BougeRV CRD45 Portable 12V Car Refrigerator/Freezer Dual Zone 48 Quart (45L)

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Product Overview

With its spacious capacity, this fridge is perfect for keeping your food and drinks cold or frozen while on the go. What sets it apart is its dual-zone feature, allowing you to customize temperatures for separate compartments. Plus, the built-in wheels make transportation a breeze, making it an ideal companion for camping, road trips, and more.

  • 【REAL DUAL ZONE】this 12v portable refrigerator has two compartments which you can control temp independently. It can be both a refrigerator and a freezer at the same time but it also can be a fridge/fridge, fridge/freezer, freezer/freezer so you can cool drinks and chill meat, etc at the same time.
  • 【APP CONTROL】you can control the temps, setting the mode, turn on/off this car refrigerator all from your phone, conveniently and precisely. You can check the temps and the status of the unit any time you need it. You can control the left or right compartment separately for different needs, both of the temp range from -4℉ to 68℉. You can also lock the digital panel to prevent touching by mistake. Note: download the app refer to the user manual.
  • 【NO ICE NEEDED】You don’t have to buy ice cubes to store frozen meat when you go out for trips or grocery shopping with this portable freezer. You can take your favorite fruit and ice cream with you. You can keep the food fresh, make cold beer. No ice cubes melting, no water mess, no food spoiled. Save your time and money.
  • 【VERSATILE CAR FRIDGE】fast cooling down to 32℉,3 level voltage car battery protection, ECO(45W)/MAX(60W) cooling mode, LED lighting, 45dB low noise, USB for charging electronic equipment, chopping board for cutting food, wheels for transportation.
  • 【WARRANTY&SERVICE】BougeRV guarantee you a 2-year warranty for the compressor and all other accessories . If you have any questions, please reach out to BougeRV, we provide 24h friendly customer service. (Package included: removable baskets, chopping board,dc power cord, ac power cord and user manual).
  • BougeRV Dual Zone
BougeRV CR45 Dual Zone
bougerv refrigerator cr35



Bottle opener

Drainage Hole

12/24V outlet

LED Light on both sides

Bottle Opener

Drainage Hole for cleaning

Charging Port for 12/24V input

chopping board

bougerv dual zone cr35

BougeRV 12V refrigerator

Copping Board (package included)

Weight Bearable ( not recommendation adult)

Wheels for Rolling and Transport

portable refrigerator

User Manual

Additional information

Weight 40.5 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 18.2 × 20 in
Brand Name


Model Info


Item Weight

40.5 pounds

Product Dimensions

28 x 18.2 x 20 inches

Item model number



48 Quarts


45 dB

Part Number


Form Factor



12 Volts

Door Hinges






Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?




Date First Available

April 6 2021



7 reviews for BougeRV CRD45 Portable 12V Car Refrigerator/Freezer Dual Zone 48 Quart (45L)

  1. Jay Tech

    Won’t even turn on. Nice looking but totally worthless.Won’t even turn on. Nice looking but totally worthless.Brand new and no damage to the packaging BUT won’t even turn on AND when calling the support number seems kind of cheesy (generic Google voice) for a “business” support number. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  2. Jay Haliczer

    Still new, but love itI got this to address two problems: 1) All the irritations of regular coolers on long camping/road trips and 2) My kids stealing certain drinks and food items I like to keep around for my personal useI haven’t used it for travel yet, but it’s been my home office fridge for a couple weeks now and this thing is just excellent.It froze big ice spheres in a couple hours, when packed completely full of drinks, it took a couple hours to fully cool everything down, as expected, but the temp stays very stable.It’s much easier to use than a typical cube-shaped office mini-fridge, with tiny shelves and not much space. I feel like I can pack much more in this.So far, I’ve had one side set as a freezer and one side set at exactly forty degrees. I don’t like my drinks too cold, and I really enjoy having them cooled just to forty.I will probably experiment a bit, set one side to 45 for drinks and the other to 34 for leftover and other things that should be kept a little colder.One time it was unplugged by mistake and when discovered several hours later, the freeze size was no longer frozen, but the fridge side was still forty. Presumably this is because the freezer side was nearly empty, probably would have kept it’s temp longer if it had had some frozen things in there.Obviously pricey for an office fridge, but looking forward to road-tripping with it next summer.

  3. Glenn

    Great all around Coolerpurchased this cooler for travel between the beach and home. works great keeping things ice cold or frozen.The App makes it much more easier to set the temperature and control the cooler between normal and Eco mode.Only challenge I have is keeping it running when the “auto stop” feature is engaged on my vehicle. 1/2 the times it will turn back on and the other 1/2 I have to turn it back on via the App.A nice improvement to the app would be a clear indication the cooler is on/cooling.

  4. G F S

    Didn’t work – no customer service to helpThe unit wouldn’t turn on. We followed the directions carefully and tried multiple times. We went so far as to go buy fuses in case the fuse was bad. Customer service is not available. The phone number is a google number and no one ever answers or returns calls when you leave a message. They do respond to emails but only with a short answer and it takes a minimum of 24 hours to hear from them so the back and forth would take forever to actually achieve any results. I will not buy from this company again due to the lack of customer service. The unit was small, especially on one side so would not hold much considering how large the overall unit is.

  5. WangDanger

    Great Unit, keeps things really cold.I wanted to wait a bit to give my review to see how this thing held up. I’ve used this a handful of times since I got it back in October. I just failed on me this past weekend. The unit itself still works and cools, but the display is not operational anymore. I can connect to the device from my phone and control it from there, but I can’t do anything via the display anymore. I’ve contacted support and will update how that goes.Overall the unit is nice and has plenty of room for my needs.Update: 02/23/22Customer service was very helpful. They sent me a new screen and all is working. It was easy to replace and they even sent a video on how to do it. It took a while to get the replacement but good thing my fridge still worked in the meantime. My issue is solved.

  6. Eod_machine

    Get this amazing cooler.Great cooler that will hold the important things and keep them cold or frozen as needed. I was unsure at first and not sure how well it would work. I took it camping for off grid and it worked amazingly well. I decided to test the freezer and see how well it would work by having some ice cream in it. I loaded the cooler into the bed of my truck and plugged it in to my solar generator and adjusted things by the app. I left it on eco mode and it seemed to work well. After an hour or so of driving I get out to the camp site and set up. I pop open the cooler and everything is cold in the fridge side and frozen still on the freezer side. I continued to power the cooler with my solar generator so I wouldn’t have to run the gas generator. It sat there in the open at camp for 3 days performing as claimed and doing it well. The ice cream stayed frozen, I didn’t have to run into town to get ice and I didn’t have a super heavy cooler from food and ice. The wheels are a nice touch to this cooler. I only wish I would have discovered this so much sooner as I do a lot of camping and travel across the country. Excellent cooler and the app for it is easy to use and set things where they need to be. Highly recommended for campers, hunters, and those who travel a lot in their vehicle.

  7. G

    BougeRV 12 Volt Car Refrigerator Dual Zone,BougeRV 12 Volt Car Refrigerator Dual ZoneThe unit arrived in good shape. We placed a frozen 20 oz bottle of water into each compartment and set the temperatures to -4 for the freezer and 34 for the refrigerator. 8 hours later and the temps were at or around the settings. Temperatures in the house was 75 degrees.We noticed the unit had condensation around the compartments. The gasket along the hing side is deformed and doesn’t make a good seal.Customer service responded to our issue almost immediately. Unfortunately a replacement lid wasn’t available and the unit is no longer available for replacement. So we discussed ways to repair or replace the gasket. For now we folded a paper towel and placed it along the hing side. I will update the review when I replace the gasket with a soft vacuum tube and sealant tape.One thing that really impressed us is the service representative wrote to us repeatedly and in the end offered to pay for the supplies when we exhausted our other options. So our account was reimbursed for 30 + dollars.We are very pleased with the unit. It is quiet and the compressor works well. The unit is well insulated and the handle makes it easy to transport.I have had it on 120v normal house power for 30 days.I will post a follow up review.

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