Progressive Dynamics PD52V 5200 Series Automatic Transfer Switch – 240 VAC, 50 Amp

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The Progressive Dynamics 5200 Series Automatic Transfer Switch features rugged, heavy duty, screw-type wiring terminals ready to wire to the contactor base and ensuring easy wiring and preventing wiring errors.

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The Progressive Dynamics 5200 Series Automatic Transfer Switch also features a time delay circuit board ensures the generator voltage is at a stabile level before the transfer occurs. AC-detect option for auto generator start compatibility.


Current Rating 50 Amps
Brand Progressive International
Contact Current Rating 50 Amps
Specification Met Certified frustration-free
  • Rugged, heavy duty, screw type wiring terminals ready to wire to contactor base
  • Time delay circuit board ensures generator voltage is at a stable level before transfer occurs. Automatically senses generator power and prevents two power sources from entering the AC Distribution Panel at the same time
  • Easy-to-remove protective cover with wiring schematic inside
  • Quick change circuit board is easily replaced in the event of failure. No need to disconnect and reinstall the entire unit.
  • Built-in strain reliefs allow the installer to simply push the branch circuit wires inside the unit for connection.
  • Eliminates the need to purchase and install separate strain reliefs for each circuit.
  • 2 year limited warranty.
  • U.S. Patents: RE40,354; 6,430,036.

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Additional information

Weight 5.51 lbs
Dimensions 14.17 × 10.94 × 5.51 in

Progressive International



Item Weight

5.51 pounds

Product Dimensions

14.17 x 10.94 x 5.51 inches

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Date First Available

August 15 2010


Progressive Dynamics

8 reviews for Progressive Dynamics PD52V 5200 Series Automatic Transfer Switch – 240 VAC, 50 Amp

  1. Deven Norris

    Quality control before shipping would be a good ideaI’m updating my review. Hopefully this helps people who have the same issue I had (other than the broken parts). You have to have the two hots and NEUTRAL for the shore relay to work. I took just the two hots (240 V) because I didn’t need the neutral. That caused the relay not to trip when power is applied. I pulled my hair out trying to figure out why it wasn’t working as there is no documentation that says 120 V is needed. My generator had the neutral so that relay always worked. Moving it up from one star to three stars for the lack of documentation, but at least it works now.

  2. MT_Deb

    No support after the saleThe product is fine, does what it’s intended to do. Support after the sale .. non-existent via phone or email

  3. Dave Dickson

    Highly recommendReplaced a burned up plastic Iota ITS-5 with this PD52V and appears to be an excellent product. (All steel case instead of plastic. Good quality. I already have Progressive Dynamics converter and surge suppressor, and no problem with any of their products.

  4. Ron

    Progressive Dynamics has a good name in the industry and I would recommend this …I installed that’s transfer switch as a replacement in an older motorhome. It is a 50 amp service and had large wires going through two of the holes in the Box and one of those holes had to be enlarged. The transfer switch operated perfectly in the install was fairly straightforward. Progressive Dynamics has a good name in the industry and I would recommend this transfer switch to anybody that needs a replacement.

  5. randomwit

    Exactly What It Should BeEasy install. Though I do have electrical experience, if you can follow simple instructions/diagram you should be fine. It’s been connected and working as intended for about 6 weeks. I’ll update as time goes on, but so far so good.The metal box is definitely durable, unlike many of the others with a plastic casing.

  6. B. Slaughter

    Works great. Use as a 50A 110 switch OR a 50A 220 switchUsed as a secondary power switch in my Foretravel RV to switch between Main power and Inverter power. Be sure to read WHICH terminals to use if you use it for 110 volts like I did. You need to connect L2 (common) and L3 (Hot). NOT L1 and L2. Using it as a 220 transfer switch, that doesn’t matter. Instructions WERE there, so read carefully.

  7. Mike

    Perfect Replacement – slighly different sizeThis has a slightly different foot print then my original 50amp ATS, so I was afraid it wouldn’t fit. It is a bit taller and narrower then your typical ATS, but about the same total size. I ended up discarding the exterior screw tabs, and using the screw holes on the inside for a little extra clearance in my tight electrical compartment. Note – this does NOT come with wire clamps, so make sure you can re-use your old ones, or make a run to the hardware store to get new ones. I ended up using 3×1″ – they were a different size then my originals.I also installed a (per the instructions) jumper on the board to remove the 30 second switch over, as I use this for an inverter, which worked perfectly. The jumper was not included, however the one on my spare furnace board worked perfectly.Other then that, no major issues, and NO HUMMING. The picture is rather poor, but hopefully shows the size difference between the original (left) and this one (right).

  8. Amazon Customer

    A decent replacement for my RVI purchased this switch to replace the one in my RV that had stopped working. The installation was simple enough, though the pre-knocked out holes were too large so I had to use reducers. One difference I noticed is that on my old one, the default was shore power, where on this one the default is the generator. I don’t think it really makes a difference, but thought I would mention it.Also, if the switch is connected to shore power and then the generator is started, (once the time delay is over) when power transfers from shore power to generator, there must be a brief moment where both the shore power and generator power are live, and it will blow the breakers on the generator and the shore power every time. In real life, I’ve never had a situation where I started the generator while connected to shore power, but in testing I had this happen, and then tried it again just to make sure. I did try the inverse, having the generator running and then plug into shore power. Since the generator is the default, it will continue using generator power. When the generator is turned off, it switches over to shore power without an issue.Another thing to note. Technically, you should have the A/C units or any other high power items turned off when starting the generator. But in reality sometimes they were left running when power was disconnected. I have found that if both my A/C units were left on, and I start the generator, when the switch tries to engage the generator power, the relay fails to engage and it repeatedly tries to engage. If I turn off one (or both) A/C units, then the relay engages fine, and I can then turn the A/C units back on.

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