BougeRV 53 QT Portable Fridge/Freezer (12V/24V)

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Use the BougeRV 53 QT Portable Fridge/Freezer at home as a secondary chilling unit — its AC/DC powered. When you’re camping or enjoying some tailgating, this portable 12-volt refrigerator comes in handy as it can also plug into a standard 12v cigarette outlet.

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BougeRV 53QT Car Refrigerator

Warranty & Certification

  • With CE and FCC certification, the 53QT Refrigerator is covered a 2-year warranty for the compressor and other accessories.

Package Includes

  • Removable basket, DC power cord, AC power cord, and user manual

53 Qt Large Capacity

  • This 12v Portable Refrigerator can serve you and your family enough food for one-week trips. With a temp range of -4 ℉~50℉, it can be used as a freezer or refrigerator.

Fast Cooling Down to -4℉

  • This 12v car freezer can achieve 15 min fast cooling from 77℉ to 32℉ and 60 min from 77℉ to -4℉, keeping your food fresh. No ice needed, no food spoiled. It’s money and space-saving.

45W Low Power Consumption

  • With ECO energy-saving mode, this 53 Quart fridge’s operating power is less than 45W. Even running on MAX mode, it consumes far less than 1kwh/day for its intelligent cycle work. You can run this fridge with 12/24 V DC power on various vehicles, such as a SUV, Truck, RV, Camper, Jeep, Van, Boat, etc.

45dB Low Noise & Battery Protection

  • The truck freezer is designed low noise to make sure you have a good sleep after long driving. The RV fridge/freezer is equipped with a 3-level battery monitor to prevent itself from draining your vehicle’s battery.

Why choose the BougeRV 53 QT refrigerator ?

  • With the BougeRV 53 Quart refrigerator, you can hold up enough food to enjoy traveling, off-roading, camping, tailgating, even boating!
  • The BougeRV 12 Volt is a portable freezer so you will not worry about your food spoiling while camping or on the road.
  • The BougeRV 53 Quart refrigerator is  low temp portable freezer, you don’t need to buy ice anymore, saving money and space.
  • With the BougeRV DC/AC portable refrigerator, you can power it up with 12V CAR, SUV, VAN. PICK UP, or 24V SEMI-TRUCK, or 110~240v at home.
  • The BougeRV 45W is a low power consumption  fridge, you just use a little power to get a cool summer.
  • The BougeRV 45dB is a low noise fridge freezer, you can still have a good dream during the night.
  • The BougeRV offers 3-level car battery protection portable fridge, you do not need to worry about draining out your battery.

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Use following power sources:

  • Home use: 110V-240V AC power
  • Car/Big Truck use: 12/24V DC power
  • Small solar system+controler+battery
  • Other: power station, generator, backup battery, etc.

Product specifications

  • Capacity: 53 Qt=50 L=1.77 cu. ft.
  • Freezing zone: 40 L
  • Refrigeration zone: 10 L
  • Dimension: 22.44*13.39*19.69 inches
  • Refrigeration range: -4℉~50℉(-18℃~10℃)
  • Weight: 38.25 pounds
  • Voltage:12/24 V DC or 110~240 V AC
  • Wattage: MAX mode 60W; ECO mode 45W
  • Noise: ≤45 dB

Essential Features


car freezer


3 Level Voltage Battery Protection

The RV fridge/freezer is equipped with a 3-level battery monitor to prevent the fridge from draining your vehicle’s battery.

Excellent insulation for keeping ice-cold

With 35mm thick insulation, this car freezer will keep your food and stuff cool for a long time after turning it off.

Great cooling fan for heat dissipation

The compressor will produce a certain amount of heat when it works. This efficient cooling fan can take away the heat well without affecting the refrigeration of the refrigerator.

Outstanding Features

portable fridge



Anti-shaking for extreme off-road conditions

With good compressor technology, this portable freezer can still work great even when you spend a lot of time off-roading on bumpy roads with steep inclines and declines.

Energy saving with ECO mode

Once it reached the set temperature, you can switch MAX MODE (60 W, fast cooling) to ECO MODE(45W, energy saving), which is less power consumption and quieter.

Freezing or refrigeration depends on you

With two compartments, a 40Lfreezing zone, and a 10L refrigeration zone, you can keep fresh dairy or a bag of salad in the small compartment and freeze food in the large compartment.

Excellent Details

portable refrigerator



Interior LED light for convenience at night

The LED light is a nice bonus for rummaging around in the box at night, you will not worry about taking the wrong item anymore.

Durable Latch

Strong, reliable, and fully-tested.

Upgraded Elastic Handle

There are two elastic handles on both sides which are handy for convenient transport. Besides, it is designed as space-saving and repairable.

Additional information

Weight 43.3 lbs
Dimensions 22.44 × 13.39 × 19.69 in




Item Weight

43.3 pounds

Product Dimensions

22.44 x 13.39 x 19.69 inches

Item model number




Manufacturer Part Number


OEM Part Number



12 Volts





Date First Available

March 24 2020



10 reviews for BougeRV 53 QT Portable Fridge/Freezer (12V/24V)

  1. Todd Fowler

    Excellent valueI purchased this fridge this summer to enhance my road tripping experience and, after 6000 km and countless hours of use, I am more than happy with this product. It is so refreshing to be off grid in the middle of nowhere and have ice cold beverages – and to be able to keep food from perishing. I have two 100 Watt solar panels and they were adequate to keep the fridge running under most conditions. (Hot days where the sun was obscured by forest fire smoke can be an issue.) I highly recommend this fridge for its value and the convenience. My days of stopping for ice and subsequently having food floating in a picnic cooler of meltwater are now behind me!

  2. Adam

    52DB loud.. not 45A lot louder then the description states I am getting 52DB when the compressor is running. Looking into warranty now maybe I got a bad one.

  3. Jason W.

    AwesomeFantastic! Cooled very quickly and lots of room inside I was impressed by how sturdy the handles are, besides the rest of course. This will make life off grid so much easier. We had it plugged into our new jackery 500 and after 24 hrs at 4′ it had only drained the battery 25% . Great value for price.

  4. outdoor guy

    Solid 12v cooler at an affordable price!This was great! I saw Hobos review for a similar one on YouTube. He gave it a thumbs up. This is what caused me to buy this particular one. I am a cooler aficionado- I have yeti, pelican, Coleman, quite a few others, but this was my first 12v!I just finished with my first road trip with it. 5 days and around 800 miles. It worked great! The compressor is a bit louder than expected but not bad at all. Not a shrill irritating noise, just a slight background hum. I wasn’t able to track power consumption unfortunately but it seemed very efficient. I had it plugged in to the van with a 200WH Sogen as back up for when we stopped.My biggest surprise when how much more the cooler held since I didn’t need ice! I love how it kept the drinks so cold! I’m not a fan of the little tray area up by the hinge. Be aware that this area was 10-15 degrees warmer at all times. I measured it with thermometer probe the whole time to make sure my food didn’t spoil.Overall highly recommended!

  5. Matt

    Good for the costCaught this on a lightning sale for 280$. First one that was sent was broken. The plastic “plate” the compressor was bolted to was broken in half. Returned it for a new one. Second one is just fine.Pros:Shorter than most fridges similar to this one. 22″ long. Others i looked at were 27″ long. This is 22″ without the handles installed.When power is off this thing remembers the last settings. Which is great so you won’t have to set the temperature every time you turn it on.Cools quicklySmaller rear compartment acts as a fridge where the bigger compartment gets about 5° colder. So freezing is possible without freezing everything.Cons:When the broken one arrived I removed the cover to access the compressor area to confirm it was broken. While doing so I noticed this thing is constructed of plastic. Didnt see any metal besides the compressor and tubing. Which is going to make it difficult to bolt to the floor in my van.Has a permanent “no step” symbol on the lid. Not a big deal except its uglyWill update more in the future as this sees more use. So far so good. Going to be a good addition to my big ass van.UPDATE: started looking into the mounting situation. Found that there is 4 threaded holes in the bottom of this fridge for mounting.

  6. Kevin D Travis

    Bouge RV FreezerI have had this running now for 3 weeks. Temp only varies about 3 degrees. Set at zero, highest was 3 degrees. Had heard it was loud and annoying. Have not had it in any small places. In small bedroom on Eco mode and fan on medium. Can hardly here it running. Also had heard the lid fits loose. Mine doesn’t have that problem. I also ordered the cover for it. Arriving today. so not sure if that will change anything. My opinion is that great value for the money

  7. Martin Lee

    handle missing – BougeRV contacted me and sent replacement and credit of $10After testing the BougeRV 170watt panel, Bluetti 2400wh & BougeRV fridge/freezer, they are working well on my SUV and I would recommend to others for off grid solar setup.Customer support was helpful and diligent. They corrected the problem with the handle quickly.After using the BougeRV setup over the summer for a few camping trips, I would highly recommend it because it’s good buy for the money. It allows me to camp for longer and more comfortably. And it can easily be scaled up to a supply an off grid cabin. The fridge / cooler does a beautiful job of cooling and/or freezing even in a hot car in 100 deg. F weather. I am interested in trying the insulated cover that is offered, but I see they sell out fast.

  8. Patricia M.

    Happy with purchaseWe purchased the 53 Qt Car refrigerator/Freezer in June. We have a mobile food service business that requires holding food items at various temperatures from 12F – 40F. This cooler is well built and sturdy. The handles are secure (almost a little too secure as they are stiff to rotate) and the hinge is nicely fitted. The display panel is bright and easy to read and adjust. The storage compartment is divided into two sections. One smaller section allows for the storage of items separate from the cooling compartment. The unit is deep and holds a good volume of food. Though a little on the heavier side, it is to be expected given the nature of the cooling unit. It comes with two charging cords, one is for A/C and one is for your car battery. The cooler chills quickly and maintains a reasonable temperature even when unplugged. I would recommend this unit if looking for variable temperature, portable food storage cooler.

  9. Shawn K.

    PERFECT .. WE MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE!Awesome fridge! I run it 24 x 7 in our camper van. It fits nicely between front seats. Large enough to hold most things. Even a gallon of milk. Just remove center wall of basket. It turns itself on only when it needs to. I’m running it on a Jackery 1000 with no problems. Intact my jackery charge is at 100% tonight maintain by a solar panel. Really happy with it.

  10. George S.

    Bougerv hit the mark with this dc refrigerator!I was concerned about its quality as I ordered it but I couldn’t beat the price. When it arrived I let it set for 24 hours just in case that it was on its side in transit.When I plugged it in to 120vac it got to 32 degrees very quickly. I then set it to 0 degrees. Again it reached it very quickly.I unplugged it and started over this time with room temperature water. It reached both temperatures with some delay. The water bottles froze solid within 8 hours. For best performance I recommend loading it with food items that are already at temperature.I ran the same cycle with a Rockpals 300w solar power generator with a 100w panel attached. It performed well.This is a keeper!

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