CTA Tools A311 Feeler Gauge Set – 25 Blades (Extra Long)

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12″ long offset blades for easy insertion on valve tappets and other difficult access applications.

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CTA Manufacturing’s A311 Feeler Gauge Set (25 Blades) is extra long at 12″ and useful for hard to reach places.

Especially useful on ensuring the correct clearance between the coil and flywheel on a Honda EV6010 RV generator.


  • For long reach applications, especially diesel
  • 12″ blades – .0015, .002, .003, .004, .005, .006, .007, .008, .009, .010, .011, .012, .013, .014, .015, .016, .017, .018, .019, .020, .021, .025, .027, .030, .040″
  • Feeler Gauge Set – 25 Blade Extra Long
Brand CTA Tools
Item Dimensions LxWxH 14.75 x 3.75 x 0.7 inches
Color Multi
Number of Teeth 25
Style Compact
Item Weight 0.75 Pounds
Number Of Pieces 25

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About Us

CTA Manufacturing started in 1978 with a few specialty tools and a lot of great ideas. After spending over years setting up worldwide distribution for the names in the business, the founders of CTA decided to take some of their own ideas to market. Originally named “Classic American Tools”, the company expanded from manufacturing about 20 Specialty Tools to well over 1000 tools under the CTA name .

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25 reviews for CTA Tools A311 Feeler Gauge Set – 25 Blades (Extra Long)

  1. David

    tough design
    excellent. I work on Natural gas compressors . these make it easy to get my clearances

  2. LDHemi

    Four Stars

  3. Jon

    Four Stars
    As described.

  4. Paul DeWitt

    Good and oily
    No problems with the products. Maybe I’m not familiar with proper storage of these gauges, but they were extremely oily when received. Dropping oil everywhere on my workbench and things I work on so I ended up wiping them down.

  5. shadoobe

    Excellent Tool
    This is an excellent product and I would recommend it to anybody who was in the need of an extra-long feeler gauge

  6. jimschaechter

    Four Stars
    Just what I needed

  7. AbsoluteRock

    Just as described – great for fitting drawers.
    These are way longer than I thought (I’m using them for fitting drawers). The extra length is great although I may end up taking the pack apart and putting it on a key ring etc so I can use the shims individually.

  8. Mr Cigar

    Can’t beat the price
    Can’t beat the price better than I could find anywhere else way cheaper than the tool truck I go threw these about twice a year due to contaminated area you can’t keep them from rusting butt these have held up well

  9. Brien

    good product
    had a lot of packing oil on it but cleaned right up

  10. Rebecca Wyatt

    Four Stars
    package had been opened and stapled back, nut was missing off of screw that holds them together

  11. NewK

    Good to go
    Feeler gauges appear to be good quality, great for valve adjustments, arrived in the package all good.

  12. David Wellington

    Good for the money

  13. Skook

    Nice long feelers
    I bought these so I can put shims against a straight edge when I need to edge my Dremel router microns over after completing one cut as I install the decorative stripe joining the backs of my guitars. The router bits never cut the correct size grooves that I need, and I always need to expand the groove to fit the inlay. I also bought the long ones so I don’t misplace them when I use them disconnected. I wish Incra would come up with a micro adjuster for my purpose.

  14. Curt B

    Very oily…but I suppose that is to be expected.
    Used this to check for scope mount base gaps..working as I had hoped.Not made in USA..blame that on me. On a budget.

  15. Troy S.

    Great length for my job.
    Quality feeler gauges

  16. Tony Maxey

    Not kidding about ‘extra long’
    I guess I didn’t read the listing on RV thoroughly enough, so I was surprised when this feeler gauge set arrived. The blades are long…close to a foot. However, for the applications I have in my shop–wood working machine setup plus some small engine repair/maintenance work, the length comes in pretty handy because some of the gaps I need to measure are in locations that would be hard to access without the extra length. These gauges did come really well oiled, and wiping the oil off each blade is a little bit of a pain. Once that is done however, the gauges work great.

  17. KH

    … but I didn’t fully read the Description ( my bad ). The extra large gage worked perfectly and …
    Item was larger than I expected it to be but I didn’t fully read the Description ( my bad ) . The extra large gage worked perfectly and arrived very fast . I have No worries about ordering in the future tho I’ll make sure to better read the item description.

  18. Conrod

    Worked Perfectly for Valve Adjustment
    Used for 2005 Honda Pilot Valve lashWorked Great!

  19. Chris Gentile

    Besides a missing nut and bolt, they work
    I gave these feeler gauges 3 stars because although they’re good quality they arrived to me with no nut and bolt holding them all together and they had an excessive amount of oil on them. I understand the oil is so the gauges don’t oxidize before they get to you but I think they went a little overboard. I happen to have the perfect nut and bolt lying around so that wasn’t a huge issue for me, the hardest thing was getting all the gauges back in the correct order. They serve as intended, just a little bizzare they completely left out the only thing holding them together.

  20. NDruid

    Not Bad, But not as Accurate as Hoped
    Very oily when they arrived. Set them on my bench and I have a nice oil spot in the wood. Had to undo the screw, take each feeler out and wipe it down with paper towel. Good fo shipping and protection, not so good for woodworking.I have some doubts as to the accuracy of the feelers. I used my digital calipers to test them and some were spot on and others a bit off. I tried several combinations of blades to get a decent thickness and sometimes got a the calipers to read what the feelers added up to and others, not so much. Specifically, the smaller feelers (under 0.01″) seem to be a bit off.

  21. James Warner

    Useful length
    These meet my needs for setting up my woodworking equipment. I use them in conjunction with the OneWay Multi-Gauge for accurately setting jointer blade height.

  22. Knotts36

    I ordered this for my husband who needed them at work. He had been to every store that was around where he was staying and couldnt find a set. I found these for him and they arrived fairly quickly. They wasn’t very expensive and was exactly what he needed. I will recommend these to anyone that is working as a millwright and needs them or anyone that needs to measure with these… they were packaged well for shipping but when I pulled them out of the box they wasn’t packaged well. Other than that I have no complaints about these. I would highly recommend these to anyone that wants to get a good set or like my husband wasn’t able to find them in a store…

  23. Herb Cobb

    Good choice
    Needed it in a hurry, glad I pulled the trigger.I always measure over, but very accurate when immaculately clean.

  24. UberSerge

    Did the Job on my Element
    I bought this to do a Valve adjustment on my 2005 Honda Element. I’ve never done one before so i didn’t know what to look for in terms if quality and I used .08 and.12 for the valves. First time I didn’t know how to adjust the valves but second time around i got the spec just right i feel and felt like the gauges did a really good job of helping me get it there.

  25. jon

    Worth the money
    I was surprised at how accurate this feeler gauge was. I measured with two sets of mid quality calipers and sizes we’re right on. Most places sell a set of feeler gauges of this length and quality anywhere from 40 to 100 dollars, so to be able to pick this setup for $17 I am ecstatic and happy with my purchase.

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