Blue Sea Systems m-LVD Low Voltage Disconnect


A dead battery is one of the most common reasons for a tow. Don’t get stranded. The m-LVD senses low battery voltage and automatically disconnects non-essential devices to save power for starting or to preserve battery life. It also allows you to override, temporarily delaying circuit disconnect for 10 minutes.

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Blue Sea Systems m-LVD Low Voltage Disconnect is for a single battery vehicle. It will save power for engine starting.

The m-Series ON-OFF Battery Switch provides a disconnect to cut off battery power when the motorhome is not in use or in the event of a fire. The m-LVD is ideal for any single battery vehicle that needs to avoid getting stranded with a dead battery.

Status light in both m-LVD and remote control switch provides visual warning of low voltage state prior to disconnect.

The case design allows surface, front panel, or rear panel mounting, the rear insulating cover protects rear contacts. With a 65 Amp continuous rating and a 12V DC voltage input.

Waterproof – rated IP67 for temporary immersion



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