Valterra RV Hi-Flow Water Regulator


Regulate your RV’s water pressure with the Valterra Lead-Free Hi-Flow Brass Water Regulator! The adapter regulates incoming water pressure to 50-55 psi, the ideal pressure for your needs. The screened washer prevents debris from running through your camper water system and is easy to clean.

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The water regulator attaches to the campground water spigot and reduces the water pressure that feeds through the water hose into the RV. It protects both the hose and the RV from high pressure and prevents pipes from bursting. With a lead-free brass construction, you can be confident in the safety and quality of your attachment. The Valterra Brass Water Regulator conforms with federal and state laws for drinking water fixtures, making it the ideal addition to your RV. Valterra’s Water Regulators protect RV plumbing against high pressure and offer 15% to 20% more flow compared to standard regulators. Fits all standard water hose and campground water risers. Includes a gripper for easy installation.


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