Scepter Military Water Container (Sand)


Already a global leader in the design and manufacture of portable fuel and water containers for the marine and consumer markets, Scepter’s line of military products are rugged, reliable, and built to last.

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Standard issue to the U.S. and Canadian Armed Forces, the Scepter light weight MIL-spec fuel cans are designed to safely and securely transport water. Made from rugged HDPE, the military water carrier is virtually indestructible. The MFC (MicroFibrillated Cellulose) lightens the user’s load and offers excellent mechanical strength and superior impact resistance, all while withstanding extreme weather conditions .

Tough enough for soldiers, ideal for the outdoor enthusiast, Scepter’s 5 gallon military water containers are perfect for camping, emergency management and off-road adventures. Easy to transport because they are lighter, better, safer. they are made of food grade material. With superior impact resistance and BPA-free construction.



  • Easy to Transport
  • Lighter, Better, Safer
  • Customisable to User Specifications
  • Excellent Mechanical Strength
  • Superior Impact resistance


  • Capacity 20 Litres
  • Dimensions: 14.3″ x 6.9″ x 18.3″ / 36.3cm x 17.5cm x 46.5cm
  • Weight: 5.7lbs (2.58 kg)
  • Rust -Proof
  • Corrosion-Proof
  • Fungus-Resistant
  • Flow Rate – up to 5 Gallons of fuel/water in 40 seconds
  • UL 94 flame rating
  • Used for more than 30 years by UN & NATO Allies

Regulations & Safety Compliance
• Mil-C-53109 / CID A-A-59592A
• UN Certified

Also available in: Green


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