DEWALT Step Drill Bit Set, 7/8-Inch to 1-1/8-Inch (DWA1789IR)

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The DEWALT DWA1789IR 7/8-Inch-1-1/8-Inch impact ready step drill bit set has a split point tip that increases speed. The bit is coated in titanium nitride for durability.

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The DEWALT DWA1789IR 7/8-Inch-1-1/8-Inch impact ready step drill bit set has split point tips that increase speed for making quick work of your drilling needs. The bit is coated in titanium nitride for durability. Its laser engraved numbers increase step visibility. While optimized for impact driver usage, this DEWALT step drill bit set does work with rotary drills.

  • Titanium Nitride coated two flute spiral design provides longer life and better chip removal
  • Split point tip increases speed
  • Laser engraved numbers increases step visibility
  • Optimized for impact driver usage

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25 reviews for DEWALT Step Drill Bit Set, 7/8-Inch to 1-1/8-Inch (DWA1789IR)

  1. justmee

    worth the $
    Most of my jobs have been 1/4″ or less. Yesterday I used on 1/2″ put a few drops of oil on while drilling to reduce the heat, and it cut beautifully!worth the $

  2. Vito

    Quality Step Drill
    Use a cutting oil liberally and take it easy; step drill bit will last a very long time.

  3. Robert K.

    Good investment
    Drilled a few test holes with new HF bit and quickly realized drilling 130 holes would take forever. Ordered this bit and drilled all 130 at about 10 seconds per hole. Last hole was as fast as the first. Did touch the tip in oil before each hole. Well worth the money, and as usual RV got it here quick.

  4. Rembrandt

    These are a must in your tool box
    They work really good, the quality on these bits good as well, so far everything is great.

  5. Dave

    I thought I was going to have to make a pilot hole before using this bit. Wrong this thing drills materials effortlessly. I have used this drilling all types of steel (with cutting oil) and it drilled all the clean and with ease and the bit seems just as sharp as when it was new. I will definitely be buying the other sizes.

  6. SJK

    DEWALT Step Drill Bit [7/8-Inch to 1-1/8-Inch]
    This Dewalt DWA1789IR step drill has been working well for making 1/2″ and 3/4″ knock outs or enlarging 1/2″ knock outs in steel and PVC boxes and enclosures. It can also make 3/8″ holes in cabinets for the small rubber grommets used for low voltage control wires. The bit has a 1/4″ hex shank that locks into my impact driver which makes it really convenient. My old Greenlee bit cost more than this Dewalt bit did and could only be used with a standard drill chuck, which was sort of a hassle. This Dewalt bit is holding up to regular use and still seems sharp. It has a guide ring machined in it to indicate where to stop drilling for perfect 1/2″ KO’s. You can easily make an oversized 1/2″ KO hole if your not paying attention or using too much force on the drill, especially in PVC pull boxes where the material is thicker than the guide rings, but just like anything else, with a little practice it will no longer an issue. Running the bit all the way through leaves a perfect 3/4″ KO sized hole. Overall, the bit has been working well for my needs, so I’m very happy with it and will purchase again when needed.

  7. Jonathan Brownlee

    Great uni bit
    The best cutting uni bit I’ve ever used. They’re pricey but last longer than the bargain ones

  8. Dave

    Nice bit
    I use a step bits regularly at work at a electrician, Dewalt sells the best one I’ve had so far. I had a 1/2” one last 3 years and it cut great up until I tried using it on hardened steel causing it to snap(I snapped a new greenlee on the same hole). Every other brand I’ve had becomes dull and useless after a few months. As a side note looking at the dewalt and temo brands side by side they look like the same tool.

  9. Juan R

    Works great
    I use anchorlube cutting oil to bust holes with this step bit. I can safely say I’ve made 100 holes in the last 2 months and I still get 3-4” long metal whiskers that look like mirrors on the cut side. I use it with a Milwaukee surge impact drill. I love this product and I will buy it again when necessary

  10. WA Resident

    After seeing this rated on Project Farm, they live up to their top rated claim.
    Started using these after seeing them rated on Project Farm youtube channel. The work very well. HF equivalent works too, but once you start the initial hole with these they really get with it!

  11. Gjaime

    Works fast and sharp
    Bought it for work to drill thru 1/8″ steel. Have to make holes sometimes when panels don’t line up. Works even faster if you use a hole punch.Don’t know durability yet, I’ve been keeping the speed low to not overheat. We shall see, it was pricey. Hope it last a while.

  12. E W

    Nice holes
    A sharp step drill is the hardest thing to find. These are nice step drills that are very sharp and make nice round holes. Kinda expensive but if you want something that will last, pay the extra money. I’ve had these for about 6 months.

  13. Amazon Customer

    Great bit!
    It can even drill through I Beam. I am using it to drill through C perling/red iron. Once it gets the hole started it really zips through the remaining sizes. I am kind scared to start all my holes with it so sometimes i use another cheap drill bit to start a pilot hole and let this step bit rip through the rest.

  14. Trent Toves

    These bits cut true and fast.
    I work in hvac cleaning and I do a lot of duct inspection. These bits are far superior to most other ones I have tried. They cut true and fast. I use them daily. If you are looking for superior tools start here as a baseline to judge other products.

  15. J.C.

    Very happy with it
    I’ve mostly been drilling through sheet metal, and no issues so far. I do recommend using tap oil with it to make the bit last longer.

  16. V. Williams

    Holy cow batman, this thing works great!
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     I don’t know what it’s made of, but it is hard and sharp. Goes through structural steel so much better and faster than other drill bits that are supposed to be good. I haven’t tried it on stainless steel yet, but the holes it drills into structural steel are comparable to how good individual M35 bits perform on structural steel, and since those same M35 bits will go through stainless, then I’m confident this Dewalt step bit will go through stainless steel just as well. I will have an opportunity to test it on stainless steel in about a week from now and can give an update afterwards.Update: I picked up 2 other step bits, one Oxmul M35 (5% cobalt) and one Stroton (6% cobalt). The Dewalt similarly outperformed those as well. I drilled stainless steel with the Dewalt and got a surprise—it quickly accelerated in expanding/drilling out the hole once a pilot hole was created. All drilling was done with moderate even pressure at relatively slow speed.

  17. JP

    Worth paying more for.
    Bit ripped through stainless steel quickly and easily with no signs of wear after.

  18. Kay

    Better than Harbor Freight
    These cut really good, I’m very happy with them. If you need step bits these are great!

  19. MICHAEL R.

    Sharp and easy to use.
    I needed to drill a full size of a prior one in my stainless steel barbecue. That’s not only worked fine but it worked fast and was an easy fix. Wonderful tool. I will be using this for years to come.

  20. Narcel M Hermosura

    DEWALT Never fails on their products
    Tested it with flat metal bar 2mm thick, cut like butter, no stalls, no slips, blades maintained their sharpness.

  21. Gerald A.

    Arrived quickly and packaged as expected.
    Have used Unibits for decades and used some cheap ones and have some expensive ones. These are supposed to be very good according to some review videos I watched. The one I have used so far has worked well and I have no complaints. Time will tell on the other two and on the ability to stay sharp etc. but so far so good.

  22. OlWhiteBeard

    Just buy it!
    These make all the other crappy step bits look like junk. This cuts better than most of my new conventional bits. Absolutely amazing performance, the spiral flutes work perfectly. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  23. Mike S.

    A Reliable and Durable Drill Bit Set
    The DEWALT Drill Bit Set with titanium nitride coating is a reliable and durable set for any drilling job. The set includes three pieces with sizes ranging from 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch, allowing for versatility in drilling applications.The titanium nitride coating on each bit provides a longer life and better chip removal than other drill bit sets, making it a great choice for both professional and DIY projects. The 135-degree split point design also ensures precise and accurate drilling without the need for a pilot hole.The bits are constructed with heavy-duty materials, ensuring they can withstand the toughest drilling tasks. They are also compatible with a wide range of drilling tools, including cordless drills and impact drivers.Overall, the DEWALT Drill Bit Set is a solid investment for anyone who needs reliable and durable drill bits that can handle a variety of drilling applications.

  24. Stephano

    It worked well
    It wasn’t big enough for the second job needed it for however I’m sure it will come in handy in the future

  25. Amazed

    Top of the Line Bit, albeit pricey
    I began my project using bits from a local hardware discount store (Warrior brand) on sale for $8.99: drilled the first hole okay though I had to drill a pilot hole to get it started; then it got dull quickly and I struggled to do a couple more holes in my new fire pit ring. Watched a You Tube review of the Dewalt bits that showed it beating all other brands so I forked out the 5x cost to try it. Total “game changer”! The 3/16″ starter step eliminated the pilot hole drilling other brands seem to require. This Dewalt bit cut through the steel like butter. I drilled a total of 56ea, 9/16″ holes and the last hole cut just as easy as the first with no apparent dulling. Will never buy another drill bit brand; I’m completely sold. BTW, I also used an impact driver instead of your standard drill. Performed beautifully together!

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