Sourdough Starter Kit, 2-Pack (35 oz per Reusable Glass Jar)

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The Tyniaide sourdough starter jar kit contains all components needed to make a successful sourdough starter, which will then be used to transform into a fresh and delicious sourdough loaf.

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The Tyniaide Sourdough Starter Jar Kit contains all components needed to make a successful sourdough starter, which will then be used to transform into a fresh and delicious sourdough loaf. Pancakes, pizza, naan bread, and other baked goods can also be made from a sourdough starter. Are you looking for the best jar for your sourdough starter? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. The Tyniaide Sourdough Starter Kit is another great option for those looking for a beginner’s kit.

Tyniaide’s set of 2 sturdy food-grade glass jars is ideal for keeping your dough at a consistent temperature for an even rise. The BPA-free glass, clear construction, and black markings on the side let you quickly assess its progress and health. This bread starter crock is the perfect place to keep your sourdough starter fresh. Our temperature sticker is made of a new type of material that detects the jar’s place temperature and displays different colors at different temperatures in a few seconds. You can know the temps and adjust the temps appropriately when you make sourdough starter, keeping your activities in a target temperature range.

The breathable cloth cover is washable and reusable. The cloth is 100% unbleached and chemical-free organic cotton. This one-of-a-kind Sourdough Fermentation Kit includes a sourdough starter jar, dough scraper, thermometer, marked date feeding band, sewn cloth cover and a sealing lid. The 35 oz Starter Jars are BPA-free and freezer safe. The two-pack sourdough jars are large and thus ideal for large batches. With this practical set it will be very easy for you to prepare and make your own sourdough directly at home. Big mouth jar helps you use it easily while removing the starter or putting it into it. The round design yeast jars are easier to clean. They are also very versatile. They can be used to store many different foods safely for a long period of time.

Tyniaide Sourdough Starter Kit, 2-Pack

The Tyniaide Sourdough Starter Kit includes: Two 35 oz fermentation jars, two sealing lids, two cloth covers, two spatulas, two thermometers, and two feeding date tracker bands. We will give you access to a no-fail sourdough bread starter recipe. Perfect for beginners. Each component has been carefully selected to shatter the myth that superb sourdough is beyond your reach.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Tyniaide Sourdough Starter Kit

What Are The Best Containers For Sourdough Starter?

The best sourdough starter jar should be: Medium-sized; Clear or transparent; Wide Mouthed; Straight Sided (no shoulders); Lid can be left loose.

Why Are Wide Mouth Jars Are Best?

Wide-mouth jars are best for growing, feeding and maintaining sourdough starters. Over the lifetime of your starter, you will need to remove a lot of starter from the jar as well as add a lot of flour and water. If you have a narrow-mouthed jar, the small opening will make feeding and caring for your starter messier. A wide-mouth jar will ensure that you can easily add flour and water with much less spillage. It also makes it much easier to stir your starter (stirring is so important!!).

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Weight 2.38 lbs
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9.21 x 7.05 x 5.2 inches

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2.38 pounds



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December 27, 2022



10 reviews for Sourdough Starter Kit, 2-Pack (35 oz per Reusable Glass Jar)

  1. Susan K. Strong

    Squatty design perfect for the fridge!I bought 2 of these so I would have a clean spare with one in use. They are shorter but wider than my other brand which makes them a perfect fit in my fridge. The thermometer and date marker bands are extremely handy. Highly recommend!

  2. Oh scrappy day

    Great but not large enoughAll the pieces are well-thought-out except that the jar needs to hold about 4 more ounces, at least for the potato flake sourdough starter. I started with 8 ounces starter, added the feed, and left to set for the day. As the starter bubbled, it overran the jar. The jar and the elastic band are sturdy, well-marked and easy to clean. The breathable cover and spatula are great! If the jar were only bigger. . .

  3. Ritchie & Glenda Sowards

    Wonderful product!I was very impressed with this product! It has everything you will ever need to make sourdough! LOVE IT!

  4. Ash

    Where is there starter yeast?Was expecting the actual yeast as well. 25 dollar mason jar with spatula is nit my expectation. 4 items from dollar tree is not a yeast starter kit. Now I have to buy another item.

  5. Lisa

    Best Jar for Sourdough Starter!This is the best jar for your starter and I’ve tried a few. It’s sufficiently wide and tall, but not over the top for the home bread baker. The thickness of the glass is good to insulate the yeast snd makes the container sturdy. (In other brands the glass was too thin and subject to more temperature change.) Nice silicone spatula. The graduated markings on the jar are key. The band they provide to keep track of the rise from feeding is nice and easier than a magnet, plus it lets you very generally estimate the time of feeding. I like the cloth cover as well. Turns out my starter needed a bit more oxygen so happy with the cover. Definitely 5 stars. I don’t write reviews often, but this product was worth it!

  6. DJ Lebowski

    Makes it easy!Love these starter jars! They make feeding and monitoring my starter easy.

  7. Kim

    Overall QualityLooks like a good product although haven’t tried it yet. Was a little disappointed as the advertisement states metal as a component but the kit I received has a plastic lid. Really wanted an aluminum lid

  8. Kaulean Morningstar

    Order missing parts.The jar thankfully came unbroken. As lately I seem to be receiving a lot of broken glass things. But the silicone spatula was not in my package. 🙃

  9. Pamela A. Armitage

    Gives good visual read on your starterI’ve just begun working with making my own starter and this was the first jar I purchased. I liked the idea of the cloth cap and the long, thin spatula. The moveable band lets you easily put a marker on the jar to let you know where your starter was before you feed it, making it easy to tell when it’s ready to use. That said, there are some things I didn’t like about this jar For one, it’s tall and slim. As my starter grew and settled back down, I found that I ended up with dried starter on the inside of the jar. No matter how I tried, I couldn’t seem to prevent that from happening. Maybe it’s simply a function of how starters work and I’m just new to the process. I ended up getting a shorter jar. Again, I am by no means a sourdough starter expert, I’m just getting my feet wet in this craft, so please take my information with a grain of salt. I do love my Mason jars, so this certainly will be put to good use in my home!

  10. L

    Five stars! Temperature stop plus feeding tracker!Wow! This is a leap above my old method of using a canning jar with bail-type lid; and the printed elastic feeding tracker will allow me to remember what day I’m on. This is so much better, my starter is to arrive in a couple days and I’m ready to go! The silicone spatulas have a straight and a curved edge, good for getting into the perfectly cylindrical glass jars. I plan to hand wash the printed elastic bands so they last as long as possible; I am wondering if there are replacements available? The temperature strips are a luxury for me; I never tracked mine before and my grandmother would’ve loved this feature! Great product forethought and quality accessories. Very happy.Update: My starter arrived; the batches are fed and just starting to get tiny bubbles and I’m so excited! Great job to whomever put this kit together.

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