EEZTire-TPMS 6ATC RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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EEZTire-TPMS6ATC Real-Time/24×7 Tire Pressure Monitoring System accurately monitors tire pressure and temperature for up to 26 tires and handles tire pressure up to 210 psi. 

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EEZTire TPMS 6ATC Real-Time/24×7 Tire Pressure Monitoring System offers safety and high fuel economy. It accurately monitors tire pressure and temperature for up to 26 tires and handles tire pressure up to 210 psi. The advanced-technology alert system monitor is motion sensitive and monitors tire pressure and temperature on 6-second intervals continuously. Maintaining proper tire pressure at all times ensures vehicle safety and helps achieve desired fuel economy.

The EEZTire TPMS 6ATC Real-Time/24×7 Tire Pressure Monitoring System offers easy operation and maintenance because it has one of the largest display screen on the market, measuring 4 ½” x 3”. The TPMS monitor has separate controls for RV and trailer sensors, which allows owner to turn off trailer control when driving RV only. It takes minutes to setup and program. The monitor has a built-in rechargeable internal lithium battery that lasts up to 60 hours on a charge. Sensors have replaceable batteries. It comes with a common USB charging cord that can be connected to vehicle’s cigarette lighter or USB port.

EZZTire’s Direct Monitoring Systems

Our systems continuously monitor the pressure in the tires through sensors located in the tires (direct system). The information collected by the sensors is transmitted to an on-board monitor that real time displays the tire data and warns the driver when tire pressure or temperature is outside of the preset level. The advantage of having a TPMS system is being warned of issues with tires on your towed vehicle and doolies. Without the system it’s likely that you would not know about a flat or low tire on doolies or towed until it’s to late, causing a great deal of damage or loss.

Your vehicle tire safety is our mission. Our mission is to be the industry leader for aftermarket TPMS systems (Tire Pressure & Temperature Monitoring System) for RVs, motor coaches, motorhomes, 5th wheelers, towed vehicles, trucks and any vehicle that does not have a built-in TPMS.

Our product lines include EEZTire TPMS6ATC Tire Pressure Monitoring System that monitors tire pressure and temperature for up to 26 tires in real time, LED lighting for your home away from home, high-quality steel-framed folding director’s chairs and rocking chairs, portable solar and flexible solar panels, reversible RV Mats, outdoor LED decorations that enhance outdoor and traveling experiences, RV flag poles & mounts, and many other accessories.

10 reviews for EEZTire-TPMS 6ATC RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System

  1. MD

    Quality Product – Works Great and well worth the money.I have this unit for over a year and have put 20,000 miles on the 5th wheel and a haulmark motorcycle trailer I use the system on. I really like it and have had no problems other than replacing 1 sensor battery, which is no big deal. It verifies tire pressure at the start of each day on the monitor so I don’t have to check pressure with a gauge. Also provides peace of mind on the road with constant tire pressure and temperature readings . Actually saved me from certain trailer damage when a tire on the 5th wheel was punctured on the FL turnpike at 5 am. The low pressure alarm sounded when tire pressure dropped below 60 psi. I pulled to the shoulder and stopped with 30 psi still in the tire. No damage to the tire or trailer. Put on the spare and had the tire fixed. No big deal. That is the only tire problem I have had mostly because the tires are always at the proper pressure. I wouldn’t leave home without it. In my opinion, the unit paid for itself by preventing damage to the trailer that the tire would have caused if it went completely flat and came apart.

  2. George

    This system just saved my tire and rim. I think it is a “must have” item.I don’t write reviews often. This request to review arrived today and the TPMS system literally saved my rim and tire just this afternoon. I was only a short distance from my nights RV spot when the fast leak alarm went off. I monitored the pressure and drove to my space with as little delay as possible. I barely made it! Once I stopped it only took seconds for the tire to completely settle to the rim. Because I was informed, I was able to take appropriate actions to save the tire and rim. Look, the system costs less than a tire and rim. I had no issues at all installing it, it has worked flawlessly and is easy to monitor. I will run with this system any time I pull my RV. I recommend it highly.

  3. jsj

    Great peace of mindVery satisfied with this purchase. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your rigs tires are all healthy is worth the price of admission. The sensors are easy to setup and the monitor constantly cycles through the tires displaying the active metrics. The monitor even has a light sensor that turns on a backlight when it gets dark, that’s a nice addition.I had the high-pressure alert set rather aggressively (85psi on my 75psi tires) and had the alert go off. It was certainly loud enough and grabbed my attention – this is a good thing in the event we actually have a problem.I can’t speak on battery life yet as I’ve only used them on one trip. The monitor I’ve used for 7-8 hours so far and the battery indicator shows fully charged. I do like how the monitor has a battery in it so you don’t need to permanently have a wire routed and connected.The one thing I don’t really understand are the anti-theft domes that come with the sensors. It seemed easy enough to remove them with the sensors installed, so I’m not sure how they prevent theft. I didn’t need to use the special wrenches to install or uninstall them.. I do suppose they’d maybe discourage since they can’t just twist-and-take.

  4. Sharon D.

    A GREAT LITTLE TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM!We purchased a set with the extensions recommended by and for the RV shop; which would enable us to to put add in the tire without removing the hubcaps/extenders, but the shop couldn’t get them to fit with the back extenders on. So after seeing these online, we decided to purchase these and try them out. It took some time for us female, senior citizens to get all six RV tires to the correct air pressure, checking all six tires at the correct pressure and then putting the TPMS monitors on. We had a problem as one kept monitoring 32 as the pressure in the one tire. We called the person at the company, and he advised us to try the monitor on a different tire. We thought that was kind of crazy, but we did it. The TPMS worked when we switched it to a different tire; and now, all of them work fine. If we do need air or even change the pressure in a tire, we have to remove the monitor from the tire and add the air, and check the tire pressur again. It’s a bit of a nuisance taking the back hubcaps/extenders off to add air, but we didn’t have to leave the back hubcaps/extenders off the tires permanently.

  5. Wayne

    Very goodSuper fast, good price everything was in the box it’s supposed to be

  6. Berry Bass

    Peace of mind!! Works as advertised. Excellent customer service.Bought this almost a year ago when we bought our new RV. We had this on our prior RV and liked it. Today we got a warning that said we were having sudden air loss. We pulled over and used a manual gage to check, and sure enough the tire was leaking fast. It was around 90 PSI before the incident and was dropping through the 80’s when we got the alarm. By the time we stopped and checked it it was around 70 and continued to 40 within a short while. We didn’t check it further.My opinion is that this saved us from having a blow out which could have cost us hundreds or thousands of dollars (based on others’ shared stories of the results of blow outs on fifth wheel RV’s). More importantly, the situation could have been dangerous for us and others. This is one of the best purchases we have made on our RV rig. Perhaps the above consequences may not have happened, but the peace of mind the TPMS gives us is worth a lot.Another comment regarding EEZ Tire: when we received the system last July, some of the sensors were missing from the package, apparently due to a shipping/packing error. I contacted EEZ Tire and, based on my word, they sent the missing sensors immediately. They only had my word and it would have been impossible to know if I was lying attempting to get something extra free (which was not the case), but responded as if “the customer is always right”. The customer service is excellent!

  7. adamscollision

    Easy Set Up/Works PerfectlyVery easy set up. Now, I feel much better know what the air pressure is and the temperature of the tires at all times.

  8. SteveH

    Easy to installQuick and easy install and works as promised.

  9. RWB

    1970’s technologyWhat? Software written and programed by pocket protector engineers and programmers right out of the 70’s. It could be so much easier. Sadly the top of the line (consumer) in after market TPS out there.

  10. PassionHighway

    Works perfectly for me. I have some tips that may help.I see wildly different reviews on this product. Some give 1 start and others give 5. I have used the system since April 2018 on my GMC 350 and have zero issues. I thought I would comment on some of the reviews that I have seen. I believe I may know what is causing their issues.One guy shows a pic of a blown out tire and the system reading pressure in it. That is not likely. The system alarms in seconds if a sensor is removed (ie zero air pressure). It is easy as pie to test. Unscrew a sensor and you will get beeps immediately with a flashing tire showing what one it thinks is flat. Chance are his sensors were mixed up. One of them is probably reading zero. Just not the one he thought was on that tire. I suspect that at some point the sensors were mixed up and installed on different tires. The screw on type sensor have to be removed every time air is added. It is very easy to mix them up. They tell people to label them, but most probably don’t or the labels fell off because they didn’t cover them with clear fingernail polish like the manual suggests.I think a lot of issues are related to not knowing how to or not being efficient at programming the system. Programming is very easy if you follow the directions. There are a number of people that have great videos that walk step by step through it. I think the key is to program the sensors on your kitchen table first. Then take them out to the vehicle. It is easier than crawling around and trying to get to every tire and code it before the system times out. If the system times out the work is not saved and you have to start over again. I think that is the root of the problem for people complaining about having to keep programing the sensors over and over again.The next common issue I am seeing are people complaining about sensors dropping out while driving. RF interference will cause problems. If you have wireless cameras, refrigerators running, and other stuff that can generate RF interference around your vehicle it could cause problems. The way to solve that is by using a repeater. The repeater needs to be closer to the receiver than to the tires. Don’t put a repeater in the very back of a 5th wheel and then expect it to transmit all the way to the tow vehicle. They recommend that the repeater should be installed in the front bay of the 5th wheel that is closest to the truck. Not in the back or middle. Metal can cause problems for it as well. The transmitter needs to be in a place that has the least amount of metal between it and the tires/receiver.I’ve seen people complain about the pressure readings. The EEZ RV guys have a video that talks about the valve stem and that the sensor needs to be able to push it in so air comes out that the sensor can read. In some cases those pushpins are in too deep and when screwing the sensor on it does not push them in at all or far enough to let sufficient air out to read. My bet is this is the problem for the ones complaint about that. This makes them think the batteries are not working and get frustrated when battery changes don’t fix the problem. All it takes is a valve stem tool. Unscrew it slightly or replace it with another one. An easy test would be to screw the sensor you think is having problems on a bike or something else to test with. If it is getting a reading from another valve stem then chances are this is the issue.The only thing that I do not like is having to unscrew the low profile sensor every time I need to add air in the dual tires. They are very difficult to reach and unscrew. I can’t put them in fast enough to minimize air loss either. The trick to get a good reading is to over fill the tire and reinstall the sensor. Let the system get a good reading, which will be high. Then slightly unscrew the sensor to let some air leak out. Screw it back on and get a good reading again. Going from high to low will let you get an perfect cold pressure setting. Most people fill to the exact cold pressure sitting and then when they screw the sensors on the tire pressure drops below the optimal reading. I am a bit tired of doing this though. I just ordered flow through sensors for my dual wheels. I believe it will be easier to put air in them. The front tires or ones with the valve stems facing out are easy.Speaking of tire pressure readings, gauges are different. Temperature makes a big difference in getting an actual reading. Most air gauges do not have temperature calibration. This is why the EEZ sensors may read different than a tire gauge. One guy mentioned that he had a calibrated racing sensor, but that doesn’t mean it is temperature compensated. I have a Steelman 9797 ( gage that is temp and pressure calibrated. It matches the EEZ readings exactly. The thing was $140. The only way to perfectly test the reading between the EEZ and a tire gauge is to use a properly calibrated gauge that takes into account ambient pressure and temperature.Another thing to note that I am not in love with his the anti-theft cover. Lots talk about this on here. I agree with them. I took them off. I could have left them on the front tires, but I don’t think this is really that hot of an item to steal. If one ever gets snagged I may rethink this, but so far I haven’t heard of anyone actually having their tire sensor stolen. They only work with the system they were purchased for. Every manufacturer has a different frequency and encryption.I have had zero issues with it on my GMC 350. I have driven it over 14,000 miles so far with the same batteries and sensors. The thing to keep in mind is that this system isn’t just plug and play. It works perfectly if you take time and plan out the install. The main tip is to program it inside the house with every sensor on a table. Test it and get comfortable with how it works before installing the sensors on a vehicle. Problems are harder to troubleshoot after the system is installed.

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