B-Quiet Ultimate Viscoelastic Sound Deadener (50 Sq. Ft.)


Vehicle noise is one of the biggest complaints of any driver, whether it is noisy tires, tiny stereo sound, or the sound of the engine drone on the highway, people often don’t know that there is a way to fix this easily. B-Quiet Ultimate is the Ultimate dampener that works by absorbing structural and mechanical vibrations from gears, engines, suspensions and the road, converting them into low-level heat.

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Slightly thicker than the B-Quiet Extreme, it offers better absorption for high vibration applications. Used throughout the vehicle it is a great first layer of sound deadening that will do a good job at making the cabin quieter. B-Quiet Ultimate is a 1.6mm (60mil) thick composite mat which consists of pure butyl rubber with a bonded aluminum outer skin on the top side and an incredibly sticky backing on the other side. When the paper backing is removed the supercharged adhesive surface forms an incredible bond to ensure optimum deadening performance. Able to stretch and contour to any space or angle, this deadener is the best choice on the market for making your ride quieter. It can be applied to the floors, doors, roofs and trunks, and underhood. B-Quiet Ultimate is 1.6mm (60mil) thick, weighs 0.35 lb/sq. ft. comes in 1 foot wide rolls and is available in 50 sq. ft. rolls Highly effective at a very reasonable price makes B-Quiet Ultimate the choice.


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