Lasco Toilet Flange Repair Stainless Steel Split Ring

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The 014710 Toilet Flange Repair Ring from LASCO Products is ideal for repairing toilets in RVs, campers, and travel trailers.

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  • Split ring
  • Opens up for easy repair
  • Install around body of flange
  • Easy DIY project; fits most
  • Stainless steel

Installing the Lasco Toilet Flange Repair Stainless Steel Split Ring in a 1973 GMC Motorhome Bathroom

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LASCO is a 3rd generation, family owned and operated, plumbing supply service company in business for over 80 years.

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Weight 5.6 lbs


10 reviews for Lasco Toilet Flange Repair Stainless Steel Split Ring

  1. Jason 007

    cheapnot solid enough

  2. Jeff Higgins

    Works well but could be betterBe better is the ring was adjustable had to drill a hole and modify it. It worked well after that. A lot cheaper than other ones one here so worth it

  3. Shinyhappyhuman

    Exactly what I neededFit perfectly. No more wonky toilet. Replaced the old rotted flange that was probably there since 1976.

  4. Brandon J Glaub

    Exactly what I neededOld flange ring came off when I removed the toilet. We’re on a post tension concrete slab, so I was nervous about securing a new ring to the cement with screws. A plumber recommended an item like this. I bought this one and installed it today. It worked perfectly! Fits real snug under the flange lip. I can tell that it’s not going anywhere, even though it’s not screwed down.

  5. Mari-TX

    perfect!I had a hard time finding what I needed in local hardware and big box stores. This toilet flange was exactly what I was looking for to repair the broken one that I had. It is metal and easy to install. fast arrival and easy repair.

  6. Duncan Howser

    Good, but…Excellent idea and will work fine but it is thin sheet steel and bends up when you tighten the nuts to hold toilet bowl to floor…needs to be more sturdy and thicker…but works better than having to remove the old closet flange out of the concrete or drill holes in the concrete…

  7. Jace

    Works great!This worked when everything else failed because our twit it was piped in 28 years ago. I’m so glad I came across this it allowed us to put a brand new toilet in our guest bathroom!

  8. Ray

    Chepa over priced garbageWow not only don’t any of the holes line up properly but also they don’t provide necessary hardware to fully install. The price is WAY too high for 2 pieces of thin aluminum would not reccomend

  9. M. Wilson

    Check bolt fit first. May need some fittingOrdinarily this product would been rated 5 stars HOWEVER standard 5/16″ commode hold-down bolts wouldn’t fit in the slots. The only readily available tool I had to widen the slots was a Dremel tool using a 1/4″ sanding drum. It took several drums to complete widening enough to get the bolts to fit. I checked the diameter of the bolts thinking maybe they were over-sized slightly. Nope. 0.308 dia. Slightly less than 5/16″. Any case I paid extra next day shipping to get the stainless repair flange over buying a galvanized version locally. The idea is good and should last but just be aware you may have to do some “field fitting” to work.

  10. Theodore Brown

    Not so muchI Bought this ring thinking it was the same thickness but an upgrade because it was stainless steel and would be better than the first one I did the repair with several years ago. That one was steel and way sturdier, however it and the tap cons had rusted away to the point of leakage. When I recieved this unit I immediately noticed how thin the steel was. It was in fact stainless steel but it was anemic compared to the first one. So began my saga of the Lord of the ring! You will have to read my other review of the precious ring that I would end up using in order to bring peace to middle earth. You have now been tasked with the quest to find and read that rewiew. Then and only then will you ba able to claim the power of the ring!

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