DEWALT 20V MAX Portable Tire Inflator w/ Auto Shut Off (Tool Only)

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DEWALT 20V MAX Tire Inflator Portable Compressor Tire Inflator comes with high-pressure inflation mode with automatic shutoff.

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Product Overview

The 20V MAX* Corded/Cordless Air Inflator can run on any one of three power sources** for maximum versatility: 20V MAX* battery, 12V DC, or 110V AC. Use it on the jobsite, or on the go. It features a high-pressure rubber hose for durability. The threaded chuck and included onboard accessories make it easy to inflate items from tires to footballs. Setting desired air pressure is simple with the digital gauge, and the auto-shutoff provides accurate inflation. The high-volume hose allows fast inflation of mattresses and other inflatables with the push of a button. Move the hose to the deflation port for quick and easy take down. An onboard LED light helps to provide illumination in dark spaces. Heavy-duty rubber feet help reduce walking while in use. **Battery, charger, and AC power adapter sold separately.

Summary of Features

  • Digital tire inflator has high-volume inflation and deflation modes
  • LED light of the portable tire inflator for car helps to provide illumination
  • Three power sources for inflation on a jobsite and on the go (e.g. 20V MAX battery, 12V DC, or 110V AC)
  • Convenient onboard accessory storage
  • Heavy-duty rubber feet help reduce walking when in use
  • Threaded chuck for secure connection to inflation valve

Additional Features

  • Three power sources** for inflation on a jobsite and on the go (**20V MAX* battery, 12V DC, or 110V AC)
  • Convenient onboard accessory storage
  • Heavy-duty rubber feet help reduce walking when in use
  • Threaded chuck for secure connection to inflation valve


  • Tire Inflation
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Camping Mattresses
  • Rafting and Water Floats
  • Recreational and Professional Cycling
  • Off-roading


  • (1) DCC020I Air Inflator
  • (1) 12V DC Power Cord
  • (1) High-Pressure Tapered Nozzle
  • (1) Presta Valve Adapter
  • (1) Inflator Needle

Additional information

Weight 2.9 lbs
Dimensions 7.7 × 2.2 in


8 reviews for DEWALT 20V MAX Portable Tire Inflator w/ Auto Shut Off (Tool Only)

  1. David L.

    Excellent product
    Inflated tire on my Ford edge st from 29 to 35 psi in seconds

  2. The Ace

    Very handy
    Used it on bicycles,cars, and trucks.Cordless battery lasts a long time!

  3. John

    Arrive broken but easy return
    Went to use it the first and it would give an error code when attempting to use the pump. Giving 4 star for the easy no hassle return. Thanks

  4. Ryan R

    A must have
    If you own dewalt tools you need this compressor. So handy to have for blowing up tires or beach inflatables.

  5. David villarreal

    Muy bueno
    Excelente recomendable

  6. Anonymous

    I’ve been using this lil dude everywhere. Best small task compressor I’ve had yet. Reset my truck tire pressures, inflated flats on 3 old bikes before a yard sale, aired up my truck’s airbags to test gauge against my expensive air gauge, inflated and deflated a queen air mattress and still have plenty of battery life left. Being able to set a pressure and it cuts itself off when finished is great, the screw on Schrader valve chuck is brass and very nice, the small light in the handle is handy, and it’s super simple to operate. The built in 12v cord in it’s own compartment is just extra piece of mind. Storage on the side with air chuck accessories adds to its versatility. Rubber bumpers protect it and keep it from moving when you lay it on the ground so it can do its own thing while you multi-task. Light and easy to pack/ stow/ use. My only regret with this purchase is I should’ve bought sooner.The ONLY downside I can think of is if you had to buy a battery and charger just for this one unit. That may make the price unjustifiable. If you have a good selection of 20v Dewalt gear… and kids, then this one is pretty much a no brainer.

  7. Alex Chaney

    This compressor has been one of the top tool purchases I have ever made. I bought it mainly to take on trips when we are pulling our travel trailer. The trailer tires take a higher pressure and I wanted something better than a cheap air pump to keep them properly inflated. As it turns out I use it more than I ever expected. Granted that my main use is tire inflation but I never use my plug in compressors anymore for that task.Pros:The unit is accurate – The indicated pressure on the gauge matches what I get using quality pressure gauges.Easy to use – My wife gets uber paranoid when the low pressure indicator light comes on. Prior to having this I would have to drag around the somewhat portable plug in compressor to get the pressures back up to normal. With this my wife easily takes care of that herself. She keeps it in her car now.The screw on valve connector and the set and forget pressure feature really do make this easy to use.Also, it makes airing up the rear tire on my motorcycle much easier. Before it would be a fight to get a pressure gauge on the valve stem to see if I had put in enough air or too much. With the built in gauge I don’t have to do that any more.Construction – The unit has a rugged build. I have not tested that out but the quality of the plastic and the fit and finish are in line with my other DeWalt tools.Neutral Comment – I was already in the DeWalt family of tools so I didn’t have to buy a battery. If I wasn’t I would have looked more closely at the competition, not because of the quality or its ability to do its job but because of the price.Overall I am very happy with this purchase. I had looked at it for a while before hitting the “Buy” button because I was unsure about dropping that much money for the tool. I am glad I did.I will add that I use the compressor to inflate tires from bicycle to 3/4 ton truck to trailer tires that take 60lbs. The unit has done all of those jobs with ease.

  8. B

    The DEWALT 20V MAX Tire Inflator has become an absolute must-have in my arsenal of tools and gadgets. As someone who values efficiency and convenience, this tire inflator has genuinely transformed how I handle tire maintenance, and I couldn’t be happier with its performance.First and foremost, the portability of this inflator is a game-changer. Being part of the DEWALT 20V MAX family, it runs on the same battery platform as my other DEWALT tools, making it incredibly convenient for both home and on-the-go use. No need for cords or searching for power outlets – just pop in a 20V MAX battery, and you’re ready to inflate tires wherever you are.The inflation process is impressively quick and efficient. With a maximum pressure of 160 PSI, this inflator handles everything from bicycle tires to car tires with ease. The digital gauge provides accurate pressure readings, allowing me to achieve the precise PSI needed for each tire. This not only ensures optimal tire performance but also contributes to safety on the road.The LED work light is a thoughtful addition, especially for late-night or low-light situations. It provides adequate illumination for tire inflation and makes it easy to locate the valve stem. Additionally, the auto-shutoff feature ensures that I never overinflate, giving me peace of mind during tire maintenance.Durability is synonymous with DEWALT, and this inflator is no exception. It feels robust and well-built, designed to withstand the rigors of regular use. I have put it through its paces, and it has consistently delivered outstanding performance without any hiccups.Storage is hassle-free, thanks to the onboard hose and cord storage compartments. This keeps everything neat and organized, ready for the next use.In conclusion, the DEWALT 20V MAX Tire Inflator is a game-changer for anyone who values convenience, efficiency, and reliability in their tire maintenance tools. It’s a compact, portable powerhouse that simplifies the inflation process and ensures that your tires are always road-ready. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional, this inflator deserves a spot in your toolkit. Highly recommended!

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