Geek Aire 12 Inch Rechargeable Battery-Operated Fan with Metal Blades (CF1SE)

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The Geek Aire CF1SE is a new generation utility rechargeable fan with impressive performance. It is designed in IPX4 standard for outdoor conditions so you can use it on job sites, while camping, fishing, sports, and at parties, etc.

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  • ✔ 1500 CFM Performance: The 12 inch metal fan blade and powerful brushless DC motor deliver high performance airflow of up to 1500 CFM, which is comparable to a AC power 12 inch high velocity fan.
  • ✔ Dare to Be Different: The stable fan structure based on aerodynamic and the advanced brushless DC motor makes this rechargeable floor fan produce a quiet and strong wind. The wind speed transition is stable even you change the speed randomly.
  • ✔ High Quality Battery: Our battery operated camping fan has built in battery which capacity is higher than other outdoor battery fan. We use the latest fast charging technology, our fan only need 2-3 hour to fully charged. We pursue quality and hope that you too.
  • ✔ Ideal for Outdoor: This rechargeable floor fan can run up to 20 hours after a full recharge. That is enough to satisfy your needs for a few days trip. In addition, the stability and portable design makes this rechargeable fan be suitable for outdoor use, such as BBQ, camping, fishing, outdoor sports etc.
  • ✔ Suitable for Indoor: This floor fan adopts the upgraded pitched propeller blade design to provide soft and comfort breeze. Its cordless and battery design makes it fit in any room position. You can use this fan as a indoor floor fan, an air circulator fan and an outdoor fan. You deserve to have this revolutionary rechargeable fan.
  • ✔ High Quality and Service: Sturdy metal frame and blade, durable paint surface, you can feel the high-quality. We focus on providing excellent service, any issue will be resolved in 24 hours.

Fast Charging

Only 3 Hours, and your Geek Aire battery operated fan is charged up and ready for use. With it’s 4-20 hours of using time and 3 hours recharging time together its not hard to figure out that it’s a must have for all your outdoor events.


Powerful Motor

The reason for the adopted Brushless motor, was to give consumers a quality product that allowed for them to be on the move and have a battery that would withstand long periods of continuous use without interruption.


Stepless Control

Control use is simple with just the twisting motion of the knob you’re able to control speed, on/off, and see battery life. With clockwise you can make the Geek Aire fan turn on ,or counter clockwise to turn it off.


Heavy Duty

Protect curious kids from hurting themselves in the case of putting their fingers into the metal meshes. Thus adding an additional density of metal meshes into this portable fan. Besides its metal, an additional thick coating was added to prevent rusting and to keep its symbolic Geek Aire yellow.


Car Trunk

The Geek Aire outdoor fan has perfectly sized, it won’t take up much space and is easy to store and transport.



It’s perfect to be used on fishing trips and camping trips,always helps you stay cool on hot days.


Football Game

When you’re watching an exciting football game in summer, it can keep you cool in the heat.


Children In Outdoor Activity

This fan has small size and lightweight, it’s easy to take it with you when you bring your kid to their outdoor activity, keeps you and the kids cool.


Cabin Outdoor Spaces

With cordless operation feature, Geek Aire outdoor fan can be use on a patio or any other outdoor spaces of your choosing.


Farmers Market

When you work outside and have no access to electricity, this rechargeable fan will cover you.

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Whats Included

  • Geek Aire 12 inch Rechargeable Outdoor Fan × 1
  • User Manual × 1
  • AC adapter × 1

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Weight 6.54 lbs

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25 reviews for Geek Aire 12 Inch Rechargeable Battery-Operated Fan with Metal Blades (CF1SE)

  1. Elsie M. De Leon

    I live in extreme South Texas where it gets quite hot and muggy! Recently we have had 3 severe storms that left thousands without power. That is no fun! So, I searched for a rechargeable battery fan that would have some power to it and that would actually put out some air! BINGO! This one is it! I quickly unpacked it so that I could plug it in and test the air power, to my surprise, it already had a partially charged battery! and YES! The fan lives up to the description in the RV site! The noise level is so low, you won’t even know it is on. I am getting ready to buy another one, or two. Highly recommend!

  2. Peter Klossbruhe

    I have tried several battery operated fans for use outdoors. None of them satisfactory satisfied my needs. The fact is, there is no battery operated fan that can push the amount of air that a powerful plug in fan can. However, I did not want to have 100 ft extension cords on my lawn between my garage and the two outdoor kennels for my German Shepherd Dogs. This is because every week when the lawn would be cut, I would have to unplug and put away the power cord so it would not get cut, a tedious and unpleasant chore. Therefore I was looking for and needed was a battery operated outdoor fan that could push enough air to cool the dogs and which had good battery life. After a lot of research and based on reviews, I bought two of these, the 12 inch blade model. Of all the fans I have tried, and I have tried several, these are the best. They are well made and very quiet, although this was not an issue since I only plan to use these outdoors. They are easy to carry from my garage where I charge them to my backyard where the kennels are, a distance of 150 feet.. The two things I really was looking for was battery life and air flow. The kennels are 10 ft by 10 ft with a bed in the middle perhaps 4 feet from the bars. With the battery on high and no wind, the breeze the fans create reaches the dog bed. If there is wind, it does not and the dogs have to curl up right next to the fan. I do not place the fans inside the kennels for safety sake, although that might be okay because the fans have a good grill. How long does the battery run on high—five hours max. I have no idea how long it would run on half power because it simply does not push enough air on anything less than high. Probably the 16 inch blade model would push a lot more, but it was also $55 dollars more than the 12 inch. I reiterate, this is the best of the outdoor fans I have used to date. But battery life of 5 hours is not enough. I need a fan that can run for 6-8 hours. And air flow could be strong but satisfactory I guess. Now, if you plan to use the fan indoors, and I did test it just to see how it was, this fan is terrific. Quiet and it can push a breeze across at 12 ft by 12 ft room.

  3. C. Grzembski

    Good soze

  4. Arien Reed

    This fan is cool, and the best battery-powered one I’ve ever used (I have a few). I live off-grid so my power runs out by 2am every night and doesn’t come back on until 8am or later. But this thing charges itself during the day and just keeps on running all night, then recharges itself after the power comes back on usually 6-8 hours later. It keeps the bedroom breezy & cool all night long, isn’t too noisy, and the speed is super adjustable. It’s also lightweight and easy to carry because of the handle, so I often take it with me when I go to art shows/fairs as a way of keeping myself and my clients cool while making & selling artwork under my canopy. It also makes hanging out outdoors more comfortable because it gets so darn hot in the summer, but I just pick a spot in the shade, set this thing next to me, and I can keep cool for hours while reading, painting, etc., and not have to be stuck in-doors next to my swamp cooler. The breeze also helps keep flies off my person and my paintings. The battery lasts for many hours, especially if you keep it on a medium or low setting (rather than a high setting) and though I’ve had it for 2 years now, the battery seems just as good, and the fan is still working perfectly. It’s made of sturdy metal and has handled accidental falls/drops/kicks/etc like a champ.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Before I actually rate this fan honestly, let’s address some of the reviews- like the absolute brainiac Einstein of an electrical engineer who did a tear down and said the fan isn’t 12,000mAh but really 2,000mAh, showing the battery pack with the label “2,000mAh”. I wish I could respond to his review but RV doesn’t allow that—- the ‘battery’ inside the fan isn’t 2,000mAh, it’s 6x 2,000mAh 18650 batteries run in series wrapped together. You know what 2,000 x 6 is? 12,000mAh. So don’t listen to that review. Who cares if the battery is “floating” inside or whatever. The fan wasn’t built by NASA or NOAA, it’s a Chinese made fan with a battery attached.Now, this is where a buyer should pay attention. At the lowest setting, which barely creates enough of a breeze to dizzy a mosquito, it will last you quite some time. At the top power level it does kick up a nice gust. The thing is, I didn’t buy this fan to plug it in and catch a nice breeze. My wife and I bought TWO of these fans because we live in Central Florida. We have air conditioning for the heat, but when we get slammed by hurricanes we have no power. This fan did a decent job when we got hit in 2020 and lost power, but at the highest setting it didn’t last the night. And that’s ok. It’s rated at 12,000mAh and we had it turned all the way up. Now we have a son and he takes priority, so we bought a second one for us. Truthfully I wish it lasted longer. But I can’t take off a star because I wish it was a 20kmAh or higher. I bought it knowing it’s 12k.However, we have since purchased a massive battery bank – and I don’t mean ones that charge your phone – I mean one that can charge your laptop, another laptop, and 3 phones as once. I’m no electrical engineer so idk what the wattage/voltage draw on this is but it did dent our battery pack by about 15% after a full 9 hours at 100%.If you’re buying this for some outdoor event for a few hours, have at it. If you’re buying it to run it on low in a portable setting, have at it. But if you’re like me and my wife, buying multiple different sized fans from different manufacturers, specifically for a power outage then just understand it’s actual capacity and capabilities.Again, I wish it lasted longer but you can’t buy 6 eggs when the recipe calls for 12 and be mad at the grocery store. This fan is what it is, but don’t expect some miraculous 15hr drain on high. I think we got 6.5hrs on high, tops, which is great when we’re in muggy Florida with no power and the house surges to 87 degrees at night during a hurricane. But once it’s dead, it’s dead – which is why we got the massive power bank.5 stars. It’s a 12 inch fan, it moves air well, it has a battery backup, and we got what we paid for. Period.

  6. Carole C.

    I have 9 Geek fans. This is the best of the best of any fan used in my lifetime. Geek you have accomplished perfection. No changes needed. Thank you.

  7. John

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     This fan arrived in time, undamaged, and is exactly as described.We charged it and used it for a camping trip, getting about 10 to 12 hours worth of use out of it before needing to recharge the battery. I am especially happy with how quiet it is. For a 95° camping trip, it was a lifesaver. Highly recommend.

  8. Stephen

    Hi-performance fan–works well!

  9. Y

    First of all i was hoping a more expensive fan would put out more air than a cheaper $10-20 would but after receiving this late and finding out it is no more than what i paid walmart for really disappointed ad claims 10 ” fan but as you see in picture it is a 9 inch fan with 8.5 in blades same as the walmart 9″ fan in picture beside it does not put out no more than this fan if even as much only thing better is the battery power than my inverter and walmart ac i was using. as tested for 2.5 hrs on high it still had 2 lights lit which their claim of 4.5 hrs running is true on fresh batteries we will see in a year or so blades are too flat to put out air needed i drive truck and some docks demand cut truck off so the fan was to provide the air needed in the 100 plus heat inside all metal frame is only thing going but a lot of wasted room a 10 in frame does not make it a 10 in fan the blades is the size of fan so really this is a 8.5 in a 10″ frame false advertising comes from California so dont expect 2day delivery if on east coast through prime although it did sit for a day held by amazon 1hr 1/2 from my house

  10. Shar

    It’s waterproof. Battery life is acceptable. Only wish it could be ceiling mounted with a remote

  11. Amazon Customer

    It is perfect size for my home. We loose power often during summer storms so will keep us cool!

  12. Samuel Brown

    The ad lied about the amount of time the fan would work after the charge. The ad claims24 hours but the box claims 20 hours.

  13. John A. Quinones

    Gave this Fan to my Sister who reviewed it:I am totally impressed with this fan. I tested it this morning. It ran on High for 4 & 1/2 hours and took 2 hours to recharge fully back up. If you leave RV reviews I would give it a 5 star. It’s amazing!!! Great air flow too.

  14. Krugster

    Geek Aire 12 Inch Battery Operated Fan is Great! We take it out on the boat on very hot or buggy days.

  15. tiffany

    The fan arrived with the blades not attached, even though it is meant to be fully assembled. After spending 15 minutes on hold for customer service with Geek Aire… I decided to try the websight instead. The websight has absolutely no place to report the problem that I could find. They ask you to contact them, instead of returning the fan… but that is not realistic.So I started the return process and discovered it will cost to return the broken fan, because I don’t live close to a UPS drop-off location.So I opened the fan cage and realized the blade set attaches with a heavy duty magnet, that must have disconnected in transit. It was a simple fix. The fan is back together and running great.The only reason I am not giving 5 stars is because the customer service situation is not good.This is my third fan from this company, normally I buy the 12″ version and have been extremely pleased with them. They have great battery life and my first one is 2 years old and still running perfect.

  16. John McMann

    Not cheap, but excellent workmanship in all respects. Fully charged battery lasts several hours. Very quiet operation. Now two of my grown sons have bought them as well. You will like it!

  17. Def143

    I was nervous when I saw all the high ratings for this fan as I have been burned before with super high rated products. Having owned it I now see the high ratings are justified. If you are looking for a battery powered fan for outside or travel I highly recommend this product.

  18. Robin

    This fan is perfect with its low noise and long battery life. We take it everywhere and my husband even uses in the house to help cool down after being outside in the heat.

  19. Tess

    … and ‘10” fan’ is misleading. No part of this fan is 10”. I was unable to use it for my purposes as it needed to be stored in an 11” wide space. Wah wah.

  20. Amazon Customer

    Had this fan for about a two weeks. I like and would recommend it. I use it for work and I am always in the heat. It last about 7-8 hours from my experience mostly on high sometimes lower and sometimes I turn it off during my lunch. Overall works good and does what I need it too.

  21. Rich S.

    I like the fan, but it won’t stay at the angle I select. If I angle it up, as soon as I turn it on the fan gravity pulls it down. There’s no tightening knob, so I have to place something at the angle I like to keep it there.

  22. Amazon Customer

    To be sure I thought this unit would be larger than it actually appeared when it showed up at my door; however, it has proven to be such a blessing on the job where there is no electricity…in the hot, sweaty, Louisiana summer! Man, this fan works very well and it is good for 6 to 8 hours. I’m not saying it will cool a large room or anything like that, but for me to take a moment to cool off demolishing an old (shotgun) house while I’m working under extreme conditions; I tell you again it is a blessing. Thanks Geek Aire and thanks RV. D.T.

  23. Angie Harris

    I’m paranoid about power going out and with the crazy temperatures this summer, I’m so glad that I have these fans as an alternative to my AC. They are really lightweight but still provide so much cooling, it’s incredible. We haven’t had the need to take them anywhere with us but with that also being an alternative, my anxiety is greatly reduced! Love these fans!

  24. beth

    This fan is has become my favorite. It cools the air around me and I do not have to set my air conditioner as high as I would need to do without the fan. I run it slowly so it does not get used up quickly. It is very firm and I do not have to worry about it tipping over. I am very happy with this fan.

  25. K-9 Lover

    I am updating my review 07 20 2023. I am so glad I gave this unit a chance and glad I didn’t return it. I have run it on the lower speeds for days now and have gotten up to 17 hours of run time before having to recharge. And it recharges quickly, about 2-3 hours. It is ideal for use in my kitchen where things get a bit heated while preparing food as I said in my previous review. It sits on the corner of my island and I just switch it on. And it is the quietest fan I have ever owned! I moved the rating to five-stars.Okay, the listing says this ” This rechargeable floor fan can run up to 20 hours after a full recharge”. So, I charged it overnight and turned it on to the highest setting at 6:00AM. It ran until shortly before 11:00AM. So, about 5 hours on the maximum speed. Not exactly what I was going for but I discovered this portable fan is going to work on my kitchen counter with no cords to trip over. I get warm preparing food and whatnot and I placed it on the corner of my island and found a use for it. It is very quiet even at the highest setting; that is a plus; as I said, there is no cord to trip over and I get a nice breeze while working in the kitchen even tho I have a ceiling fan in the adjacent dining area. I have it charging right now and I am going to run it at a lower speed to see how many hours I can get on the next charge. But I fail to see how this unit can run “20 hours” even at the lowest speed but I will report back on my review once I have use it at various speeds to let potential customers what they can expect with the unit. So, no return.

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