ADCO 36842 Designer Series RV Storage Cover (fits 26ft GMC Motorhome)

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Mr. GMCMotorhome decided that he didn’t want to pay for covered or indoor storage for his coach and tried a cover instead. He chose a well-reviewed model from ADCO and overall it seemed like a good product.

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A YouTube video review of an earlier version of this product by Mr. GMC Motorhome:

“We decided that we didn’t want to pay for covered or indoor storage for our coach this year and are going to try a cover. We chose a well reviewed model from ADCO and overall it seems like a good product. The fit isn’t perfect on a GMC Motorhome but I think it will work for a least a couple years. I’ll add more information later if it doesn’t hold up well to the wind, snow and ice that we get in our region on the US. It looks like ADCO doesn’t sell the model 34832 that we purchased any more but there is an updated version, still 22′-24′ and model number 36842.”

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  • Slip-Seam strapping system cinches at the top and bottom for a perfectly snug fit and prevents cover from wind damage; Reinforcements throughout bottom and top of side panels
  • Water resistant but breathable; Olefin HD top panel reflects sunlight, keeping RV cooler; Designer polypropylene sides
  • Weighted buckle toss under for easy installation underneath the coach; Ladder cap reduces wear over ladder area
  • Durable polypropylene grey side walls, 3 year warranty, 4 gutter spout covers included with every cover
  • The most durable All Climate Travel Trailer cover on the market; Fits 22’1″ – 24′

For over 58 years ADCO has remained a dominant supplier to the automotive industry, RV industry, marine industry, hearth & home industry, power sports industry and equine industry. Our retail products can be found throughout the world and our OEM products have satisfied the likes of many Fortune 500 companies.

Need Help Measuring Your RV for an ADCO RV Cover?

Measure your RV from the longest two points to determine proper fit, including bumpers, spare tire and ladder – but excluding hitch. ADCO Covers are designed to fit all common vehicle heights, however, we recommend double checking by taking the measurement of the vehicle sidewall height, excluding ground clearance.

Cover is designed to accommodate rooftop accessories so no need to account for A/C’s, Vents, etc. when checking on height. This new and improved designed RV cover features the same great features we offered in the past: Olefin HD RV top panel reflects sunlight, keeping RV cooler.

Other  features

It has designer polypropylene side and ladder cap reduces wear over the ladder area. It has a weighted buckle toss under for easy installation underneath the coach and is water resistant yet breathable.

We now offer new features to this improved RV cover! The cover now has a slip-seam strapping system which cinches at the top and bottom for a perfectly snug fit and prevents cover from wind damage. Reinforcements throughout bottom and top of side panels. More durable polypropylene side walls and side walls are now grey instead of tan. Every covers comes with 4 RV Gutter Spout Covers!

ADCO offers a 3 year warranty.

This covers accommodates for: All Types of Front Ends, Air Conditioners, Extra Tall & Regular Height Walls, Slide Outs and Ladders.

From the manufacturer

About us

ADCO has produced more than 30 million protective covers and assorted soft-goods. Keeping your RV, Trailer, or Motorhome protected has never been easier. ADCO has been the premier brand for decades when it comes to quality and innovation with RV Covers and accessories. Protect your RV with universal or custom covers designed to last. We have covers to fit virtually any size RV like Travel Trailers, 5th Wheel Trailers, Class A Motorhomes, Class C Motorhomes, Toy Haulers and more.

Color Gray/White
Brand ADCO
Water Resistance Level Water Resistant
Item Dimensions LxWxH 23.5 x 21 x 18 inches
Olefin HD, Polypropylene
Vehicle Service Type
Recreational Vehicle
Fit Type
Vehicle Specific Fit
Ultraviolet Light Protection
Anti UV

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 23.5 × 21 × 18 in


25 reviews for ADCO 36842 Designer Series RV Storage Cover (fits 26ft GMC Motorhome)

  1. c dog

    Keeps water out and the roof panel covers down the walls
    Shouldnt have wasted my money buying a cheaper one prior to me buying this one. Do it rite the first time

  2. Barley

    Installation was easy from a ladder and there are enough straps and adjustments to fit it to the trailer. 3 zippered sections allow entry after the cover is installed. I used foam pipe insulation to cover any sharp corners and we’ve had several wind storms without any problems. This is the first year for the cover and I’ll update later with any durability issues. The cover is not intended to be waterproof, but I installed to hopefully protect the trailer from snow load and UV damage over winter here in Michigan’s upper peninsula.

  3. Gregory K.

    After my friend told me his ADCO cover is on its 3rd year and still looking new, I went for the same one. Install was easier than expected. Viewed the video and read directions. Having the wife help made it easier.

  4. RV Customer

    I bought one of these on amazon. it failed shortly after about a year and a half. I tried to return it and they sold me the higher end cover for about an extra $100. They claimed that it was more durable with the Dupont Tyvec top on this. It was not. Save your money, this product will fail everywhere it can From seams, to fabric, to zippers and securing hardware.

  5. KB

    Overall this has been a good cover, it fit the lance real well and was fairly easy to use. It provided good protection.If you are using this on a 1575 you will want to get some long straps to go around the trailer (top to bottom) to make it fit tighter. This will prevent the wind from getting underneath it and make move less on windy days.ADCO includes little covers for the gutters which worked the first year, but during the second year we had it one fell off which ended up putting a hole in the side of the cover. During the 3rd year I really noticed the cover starting to deteriorate from the sun and it felt much different to touch.This week we had a pretty good wind storm and I came home to find the cover ripped across the front and side making it useless now.Not sure if I will re-purchase the same one or if I should research other brands now.

  6. Andrew P.

    I bought this cover in October of 2021. By April of 2023, the front is completely shredded. There are tears in the side and the roof as well. I didn’t even use it for about 6 months either. For $400 I would expect WAY more durability. I will give ADCO this though… They did honor their warranty and send me a replacement cover. The warranty process was pretty easy. But still, I’ll only get about a year out of the new one as well and them I’m stuck buying another $400 cover.

  7. Kaley

    We bought this and we have very mild winters and still ripped within two years

  8. Don Hossen

    Update: After 18 months it started disintegrating. The material is now like tissue paper and providing a little protection.Bummer.Initial review: Fits well, not incredibly hard to put on. Let’s see how long it lasts in the California sun and rain.

  9. Dixie Rider

    Well made, super easy to install, great many straps. Looks good too.

  10. James C.

    Very good quality and the little extra’s like the weighted attachments to easily throw the lines under the RV are a nice touch. Well worth spending the extra money for the manufacturer who thinks of the little things.

  11. Old Hooker

    Last about 2 to 3 years

  12. walt freeland

    Well what I order was a 36845 and box said it was a 36845! But open and would not fit found paper inside that said part number 34844 which you can see from my picture. Well 36845 is from 28.7-31 and what I got was less than 28.6. So would not fit my 30ft new rv. Returned cover not happy with issue.

  13. Jesus is LORD

    This thing is horrible. Right out of the box the top is paper thin and you can seriously stick a finger through it. It was ripped horrible cover

  14. Linda J.

    Easy to install, best with 2 people and if you can get on top of RV. Got snow on it now! I’ll now how water & snow resistance cover is when spring comes.

  15. Pat B

    Cover arrived defective. Was not stitched correctly and cinch straps pulled out. Emailed RV, with no reply. Contacted Adco, sent photos, no further reply on how it will be remedied. Will not reply back to any email.

  16. Pete Gomersall

    Hi quality products that is really well made.

  17. Kit Farley

    Bought the cover to protect from snow. We live at 7000 ft. ASL. First snow was last weekend. 12” at our house.

  18. Happy Hiker

    Fits my 2021 Coachmen Freedom Express 192RBS like a glove.

  19. tim schmidt

    Cinch strap buckles will break if you pull the straps to tighten. To clarify; pull the straps themselves together to remove all slack, then cinch up, snap or secure buckles together. If you just pull on the straps sliding the webbing through the buckles, the buckles are not robust enough to handle the stress of tightening and just break. Customer service did not respond to contact request for warranty replacement buckles, by using contact us link! Also calls made did not yield a return call.

  20. Star Dribbler

    Just unboxed. Light duty material. Rips easy but well thought out straps, zipper access to doors etc. The box had obviously been opened and taped back together. The cover had been re-shrink wrapped too. Nice fit on a trailer with plenty of protuberances on the top. Rain gutter prophylactics. Using in PNW. If I can remember I’ll update review next Spring. I’ll be happy if it lasts 2 seasons.

  21. Charles K Clasby

    The original ADCO box was inside a typical RV box. Shocked to find the original box had been opened & taped closed. Thought I just received a used cover! Cover was wrapped with “Plastic Wrap” and the foam gutter covers were inside in their own unopened package. Stickers on the plastic wrap indicated the throw weights, bag and ladder cover “might” be in a pocket of the cover! Unrolled the cover and found the bag, ladder cover and the throw weights buried in the folds of the cover. ADCO needs to let customer know they opened the box and inserted the gutter guards. Everything was there and it fits great!

  22. Tom

    We have a 25 trailer and bought the same Adco Cover 4 years ago. Trailer is 10h per day in the sun and strong wind blows against the trailer, a lof of snow in the winter…. after 4 years we started to have small holes in the cover and decided to replaced it. The new cover, again 24-26ft seems to be cut different and is definitely longer. On the good side it has more ties to go under the trailer and the easy access area with zippers on the side seems to be larger. This obe came with 4 covers for corners of the rain gutter. Last one had tire covers included. We were very satisfied with the first cover, hope this one lasts also at least 4 years. Pictures show new larger cover and the better fitting old cover.

  23. Wilkeson Smart

    The quality of the item is good but man alive is it overpriced. This is the third one we have had to purchase as they last maybe four years in the Northwest weather. Lower your costs!

  24. David U

    This is my third ADCO cover purchased from RV. I have reliably gotten 3 years of use from each. One of the covers lasted 4 years, but the sides no longer repelled water and was fading from the weather. I have the 18 feet cover and am 68 years old. I installed it by myself. It is reasonably light in weight, yet durable enough to last 3 winters of Indiana weather. I like them enough to keep buying them.

  25. Brian Baker

    This is the 3rd Adco camper cover I have purchased in 12 years. These covers are definitely worth the money. They usually last 4 or 5 years here in Kentucky. We have all kinds of weather in during the winter months, and this is the only time I use the cover. I normally winterize the camper in mid to late October, and it stays covered until mid to late April. So the cover stays on the camper for about 6 months out of the year. It really helps to reduce the wear and tear to the roof of the camper from the snow, ice and spring rain.This years updates to the cover are really nice.The corner cinch straps that have been added, are a nice touch. Our camper is the Jayco 264BH, and it is 25.5′ long. The cover I purchased is the 24′-26′ cover, and it fits perfectly.Hopefully I can get 4 or 5 years out of this cover.I have purchased a cheaper brand once before, and it only lasted 2 seasons. So Adco is definitely a better manufactured cover than their competition.Worth the money, and I recommend this brand.

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