FatMat Rattle Trap Sound Deadener with Install Kit


FatMat Sound Deadener is made to absorb vibrations and noise that travel through it giving you a dramatic reduction in irritating noises. Rattle Trap stops nasty rattles, eliminates vibrations, and reduces road noise, engine noise and exhaust noise in your ride.

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Rattle Trap Super Stick is unlike any other mats available and has a patented super seal formula that sticks to virtually anything! Not only will it stick, it will stay there once installed for the life of your car or RV. Comes with one 18 inch wide x 33.5 feet long Roll of Self-Adhesive RattleTrap (50 Sq Ft Total) with Install Kit Consisting of Easy Instructions, Knife, Roller, and FatMat Sound Control Decal.

Once the mat is separated from the paper release liner you will immediately notice the super seal, this seal is actually a very aggressive coating that no other Sound Deadening company has but FatMat!  Another benefit to Rattle Trap Super Stick is that it remains super flexible under any conditions regardless if it’s 25 or 100 degrees when you’re doing your install, it has no affect on the all new Rattle Trap Super Stick.


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