Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Buffing Pad Sampler Kit


Hex logic pads are engineered and developed for today’s pickiest detailing professionals. Engineered, developed and tested to the strictest and highest requirements of our OEM clients, these pads utilize the best foams from around the world and the latest of testing and research and development! Unlike traditional pads, the Hex logic pads use a system of precision, laser cut hexagons to not only distribute the right amount of product throughout the pad, but also provide 100% coverage on flat or rounded/angled surface.

Available in : 5.5″ & 6.5″

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Professional detailers and hardcore enthusiasts love Hex-Logic polishing pads for their ease of use and superior results. The Hex-Logic Buffing Pad Sampler Kit comes with the most popular Hex-Logic pads used for full polishing detail jobs. Choose between the fan-favorite cutting, polishing, and finishing pads for the best result on any paint finish, then clean the pads between passes with Chemical Guys Polishing Pad Cleaner. Modern Hex-Logic foam pads use premium high-density foams and cutting-edge pad designs for clean polishing results. Every paint finish is different, and one pad can rarely work on any given car. The Hex-Logic Buffing Pad Sampler Kit covers cutting, polishing, and finishing jobs for most enthusiast and professional detailers. Cut away swirls and scratches with the Orange Pad and abrasive compound, restore gloss and shine with the White Pad and finishing polish, then spread the perfect coat of wax or sealant with the Black Pad.


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