Thetford 31113 Bravura RV Toilet Water Module Service Package (White)

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The Water Module Service Package includes water module 2 screws and link retainer clip.

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Parts List

Key No. Part No. Description
1 36766 Seat Cover and Pod – White
36767 Seat Cover and Pod – Parchment
2 31111 Mechanism Service Package (includes mechanism assembly and closet flange seal)
4 31113 Water Module Service Package (includes water module 2 screws and link retainer clip)
5 33372 Pedal Service Package (includes pedal 2 link retainer clips 2 screws and return spring) – White
33386 Pedal Service Package (includes pedal 2 link retainer clips 2 screws and return spring) – Parchment
6 31115 Closet Flange Seal Service Package (includes closet flange seal 2 closet bolts and 2 nuts)
7 33226 Water Saver Service Package (includes water saver 2 hose clamps link retainer clip water saver clip wall mount bracket and 2 screws) – White
8 33380 Shroud (high profile) – Parchment
33382 Shroud (low profile) – Parchment
33381 Shroud (high profile) – White
33383 Shroud (low profile) – White

Not Listed

Part No. Description
33223 Clip for Water Saver – Parchment
33227 Clip Pkg for Water Saver – Parchment
33224 Clip for Water Saver – White
33228 Clip Pkg for Water Saver – White
31112 Mechanism Repair Kit (Not Shown) (includes blade seal hub seal mechanism seal closet flange seal and link retainer clip)

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As the manufacturer of mobile sanitation products for the RV, marine, camping and truck markets, Thetford Corporation makes mobile living a more pleasant experience. Thetford products include complete lineups of:

  • Lightweight, low-water-use toilets permanently mounted in RVs, boats or trucks
  • Hand-carried, fresh-water-flush, self-contained portable toilets that have a multitude of uses
  • Specially-formulated waste holding tank deodorants and treatments used with these toilets
  • Innovative, multi-capacity tote tanks
  • Other products that make mobile living more convenient, quicker, cleaner and easier



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Weight 5 lbs


10 reviews for Thetford 31113 Bravura RV Toilet Water Module Service Package (White)

  1. Charles

    Perfect fit for RV toilet flusher replacementExact match for a part from my RV toilet which does not have the sprayer so it is a perfect fit and took 2 mins (literally) to install.

  2. Lucie Demontigny

    Juste parfait , fonctionne parfaitementPiece de remplacement pour toilette

  3. Drew’s Place

    Perfect replacement5 minutes to complete repair works perfect

  4. HirschiKisses

    Great for RV!Worked great, just make sure there is absolutely no stress from the water supply line our you’ll risk cracking the inlet connection over time.

  5. RC More

    Perfect replacement mostly easy self installOnly difficult part of install was getting toilet out of the camper. Had to deal with one floor hold down bolt spinning and getting the right vice grip to hold it. Now that I know the toilet seat and rear cover pull up and off, I probably could have replaced this without removing the toilet.

  6. rebel ruberg

    Don’t buy B wherePut it in less than a year ago never used it, Winterized it this winner The proper way hooked it up this year after D winner rise in it And turn the water on it was leaking never ever been used,

  7. Bryan Jensen

    It doesn’t pulse flush as the toilet did brand new.I called Thetford and they said this was the part I needed to restore the pulse flush that I stopped getting shortly after installing my Bravura Toilet. Either Thetford told me to get the wrong part or the one I got is defective.

  8. Moneychanger

    Very Easy to InstallAfter the recent hard freeze, I was at my deer camp in MS and when I inspected the Thetford toilet in my Airstream, I found that the freeze had created a leak. I got on my cell and ordered a replacement from RV and when I got home it was on my doorstep. Fantastic service. Next trip up to the camp I installed the replacement valve in about 20 minutes and I was back in business. That service and availability of parts is really hard to beat.

  9. Jthom1957

    Excellent replacement partExact replacement and well written instructions. Easy change in my unit. The only thing I would add is that the tube for the sprayer comes sealed off and must be cut open if you are using it. Also, using a hair dryer to heat the tubes before removal and before installing is very helpful.

  10. Brice

    Flush valveThis was an easy 30 minute replacement with two notes. Shut off water before beginning project. First, Plastic pipe from valve to toilet is a press fit you will need a lighter to warm the fit to valve in order to remove valve after removing water supply hose and two mounting screws. Second, thread water supply nut to hand tight fit first making sure it’s not cross threaded before mounting then mount valve with two screws and secure tightly, again as in removing now warm plastic tube and slide on, finish tightening water inlet nut you threaded on before by hand. Follow complete instructions in package, these are suggestions only to make the job easier. Person should be familiar with common tools. Hair dryer may work heating plastic pipe careful not to melt.

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