Trimax Trailer Lock Combo Pack (Keyed Alike)


This is an all in one complete towing security kit, a heavy duty trailer ball lock. It also comes with 2 other trailer locks and an extra piece to adjust for any differences in trailer sizes. Easy to install and remove. Keep your travel trailer secure.

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Trimax Corporation is the world’s leading lock manufacturer providing customers’ high quality products through innovative design. The Trimax Trailer Lock Combo Pack is crafted from the highest quality material.  This complete towing security kit is perfect for outdoor and even indoor use. For convenience and security all products are keyed alike with rugged barrel style keys that won’t bend or break. Trimax stands behind every product they sell with a lifetime warranty to assure customer satisfaction. Through value added engineering, Trimax prides itself on it’s industry leading patented designs that hold up to the highest quality standards.

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