BioLite HeadLamp 200 Lumen No-Bounce Rechargeable Head Light

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A headlamp so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing it.

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This headlamp delivers excellent fit, versatile lighting modes, and USB rechargeability so you can leave the disposable batteries behind. It’s time to try a headlamp you’ll keep on your head and not around your neck.

  • Weighs only 50g
  • Max Output: 200 lumens
  • White + Dim , Red + Dim, White Strobe, Red Strobe
  • Front panel tilts downward with one hand
  • 40 hours on LOW, 3 hours on HIGH
  • Recharge via micro USB
biolite, headlamp

Meet HeadLamp 200

Your lumens are going ultralight

biolite, headlamp

3D SlimFit Difference

BioLite’s breakthrough 3D SlimFit technology integrates headlamp electronics directly into the performance fabric band for a true wearable. No bounce, no slip.

biolite, headlamp, rechargeable

No Wasted Batteries

USB-rechargeable design means no more alkalines to buy and throw away.

biolite, headlamp

Versatile Light Modes

In addition to a classic white spot, use strobes for biking or dimmable red for nighttime activity.

biolite, headlamp

Transform into a Lantern

Pair with the Light Diffusing Stuffsack (sold separately) and HeadLamp 200 works double-time as a hanging ambient light for your tent or common area.

3d Slimfit Construction


No Bounce

Housing integrates directly into the band for a flush front that sits flat and stays put.

No Bounce


Stay Cool & Dry

Moisture-wicking technical fabric is ready to handle any activity.

Stay Cool And Dry


Near-Weightless Feel

50 grams distributed across the band keeps the pressure off.

Near-Weightless Feel

3D SlimFit Difference

BioLite’s breakthrough 3D SlimFit technology integrates headlamp electronics directly into the performance fabric band for a true wearable. No bounce, no slip.


    1. Is it really as comfortable as everyone is saying?
      Try it for yourself! With our HolyFit Guarantee, you can put HeadLamp 200 to the test for yourself for 30 days – if you don’t fall in love, we’ll take it back.
    2. What does 50g compare to in items in my everyday life?
      Less then a pack of Altoids, roughly 1.5 gum packets, about the weight of a golf ball.
    3. Is it adjustable? Does it fit kids?
      Yes, the headlamp is easily adjustable by pulling away or towards your ears with the clips on the back. And yes, it fits kids!
    4. What is the color temperature of the light?
    5. Does the headlamp tilt?
      Yes, the front panel can articulate up and down easily with one hand
    6. Can I control it with gloves on?
      Yes! The large power button located at the top of the panel is easy to engage with gloves (we’ve conducted multiple tests in house with various glove styles)
    7. How do I clean the HeadLamp?
      The headband of HeadLamp can be hand-washed with a mild detergent or dishsoap and water. We recommend dampening a sponge and wiping down the inside of the band.
    8. How long does it take to recharge HeadLamp 200?
      HeadLamp charges to full in approximately 2.5 hours.

Additional information

Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 4.8 × 3.1 × 1.6 in


Brand Name



, , ,


200 Lumen

Battery Cell Composition

Lithium Ion

Item Weight

0.6 Ounces

Number of Batteries

1 Lithium Ion batteries required. included

Package Weight

0.09 Kilograms

Part Number




Date First Available

June 12 2019

Power Source

Battery Powered



10 reviews for BioLite HeadLamp 200 Lumen No-Bounce Rechargeable Head Light

  1. Mr. Colin J. Macdonald

    Great little light really does the job!!So light and comfortable you forget you’ve got it on, light quality is good and clear and excellent for walking or running but maybe not strong enough for cycling. Good battery life and quick to charge.

  2. Peter Webber

    Low battery lifeThe battery life is not as stated. I do a lot of camping and the advertised 40 hours at lowest setting made me buy this model. However it’s not even close to true. At lowest setting I get 5 or six hours. Very disappointing.I had a cheap £10 head torch I replace with this. That one had much better battery life!Okay so it’s light and comfortable but battery life is by far the most important feature for me and this doesn’t have it.:(

  3. M. Bissett

    Good Light for RunningVery light. Good battery life. The issue of the strap needing to be readjusted each time is only a big deal if you try to put it on with one hand. Adjusting the angle of the light is also not the smoothest. I think it’s a good light for running but I wouldn’t take it on a multi day hike because of the adjustments.

  4. Christopher

    Mixed feelings on thisit’s overpriced for what it is – and you can’t take the light of of the headband to wash it – so once you’ve sweat all over it – you’re just stuck with it like that.If it were cheaper – or you could detach the light, I would raise the review – but I can buy a $19 headlamp that is rechargeable and weighs slightly more and pull the band off and wash it when it gets grundgy.

  5. .valis

    It would be nice if I didn’t have to glue parts together, on this fairly new itemIt would be nice if I didn’t have to glue parts together, on this fairly new item.Purchased one of the originals, with the battery pack on the back, and really enjoyed it. Very good light.Saw the smaller version and wanted to try. Works fairly well but I noticed that after wearing maybe once, the two layers on the front are separating at the top.Not happy about that. Not expecting it.Does not affect the functioning of the light but really would have expected better from a new product.Hm.

  6. Kyle P Yeary

    Great for running.I’ve worn this on a few night runs. I would guess I have it set to about 50% and I’ve run over uneven sidewalks and up/down stairs with no other lighting. It doesn’t bounce or move at all and it lit the ground well enough that I never missed a step.

  7. B. Michael

    Excellent headlampThis is exactly what I hoped it was going to be. Crazy lightweight, rechargeable, great light output, reasonable battery life, great features that work, and no more ruined headlamps from alkaline batteries bursting at inopportune times. I do wish the optional light diffusing stuff sack wasn’t so expensive, but I have zero complaints about the light itself. This thing has made me a loyal customer in a hurry.Updated a few months later: One of the things I have really come to appreciate about this headlamp is how it fits. It’s very easy to adjust to my head. It’s also worth noting that I have a very large head, and it fits me perfectly with room to spare – and i can also almost instantly get it to fit on my small children’s heads. The adjustability is as good as it gets. This thing is fantastic.

  8. NYLawGal

    You Need This and Fits Snugly without Giving Me a HeadacheIf you walk or run outside, this is a must-have for those times you are out on roads at dawn, dusk or other low visibility weather, especially in winter when it gets dark so early. I mostly use the red-blinking light to make cars see me, occasionally the white light when I need to see where I’m going. I used it once during a snow flurry and an hour later walking thru a trail in a nature preserve a lady who had passed me in her car earlier in the walk when I was on the road, she said that she could see the red flashing light through the snow before she could see me walking. I’ve had other headlamps before, but this has been the easiest to use – I like how the strap is attached to the light fixture, it’s all one continuous piece and the buckle adjustment in back is easy to use even while wearing gloves, it just slides on the elastic to widen so it’s easy to get it on over a winter beanie and then easily snugs and stays in place. As a result, it never feels tight around my head, which was a problem I’ve had with other headlamps that would give me a headache. It recharges easily and the blinking red light lasts for hours between charges.

  9. Adam S.

    Better than the 330!I have a couple of the larger 330 headlamps, and my only minor gripe was the size of the battery pack on the rear of your head, so I was eager to try out this new smaller model. Biolite hit another home run with this one. In fact I prefer the 200 to the 330. I’ve never been in a situation where the 200 lumens weren’t enough. I only wish I could disable the silly strobe function. I’m sure someone, somewhere, has used that once…but I sure never have needed it.

  10. Home

    ummm…. the buttons are confusing and strap won’t stay in placeso I kind of regret getting this. I would get the black diamonds instead. I guess if you are trail running or something and you are willing to sacrifice functionality over weight. So the thing is… you have to adjust the strap every time you put it on. Which is one of those things that kind of takes the joy out of using a good headlamp. Also the buttons man… damn dude. I like to use Red light all the time, easier on the eyes, etc. When I need to use the White light, oh boy it’s like someone set the alarm off. It starts flashing in whites and reds and it’s like, dude…I would go with the black diamond. They are really really really really well designed and easy to use in terms of button control. The news ones. So overall 3 stars. But it is really light though. Crazy light weight.

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