Abrams Interior LED RV Dome Light Fixture – Round (3 Brightness Settings)


No matter if you are looking for an interior LED light for your RV, camper truck or bathroom ceiling, this round dome 12v fixture will do the trick. Featuring an ergonomic touch on/off feature with 3 brightness settings, this light fixture is a keeper.

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This indoor LED lights are extremely bright yet truly energy efficient. Brighten up your home without having to spend a small fortune on pricey ceiling fixtures and chandeliers! Just touch the fixture and lighten up your room. With just your touch! Simple as that!

These interior dome light fixtures are sleek, compact and easily portable. You can use them any place you want and aesthetically please your home! Ideal for RVs, motor homes, automobiles, marine boats, aircrafts, trailers, garage ceiling, gym, basements, laundry rooms and more. Install this LED light fixture effortlessly and enjoy it for many years to come.

Each Abrams package comes with all the necessary screws and nuts so as to facilitate installation to the fullest! Follow the user friendly manual and install this fixture like a pro electrician! Made of high quality materials and thanks to its excellent craftsmanship, this LED light fixture can withstand everyday wear and tear and repeated use.

The durable ABS plastic housing along with the bright LED lights make sure that this interior dome fixture will never let you down.


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