MOSTON 10-LED Wireless Motion Sensor with Rechargeable Battery, Stick-on Magnetic Light (Warm White) 3-Pack


MOSTON lights, very convenient to use, Auto On/Off with your motion, no need to replace the battery. With 10 LEDs in each light, the light provides a bright 100 lumen to light up your life. Charge the built-in battery using a micro-USB cable (supplied).

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Different from other motion lights. MOSTON has 3 modes for private customizing, ON, OFF and AUTO motion mode. The light will be switch to motion mode if you switch to G. It will light up when the movement is detected by the sensor and auto off after 12-18 seconds if nothing is detected. The range of sensing is 10ft/120°.

MOSTON has a High-Capacity 1000mAH battery inside. You can even charge it once a month. Much more efficient and Eco-friendly than AAA batteries. There is no need to go to shop just for buying AAA batteries.

Elegant Aluminum alloy shell with magnet inside, easy install in 2 ways. Free adsorb on any ironwork surface, eg refrigerator, barbecue or inside the gun safe. Or, stick on any non-ironwork, clean surfaces with the included metal strip & double-sided tape.

Visit the MOSTON store on to explore their full-range of lighting products.

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