Permatex Muffler and Tailpipe Bandage, 84 sq. in., (Single Unit)


The Permatex Muffler and Tailpipe Bandage is an epoxy-impregnated fiberglass bandage that chemically welds mufflers and tailpipes. It permanently repairs holes and leaks in exhaust systems, saving you costly part replacement, and also seals out poisonous fumes to temperatures of 800 degrees Fahrenheit (426 Celsius).

Also available in (pack of 12)

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Permanently repairs holes and leaks in exhaust systems. Permatex Muffler and Tailpipe Bandage saves costly part replacement. Perfect for mufflers and tailpipes on RVs, automobiles, trucks, tractors and farm equipment.

Directions for use:

NOTE: Wear gloves to protect your hands from hot exhaust system.

  1. Wire brush or sand to remove loose rust and dirt. Repair area must be clean. Run car 5-10 minutes before applying bandage.
  2. Peel backing from bandage. Wrap bandage around damaged area, overlapping the edges at least 1/2″; for extra protection, overlap edge 1″.
  3. Secure bandage temporarily on both ends with wire.
  4. Run car 30 minutes. Heat from the exhaust system welds the epoxy resin in the bandage to a solid coating. For a lasting repair, use Permatex® Muffler and Tailpipe Putty over damaged area before applying bandage.


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