Portable Folding Camping Table – Adjustable Height Table with Collapsible Stool

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These multifunctional camping tables are great for barbecue, picnic, dining, banquet, camping, playing cards, wedding, farmer’s market, church, and more!

Comes in Blue, Red, or Black.

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How can you make your next camping trip or outdoor excursion that much better?

Take it to your next excursion at the beach, lake, camping, sports event, tailgate or even use it inside as a TV dinner tray or laptop stand. There’s nothing like a versatile, durable and lightweight camping table with stool to make your life that much easier.


  • [GOOD CONSTRUCTION]: The IMODOMIO portable table is made of premium plastic materials, the legs will not fold, bend or rust with non-slip base, allowing it to be used on different terrains without the risk of tipping over. The triangular frame and sturdy joints make the camp table can support 55 pounds of weight. So you can use this table for picnics or cooking with complete confidence.
  • [ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT]: 4 Adjustable heights for all occasions. Folding card table is designed with 4 telescoping ABS plastic legs, that can be adjusted to various heights 11.5″, 15.7″, 17.7″, and 19.7″, the stool height within the range of 2.4“ to 17.5”, 12 positions can be chosen, adapt to various grounds and meet your personal needs. you can change the height to use it for sitting or standing, The large surface for the table is 25.8”L x 17.5”W, providing plenty of utilization space.
  • [COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT]: Our camp table’s top is made of PP Plastic and frame is made of ABS plastic, so it’s lighter than other comparably-sized wooden folding camping table and aluminum fold up table, only 4.4lb, light enough to carry anywhere. Folds into the included carry bag. This beach table can easily fit in the back of a car, RV, motorcycle, or backpack. folded size is 17.5″L x 12.9″W x 2.9″H.
  • [MANY APPLICATIONS]: The adjustable height folding table is ideal for party or home use. You can use it as an outdoor or indoor table freely. And it can be placed anywhere you want for its easy mobility.

Portable and Easy To Assemble

NOTE: Please open the folding table lightly and don’t too hard. You just need to lift the tab a little to open it. It may be broken if you open the tab too hard.

This outdoor folding table and the stool can be folded to small size, which makes it easily portable. No tools are required for assembly of the portable folding picnic table, you can set up it in seconds.

Take the table with you!

Maybe you can enjoy your leisure time after busy work. You can choose picnic, fishing, or outdoor sports. Our folding picnic table with stool can provide convenience when you need to rest.


Multiple Heights Adjustable

Press the round buttons on the legs to adjust four heights, the stool can be set to your desired height within the range of 2.4“ to 17.5”, 12 positions can be chosen according to your usage scenario. You can adjust freely to choose the height that suits you.


Designed by IMODOMIO to Facilitate Outdoor Use

Portable floding table with collapsible stool, As an essential assistant for your outdoor travel and picnic, non-slip and waterproof. You can take it to enjoy the beach party. Enjoy the great outdoors with friends and family.

Durable & Sturdy

Newly designed fish scale structure and modified plastic material gives the retractable stool remarkable strength and rigidity.

Feature Summary

Product Dimensions 12.6″D x 17.32″W x 2.76″H
Color Blue
Brand imodomio
Style Modern
Seating Capacity 2
Top Material Type
Frame Material
Item Weight
6.8 Pounds

Additional information

Weight 6.8 lbs
Dimensions 12.6 × 17.32 × 2.76 in



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10 reviews for Portable Folding Camping Table – Adjustable Height Table with Collapsible Stool

  1. Jesse E.

    Light weight, tabs lock in very secured.

  2. JimD

    Brilliant design and tall enough to be functional. I’m 260 lbs and it supports me with no problem. It’s stable enough and very easy to carry. Perfect for me getting low to photograph birds, yet still be able to stand easily. I use it in addition to my folding seat.

  3. Tracie V

    I bought this to go to a local Fandom convention, which traditionally has long lines and few places to sit around the hotels. As an older plus-sized woman I admit I was a bit nervous about the sturdiness about the stool. But I shouldn’t have been. It folds and unfolds easily and smoothly so setting it up and stowing it is not awkward or time-consuming. The stool is surprisingly sturdy. I never felt at any time that I was in danger of ending up on the floor. And when folded down it fit in my bag easily. I carried it all convention and having a place to just sit for a minute or two without having to fight for a chair made the convention an even more enjoyable experience. I can see any number of venues that this is going to come in handy at.

  4. jennine

    Nice and sturdy ..! Would buy again .!!

  5. Josh Paul and Teenie Tim

    This is a cool retractable stool. It expands two sizes and folds like an accordion. It is lightweight and you can drape it on your shoulder with the built in strap on it. It will fit easily into a backpack.

  6. K

    Update Sept 30: still no response from seller. False advertising that they say there is a 12-month warranty . Buyer beware .Update September 15th: I still have not heard from the seller . They say there is a 12-month warranty in the description, but there is no way to pursue that. I am still hoping to hear from them but I am extremely frustrated, RV has been completely unhelpful on this. Good luck thank you.After third use, seat suddenly collapsed and exploded into many pieces, causing me to crash to the ground and injure myself. Seems like a great product but I will never trust one again. I am 200 lb below the weight limit and I had it on level ground and I was very careful to make sure it was locked and being used as directed. I’m very disappointed. Showed this to several people before the breakage and they all thought it was very cool, but I will not purchase one again as I don’t feel like I can trust one not to crash me to the ground again. Left feedback for seller, hoping for a refund since I purchased it about two and a half months ago, and RV will not let me return it. Based on all the reviews, I’m hoping I just received a defective one but I felt it was important to leave this feedback for others. If you are extremely lightweight, say 100 lbs, it might be just fine. I have no idea why mine shattered. I was very gentle and careful with it so who knows. Seller has good reviews so I’m hoping to hear from them. I will update my feedback if I do. Description mentions that seller offers 12-month warranty but I have not been able to contact them and I can find no warranty available within RV for this item. Really hoping to hear from the vendor!

  7. Ken

    BEWARE….I frequently go to movie pre-screenings and have to wait in line. I bought this seat in June and have used it at least twice a month at the pre-screening. Today Dec 6 I extended the seat and when I went to sit down the seat broke apart and collapsed. Fortunately I was not hurt but the seat is completely unusable and I would not trust it again. I am 6’3″ and weigh around 350. Underneath the 400 weight limit. Maybe good for a lighter person but not good for anyone over 300. Prior to today It worked perfectly.Update the company has reach out to me and have offered a full refund for the product. Upon update of my review. I am completely satisfied with this and will update further when payment is recieve. Also I did not contact them directly, they reached out based off of my review. That says a lot to me about this company and is fully appreciated! Based of this I will change my review to a four. It would be a 5 for the company and how they responded.

  8. Doreen B. Lee

    I set this up very easy. It works perfect inside my tent and packs up super small. I don’t know what the weight limit is but I wouldn’t put some beastly man on the stool. Great purchase and price point. I would buy again.

  9. kevin

    After experiencing an issue with the collapsible stool I purchased, I was pleasantly surprised when the company personally reached out to me to address the problem. While I mentioned that I was unhappy with the fact that the stool broke after just two uses, I did not dislike the product itself. The company was genuinely apologetic and upfront about their regrettable oversight, and they were committed to making things right. Their excellent customer service and willingness to rectify the situation have completely changed my perspective. Consequently, I am updating my previous review and giving the product 5 stars, appreciating their dedication to customer satisfaction.Previous rating:1 starPrevious review:It broke after I used it twice

  10. AMZN

    It opens up differently than I was expecting but is way more sturdy feeling than I was expecting when extended out to make the stool. And its light and convenient to carry so I think it is worth the price I paid. But in my first attempt to get it to squeeze back together I didn’t immediately get it to budge to go back to its storage shape. I barely tried at all as I didn’t actually need to pack it back up so I imagine I’d be able to if I spent half a second fiddling with it. But the fact that it didn’t just collapse when I gave a half hearted attempt to squeeze it back down and that it also seemed sturdy while sitting on it makes me feel confident that this thing will work well.I assume I can get the hang of opening and closing this thing as soon as I spend a little more time with it so I recommend this collapsible stool without hesitation unless you exceed the weight limit by too much. I’m guessing it can safely hold up to the weight limit but going too far over that limit might make your butt hit the ground eventually.

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