Vibra-TITE – Hydraulic and Pneumatic Anaerobic Thread Sealant (50 ml)

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Seals and secures metal pipes and fittings; fills the space between threaded metal parts. Prevents leakage caused by tape shredding, vibration loosening, solvent evaporation or damaged threads.

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Vibra-TITE 440 High Pressure Hydraulic and Pneumatic Anaerobic Thread Sealant is a fast curing high strength anaerobic sealant which seals hydraulic and pneumatic fittings up to 2″ in diameter, resisting high pressures and vibrational loosening.

This product has excellent solvent resistance and withstands temperatures to 300 degree F. Typical applications are hydraulic and pneumatic fittings, servomechanisms and fine filtration systems.

Ensure parts are clean, dry and free from oil and grease before use.


  • Prevents corrosion and galling of threads
  • Low and high pressure applications; seals to the burst strength of most piping systems
  • Facilitates assembly

Product is normally hand applied from the bottle directly onto threaded parts. Fixture Speed with Activator is <30 minutes. Fixture Speed without Activator is 4 hours. Shelf Life is 12 months at 68 degree F. 24 hours at 68 degree F Full Cure Time.


  • Product should be stored in a cool and dry location at temperatures between -10 degree C to 30 degree C.
  • Optimal storage is 22 +/- 4 degree C.
  • Shelf life is 18 months from date of manufacture when stored at 22 +/- 4 degree C.
  • For fluid, power and gas system connections.
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic sealant for fluid, power and gas system connections.
  • 0.007 inches Maximum gap fill.
  • 10000 PSI Sealing pressure.
  • 30 Cure speed (minutes).
  • N or T Suggested primer.

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Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 1.5 × 6.5 in


9 reviews for Vibra-TITE – Hydraulic and Pneumatic Anaerobic Thread Sealant (50 ml)

  1. Hrach

    the bottle is half empty
    Expensive product

  2. 300k

    It works. Just remember no oil can be in the joint when you use this sealer. Clean everything , use solvent if necessary.

  3. Primera_Al

    Worked great on my tractor. It sealed the hydraulic connector and it’s held up like I’d hoped it would.

  4. T. Cruit

    Worked well for several 1/4in NPT hydraulic connections.

  5. Christopher C.

    Used it on my Victor dual gauge. For my argon tank. Stopped the leak the first time I applied the Vibra-TITE. Great product

  6. Fordtruckfan89

    Worked great to seal the fittings for a remote transmission cooler base.

  7. Oly Fish

    It seals threads used in high pressure hydraulic fittings. Does a fine job.


    Have not used it yet, so no comments on its functionality. The 50ml bottle is only 1/3 or even 1/4 full. The bottle looks intact with no signs of leaked fluid from it. Feel like I was fooled by vibra-tite so no more business with them. I suggest you stay away as well.—————I would like to take my words back. Here is the direct quote from vibra-tite: “Anaerobic products such as threadlockers and retaining compounds cure in the absence of air. It is necessary to have a sufficient volume of air within the container to prevent the product from hardening.” This is why the product bottle feels empty.

  9. BDK

    As advertised

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