Camco Permanent Pump Converter Winterizing Kit


Make winterizing easier year after year with Camco’s Pump Converter Winterizing Kit. This kit is a permanent installation that allows you to bypass your fresh water supply line and use your boat or RV’s water pump to fill the fresh water lines with antifreeze.

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How to Winterize your RV

When you’re ready to winterize your RV or boat’s fresh water system, drain all water from your system, including the holding tank and hot water heater. Follow your manufacturer’s directions for this step.

Then, remove the cap from the 3-way valve and attach the clear vinyl hose to the 3-way valve and tighten by hand. Place the other end of the hose into a gallon of Camco’s fresh water system antifreeze. Turn the handle on the valve to the “by-pass” position.

Turn on each faucet one at a time and allow pure antifreeze to flow through. Let about one cup flow into the drain to protect traps.

Finally, when all the antifreeze is drawn from the bottle, turn off the pump, remove the clear vinyl hose from the valve, replace the cap and turn the handle to “open” position.



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