Amber Yellow Ultra Bright 1157/2057/2357 SMD LED Blinker Light Bulbs

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Fits most 1157 2057 2357 sockets. See full description for all supported socket types.

Note: if replacing the front blinker incandescent bulbs on a GMC Motorhome, no relay is needed if the rear bulbs are not swapped out with LED bulbs. The rear bulbs will provide the necessary resistance in the circuit to ensure the flashing rate is correct.


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1157 led bulb
3157 led bulb
1157 led bulb


  • Uniform Beam Pattern, High Power 54SMD 3014 & 3SMD 3030 Chipsets. BRIGHTEST LED BULBS. BEST BEAM PATTERN.
  • The AUXLIGHT LED bulbs was made in the highest quality and most stable design, extra longer working hours. Best LED interior bulbs on the market.
  • Standard 1157/2057 base, it is almost the same size with halogen bulbs. Super bright LED interior light, +320% BRIGHTER THAN STOCK BULB. ONE Year Warranty.
  • Full aluminum housing with projection lens for maximum light output and better heat distribution, built in constant current IC for longer life span & low power consumption.
  • Can be used for brake/tail lights, turn signal/parking or daytime running Lights, blinker lights, side marker lights, DRL etc.
  • Some applications will need a load resistor to avoid the turn signal blinking too fast or generating an error code on the dashboard display of some vehicles.


Voltage 9-30V
Current 0.26A
Color Amber Yellow
Power 4W/PC
Lumen 1600LM/PC
Dimensions 1.82*0.88inch
Lifespan 50,000+Working Hours
Fit Sockets 1157 2057 2357 7528 1016 1034 1034A 1034LL 1034NA 1035 1157A 1157ALL 1157LL 1157NA 1157ST 1178A 1196 198 198LL 198NA 2057A 2057ALL 2057LL 2057NA 2057ST 2357A 2357ALL 2357LL 2357NA 2397 2397LL 3496 3496LL 7528L 7528LL 94 BAY15D p21/5w etc.
APPLICATIONS Brake/tail lights, turn signal/parking or daytime running Lights, blinker lights, side marker lights, DRL etc.
ATTENTION There need load resistor to avoid the turn signal fast blinking/hyper flash or error code on the dashboard for some vehicle.

3157 led bulb

Light Source Type LED
Specific Uses For Product Indicator Light,Interior Light
Wattage 4 watts
Item Package Quantity 2

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20 reviews for Amber Yellow Ultra Bright 1157/2057/2357 SMD LED Blinker Light Bulbs

  1. jmk63

    had to return them due to hyper flash…Because these are turn signals, and the old bulbs I pulled out only had 1 lead contact button on the bottom, and these have 2, they did not really fit. the bulbs has little bayonets (points, bumps) on the side of the bulb case, so they press in and turn to tighten. These bayonets did not align with what RV’s bulb matcher said would fit my car. They did light up bright, hyper flashed because of no resistor in line, but did not fit the sockets, so I return them.

  2. Chris R.

    These worked when others didn’tHad a problem where turn signal would work fine, but would stop working when headlights were turned on. Heard all sort of stuff, like you need a grounded LED Flasher (already had one), you’re wiring is backwards (it wasn’t). You need to add a resistor (No I didn’t). I just needed a better bulb. The bulb you DON’T want to buy is the 1157-A27-T: Amber from or anywhere else. Those were the bulb that gave me all the trouble. It should be noted that I installed these on a 1973 Mustang Mach 1. So not a newer car with the CAN BUS issues I see a lot of people facing. I did not rate longevity as I have not had them in long, but I expect them to do well.

  3. rviu

    Less current on the wires means less heat. So far, so good. It’s too soon to say anything about longevity, but the lights are good.

  4. OE

    Looks okBrightness good, can be more amber vs yellow. Not sure about the longevity, need more time to test.

  5. C. J. B. and D. J. B.

    Extremely brightThe media could not be loaded.

     The lights are now installed in my blinkers for my Honda GL1500 Goldwing. Do need to add a load resistor inline on each side to stop hyper flashing. Other than that things are awesomely bright. 1156 in the rear and 1157 in the front.

  6. D. Newton

    Improvement over the white incandescent bulbMade the red light brighter. Did have the problem where the turn signals would flash atdouble rate, which was fixed with an electronic flasher relay specifically compatible with LEDs.In my vehicle (2003 F350) the relay was a pain in the bottom to replace. Check out youtube forinstructions.

  7. KEGregs

    Super bright!Great color and super bright

  8. Jeannie Perez

    Brighter than the factory bulbsInstalled on my old 1978 ford pickup on the rear tailamps and they were 30% brighter. I also like that you can see the difference between the city and stop lights. Other led lights I’ve had in the past the difference between the two were minimal…good value…

  9. samuel colon

    Amazing productThis was easy to install and better then expected

  10. Ray Andersen

    Bright but resistor required1981 datsun 280zxMy 81 model has a light check function, and throws codes for the stop and turn signals after installing these. They are nice and bright with an obvious high and low, but the turn signals hyper flash and I have bulb check lited up. So despite the description stating no resistor needed, A resistor is needed.

  11. Juan Todd

    LightsFast shipping easy to install worth the money shine bright

  12. jim r

    They’re okI thought they would be brighter. But maybe it the lens on the rv , ldk

  13. Orasio M.

    long lasti like these lights i’ve ordered them for all my cars it’s been about 4 years with them and they work very well , i ordered them for my turn signals and brake lights and still work to this day also if you are installing them on your turn signals and you don’t want that hyper flash aka fast blinking , go to your autzone or orelleys and get load resistors

  14. Sean H.

    Great Product!!just as listed. Worked well and were very easy to install. The brightness was much improved over the oringinal bulb.

  15. bjrouge

    great lightProvide a very bright light to help improve visible.

  16. Dylan L

    Super Bright Reverse LightsI installed these on my 1999 infiniti i30. They fit perfectly into the reverse light socket. They also fit the brake lights but those are red lenses anyway. They make the car look very modern with the bright white light. Also, they will aid in backing up at night by providing extra light. 5 stars. Would recommend!

  17. Rodney J.

    About the same brightness as stockPaying the price of LED for the brightness of stock.

  18. Muhammad Shuaib

    Awesome item with great pricePerfect item with appropriate price.

  19. J. Linden

    Excellent bulb replacementPerfect fit for my incandescent trailer lights and so much brighter as well. I have no doubt these will do the job for a long time.

  20. Rob Morris

    BRIGHT!Finally I got the LED bulbs I’ve been looking for. I have a 2005 Harley Road King and I have upgraded all the dull incandescent factory bulbs. Its been a long road to finally get to where I want to be. I’ve tried many bulbs that are specifically made or at least marketed to be motorcycle bulbs and I have been disappointed several times. They either do not blink the way blinker bulbs should blink, or they straight up fail. I just installed these and they work great and look great. AND they cost less than I have paid for others that failed. I bought this pair to be my front amber running and turn signal lights. They are exactly what I want. I just hope and pray that they last. For how great they look and operate they are priced really great.

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