Progressive Dynamics PD9160AV Inteli-Power 9000 Series 12 VOLT RV Converter/Charger

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The Inteli-Power 9100 Series is the 12 volt converter/charger of choice by leading manufacturers. These solid-state converter/chargers deliver filtered DC power to all 12 volt lighting and appliance circuits providing safe and reliable service.

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The Inteli-Power 9100 Series converter/charger reverse battery protection circuit  protects converters from damage resulting from improper (reverse) battery lead connection while electronic current limiting automatically reduces output voltage when maximum capacity is reached, protecting your investment.

High voltage protection protects the converter from spikes or surge of voltage over 135V. Low line voltage protection automatically shuts converter down if input voltage is insufficient and protects appliances from damaging low voltage irregularities.

Variable speed intelligent cooling fan automatically monitors converter temperature and activates fan at speed required. Very slow quiet speeds are used when demand is low such as during sleeping hours.

Automatic thermal protection reduces converter output to safe levels when unit temperature exceeds pre-set limits and protects converter from damage due to excessive heat.


Brand Progressive International
Item Dimensions LxWxH 14.1 x 11 x 5.3 inches
Item Weight 5.4 Pounds
Input Voltage 12 Volts
Output Power 1000 Watts
  • Reverse battery protection prevents damage from improper battery lead connection
  • Filtered DC power delivery provides safe and reliable service
  • Electronic current limiting automatically reduces output voltage when maximum capacity is reached
  • Low line voltage protection protects appliance from damaging low voltage irregularities
  • Two-year limited warranty

Additional information

Weight 5.4 lbs
Dimensions 14.1 × 11 × 5.3 in

Progressive International



Item Weight

5.4 pounds

Product Dimensions

14.1 x 11 x 5.3 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number


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12 Volts



Date First Available

February 15 2007


Progressive Dynamics

8 reviews for Progressive Dynamics PD9160AV Inteli-Power 9000 Series 12 VOLT RV Converter/Charger

  1. ATA77

    Great priceReplaced the exact original in our 2006 rv. Way cheaper than a rv parts store. Inky thing is this one came with a plug for 110 outlet and the original was wired straight into the breaker box. We had to cut the plug off and wire it direct, great thing is the wires on both the old and new was the exact same colors.

  2. Janis

    Great solution to coach battery issues!This unit totally solved 12v conversion and coach battery charging issues that had been plaguing us for months.’Had an old 9000 55 amp model that went kaput. It’s a 1996 Fleetwood, so that’s understandable.We bought this much more sophisticated converter, plus the wizard device for less $$ than buying the 9200 version with the wizard built-in.It works amazingly well and the installation was super easy.

  3. Redtye

    Awesome bad luck with better results.I burned up the converter I had n my camper days before leaving to go camping. Lost the TV and Microwave as well. Ordered it the day before we left and it arrived at 10am the next morning. Best thing that I had to do was replace this converter. Slide outs work like they have never done before. I am so glad I went through this exercise.

  4. BL

    Great productThis one replaces the 9145 that lasted 15yrs! I have no complaints. I run it with the optional Charge Wizard, and it keeps the pair of 6v golf cart batteries I have strung together fully charged & recharges quickly. The charge wizard maintains the proper charge so that I don’t have to constantly add water. In fact, before I added it, I would take my batteries out for the winter and put them on a trickle charge, now I just leave them in all winter in the Northeast. This is great because several times we’ve lost power in the winter and the camper becomes our shelter with heat and lights!

  5. V. Hunter

    Get the 9200 series if you want the Total Charge Management System built inThere is one simple reason why I am not giving this 5 stars and that is because I do not think the manufacturer makes it clear that this unit does not have a Total Charge Management System (TCMS) built in…it is simply compatible with one. So the first thing you will notice as you take it out of the box is that it is strongly recommended that you purchase their Charge Wizard to manage battery charging for the converter. I realize now that if I had gone with the Progressive Dynamics 9200 series instead of the 9100 series, the TCMS would have been built in (for about the same price on RV) and it would have saved me $25 and an additional unit.

  6. Big Mike SantaCruz

    Good quality DC and operationI really enjoy this converter/charger that I’m using as part of an uninterrupted power supply and line conditioner for my home theater equipment (except the amplifiers). A couple of weeks ago I had purchased a less expensive unit from a competitor and connected it to an AGM battery and 120V pure sine inverter. When the prior unit was energized the voltage jumped above 15 V causing the inverter to go into protection mode and dropping the load. And that prior unit’s fan ran 75% of the time even with only 200 watts or less of a load and we could hear it everywhere.So I ditched that unit and bought this one. This unit is quiet, has hefty heat sinks on the outside, and when the fan comes on it isn’t full blast. It also doesn’t spike the DC output when energized and ramps quickly to an appropriate 13.2 V output. Very nice unit!

  7. Mark DeWayne

    Make sure when you buy a converter it is compatible. The 9100 series fit everything you just need to match up your amperage.My converter was acting up and I have been shopping and reading everything that I could find to make sure I found the best product. I found it! and it is a great product and does exactly what it says it does. I actually ordered a charging wizard LED screen so I know what’s going on at all times in my motorhome. It’s very quiet and seems to be working absolutely perfect. Also if you go to a dealer like camping world this will cost you your kids college fund. I am a real customer of RV and I shop with them because of their Superior customer service.

  8. N. Vigil

    Very Disappointed – Tottaly cooked my batteriesNot sure if the product or RV’s service is worse. I purchased this unit for my RV. I purchased a new set of batteries to go with it @ 100.00 ea. The first hint of a problem was the rotten egg smell that you get when the sulfuric acid in your batteries “cook”. To make a long story short this 12V charger was putting out upwards of 20v and around 14 on the low end. The 14 should be more of the high end. I spent way to much time checking all the existing wiring on my trailer before I removed the unit and reconnected the original. Than I plugged in this unit in my garage and connected a battery. Just doing my due diligence to make sure there wasn’t a problem with my RV wiring. Less than 24hrs later that battery was cooking. Two attempts to return/exchange with RV and both times I was disconnected, more likely hung up on. In addition to being out the 180.00 bucks for this unit I need to replace the batteries that it cooked.

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