    This stuff is very expensive that is the only negative that I may have to think of, otherwise I insulation a straightforward cover what you will. I do recommend you cover your big spaces first and use up your pads and then fill in the smaller spaces with the leftovers.

  19. Austin Cohoon

    I have a Chevrolet C10 that I LS swapped and built a custom exhaust for. The exhaust is louder than stock and the old C10 cab was never designed for noise and vibration dampening. I installed Dynamat throughout the cab first and it cut down on the rattling and vibrations but exhaust and engine noise were still present. I then added DynaPad to the floorboard and transmission tunnel areas and it was a huge improvement. I was so impressed by the first application of DynaPad I purchased another and added it to the back wall of the truck’s cab and it was a night and day difference, you barely know there is a hopped up engine and loud exhaust on the truck anymore. Its made the truck so much more enjoyable on long trips and was worth every penny spent!

  20. Amazon Customer

    I put this on the floor board of my car, but it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. It also has a strong odor to it for a while, but that goes away after a while. It probably should be left to air out before being installed. Not sure if I would buy this again.

  21. JH

    — update — If it’s audio clarity you’re after, then I’d say dynamat alone is better. I love that this dynapad reducesoverall noise in the cabin, but it did muffle the audio some. So, for my Jeep, I’ve purchased JKU-pods to be attached to theroll bar in the rear of the cabin and disconnecting the soundbar speakers that point straight down to the floor where it ismy belief that a lot of sound just gets absorbed right into the dynapad. The soundbar speaker location is bad no matter what,but I’m hoping that having the rear speakers actually pointed across the cabin will make a notable difference so that I can enjoy the benefits of both the dynamat and dynapad.—–I don’t know if adding this made my audio better than just dynamat alone. I did notice a hugedifference after the dynamat which I also put in the doors. I did notice less road noise for sure after the dynapad,but again I’m not certain that the audio is better. In fact it may have become a bit muffled afterthe dynapad, but I still love the way my new Head Unit, Amp and speakers sound. Like a rolling studio.

  22. John

    Unlike the Dynamat series which is really just for high pitched vibrations like clinking or metal tapping. This Dynapad stuff is incredible for not just vibrations, but blocking sound almost entirely. Definitely head their warning of the weight, it’s very dense and very heavy which is great and is what makes the sound blocking possible, but if you’re installing the pad on anything other than the floor itself. heavy duty adhesive won’t be enough to hold in in place. I bought it for the backwall of my truck, and luckily I had already planned on using the bolts that were there for support. This pad works so well for blocking sound that it’s quieter now than it was with both the stock sound deadener and back seats and I haven’t even put the back seats in.This pad is strictly for vehicles that are just loud in general, I highly doubt typical vehicles will notice any real difference unless they stripped it down to metal. My truck is lowered with headers exhaust dumped right after the cab, a lot of sound bouncing around in the cab. It was a dramatic difference. I also put a full coverage layer of dynamat below the pad and drove it around before putting the pad in and quite honestly the dynmat did next to nothing for the sound, just little tinks here and there.

  23. dovechoco

    What I like:I only had the Dynapad installed on the engine tunnel area and it has already made a HUGE difference to the annoying sound level.I wasn’t able to listen or speak on my speaker phone before. I only had the dynapad installed on the tunnel area where most of the noise and heat comes from. It has made a big difference.I cut and installed it myself. The carpet is heavy and sit well on the engine tunnel. I do not want to use glue on the carpet as my restored BJ40 is known and very prone to rust. I am afterall living in a humid climate.This is NOT a closed cell foam. It’s very porous, so I would use this on area where water will not sit or stay stagnant in case water seep unknowingly in from some where. The lighter side foam absorbs water. The darker side is more resistance to water.I will be using Dynadeck for the rest of the car.What I dislike:Its bloody expensive for a small carpet for a 32 x 54 in.

  24. S. Perera

    I have a lower end car and already had Dynamat installed on my doors and engine bay hood; so I had already received the majority of noise reduction I was going to get (and for cheaper cars its pretty big). So I just snagged this because it was on sale and I knew that my wheel well didn’t have any. I just cut out the shape and fit in under the mat. I did the same for the driver and passenger floor mats.The noise reduction was noticeable to me since I drive all the time, but it was subtle. But when i played music (i have a sub), i immediately noticed the bass was staying “in the car”, it was great!

  25. Ace

    I am writing this review for all the people who are on the fence about getting dynamat and dynapad for their car. I have both us these products in two different cars. It has made a very big difference in both of them. Car number 1 is a Nissan 240sx fastback with a sr20det turbo engine and a full 3 inch exhaust. Car number 2 is a 2016 Toyota Yaris 2 door hatchback. You will need to get at least 1 mega pack of dynamat extreme to do most of the car. 1 mega pack did the entire floor, roof, trunk area and rear quarter panels of my Toyota Yaris. I will need to get some more to do the two doors. I used 2 rolls of dyna pad in this car. I used 4 rolls of dyna pad in my Nissan. 1 roll just for the fastback area. If you only use dyna mat its good to about 30mph. At highway speeds you won’t really hear a big difference. That is where the dynapad really helps. The faster you drive the more road noise enters your vehicle. If you are sitting in either car and they are not running they are extremely quiet.

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