Dynamat Xtreme Self-Adhesive Sound Deadener Bulk Pack


Having a hard time hearing your car or RV’s sound system over the road noise? Dynamat Xtreme Sound Deadener keeps the noise out, so you’ll hear more music using less power — effectively increasing your amplifier’s output!

Available with roller, Dynapad and Dynatape

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This sheet metal vibration damping material (a butyl composite with a layer of aluminum) conforms and fuses to automotive body surfaces such as floor pans and doors. The Dynamat Xtreme bulk kit includes 9 sheets of Dynamat Xtreme, for a total of about 36 square feet (a car door requires about 5 square feet). Designed especially for high-temperature areas and high sound pressure level situations, Dynamat Xtreme offers four times the damping power of Original Dynamat, thanks to its energy-reflective aluminum layer.


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