Hefty Haul Trailer Anti-Rattle Hitch Tightener for 1.25″ and 2″ Hitch (1 Pack)

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Durable and Heavy-Duty: The rubber coated U-Bolt and .31″ thick black powder coated plate with anti-rattling stabilizer enables this to withstand all weather conditions and loads.

2-pack available here.

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Overview and Installation


  • Compatibility: Classes III, and IV Hitch Receivers (1.25″ and 2″), hitch stabilizer 2 inch.
  • Perfect Fit: Adjustable fit and high quality materials ensure a quiet and stable towing/hauling experience. Tow Hitch Accessories are a great alternative to enhance your driving experience. Perfect for hitch receivers, hitch racks, hitch anti rattle, anti-rattle hitch pin and more.
  • Convenient and Easy Installation: Simply slip the U-bolt over the receiver, slide the tightener plate into the bolt, and tighten into place with the included hardware. Trailer hitch accessories.
  • What’s Included: Rubber coated U-bolt, tightener plate, 2 lock washers, 2 flat washers, and two nuts.
Brand Hefty Haul
Vehicle Service Type Trailer
Material Alloy Steel
Finish Type Powder Coated

Product Description

No more hitch rattles, wobbles, or noises!
Anti-rattle system ensures a smooth tow for Class III and Class IV hitch receivers

compatible with 1.25 inch and 2 inch hitch receivers

rubber coated u bolt

easy to install

Compatible with 1.25″ and 2″ Hitches

The hitch tightener is compatible with both 1.25″ and 2″ hitches. It will keep your trailer hitch from shaking and rattling when you drive down the road.

Rubber-coated U Bolt

The Hitch Tightener is made of tough, durable rubber-coated U-Bolt and a .31″ thick black powder-coated plate with an anti-rattling stabilizer to withstand all weather conditions and loads.

Easy to Install

Our hitch tightener is a great solution for those looking to make their hitch as secure as possible. It is designed to be simple to install and use, making your process much easier and quicker.

hitch tighteners for use with bike racks, trailers, carriers, boats, rvs, campers, and more
anti-wobble hitch tightener for any vehicle, car, truck, or SUV with standard hitch
all parts included, rubber coated u-bolt and hitch tightener plate, washers and nuts

Additional information

Weight 3.09 lbs
Dimensions 5.1 × 4.4 × 3.5 in

Hefty Haul

Item Weight

3.09 pounds

Package Dimensions

5.1 x 4.4 x 3.5 inches

Item model number



Rubber Coated

Manufacturer Part Number




Date First Available

November 11 2019


Hefty Haul Dependable Direct

Number of Items

1, 2

8 reviews for Hefty Haul Trailer Anti-Rattle Hitch Tightener for 1.25″ and 2″ Hitch (1 Pack)

  1. Budge

    Does exactly what it’s supposed toThere’s not much to say, except that it works exactly as it’s supposed to. I just used it to secure a folding 60″ x 24″ basket with at least 300 pounds of luggage for a 2,000 mile road trip. This device got rid of the wiggle that baskets and bike carriers often have. I would buy it again.

  2. Justin

    It’s like the trialer isn’t back thereInstalled 2 on my setup because my trailer is super low and needs a drop hitch. I have to keep checking to see if I lost it because it’s not driving me insane with the rattle anymore!

  3. Korey M. Mihal

    Works like it shouldWorks. Stops the wobble on turns with my trailer. It is a more stable direct feeling. Feels like the trailer sways side to side less. It gets rid of the slop when you stop for traffic lights. It doesn’t have feeling now when your braking and the hitch ball feels like it is loose in the coupler and slams forward, It is completely gone.

  4. Randy M

    Great productReally like the padding on the threaded portion of the clamp, have had unpadded clamps before that took paint off of receiver area, promotes rust, but these have had no such effect. Really like the industrial nuts, most clamps do not use them, they will let you tighten that little extra. Only thing that I did change was to use a bigger & thicker flat washer. Great product, I have a rack for bikes, then a lower mounted cage for my generator. I have a rear view camera that can see both mounts & all three clamps, went from Colorado to North Carolina without having to retighen the nuts. Love these clamps!

  5. Richard J. Bordonaro

    Trailer Hitch Tightener WorksOnly needing a 9/16″ socket wrench, installing only took a couple of minutes. Make sure you face the plate the right way as shown in the photo. No More Rattle! That sound you thought was a loose hitch or the rattle over every bump is gone. I drove down a pot holed dirt road and it was quiet. Once installed, you only have to loosen the bolts enough to loosen and then pull your hitch pin. You don’t have to remove it completely to remove your hitch. Glad I bought it.

  6. Junior S.

    Great problem solver! A+ noise/vibration solution.Definitely happy that this product exists! We bought a cargo carrier for a camping trip and luckily we test it out fitment and noise before we actually left. Noticed a lot of rattling at low and medium speeds. Can’t imagine what that would sound like when going on the freeway. Soon as I installed the Plate, We noticed an immediate difference. I had the plates on the bottom of the tow hitch with the bolts pointing up. We put some load onto the carrier and drove around with just a little bit of squeak. Tried it again but mounting the plate on top with the bolts facing the floor, That seem to make everything nice and staff as well as very quiet with no vibration. Really cheap for the amount of work this thing does.

  7. Wiseguy

    Necessary to prevent hitch coupler movementWhen using a hitch mount such as bike rack, the rack or other device inserted in to the hitch receiver will have some play in it resulting in movement. If you have bikes attached to a bike rack, for one example, the whole rack and bikes will rattle back and forth, jarring the bikes as you drive. Towing a vehicle behind my motorhome also results in movement of the tow bar. I’m not sure if this would put the tow bar in danger, but I wonder if it might encourage stress cracks by enabling a side to side movement as you drive. To resolve this movement, these hitch tighteners allow you to tighten the coupling action resulting in a more solid and stable hitch connection. Regardless whether it actually prevents hitch damage or not, it quiets the hitch and is a very small investment to protect whatever it is that you are towing or carrying.

  8. wake1080

    Works great.I am using this with a MaxxHaul 4 bike rack I puchased. It works great for keeping the hitch to bike rack secure and free from wobbling. I may puchase another one of these for my adjustable boat hitch receiver also.

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