Thetford Convenience Toilet Riser (Parchment)


Raise the level of comfort and convenience for RVers by lifiting the toilet 2-1/2″. (Note: additional plumbing hook-up materials may be needed.) Fits all Thetford toilets and most SeaLand models.

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This toilet riser raises the level of comfort and convenience by 2.5″.

For use with the following:

  • Aqua-Magic IV
  • Aqua-Magic V
  • Aqua-Magic Galaxy
  • Aqua-Magic Starlite
  • Starlite II
  • Starlite Plus
  • Aqua-Magic Aurora
  • SeaLand 510, 910, and 2000
  • Traveler 110 (Lite,) Traveler 510, and Traveler 511.

Ideal for the physically challenged.


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