CruzinGear Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener for GMC Motorhome


The CruzinGear GMC Motorhome Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener is made of solid 304 stainless steel (nearly a quarter pound!) for strength, durability, and rust resistance.

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The design is deeply embedded into the piece using a custom mold. After each piece is cast, it is polished to a mirror finish and the CruzinGear logo is laser-etched onto the base of the opener. The shadows and contrast between the polished surface of the opener and the satin texture of the design make for a truly stunning effect.

No matter where it’s mounted — camper, deck, kitchen, RV, or garage — a CruzinGear Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener will highlight the space and provide a lifetime of enjoyment for you, your family and friends. It’s a classic look with a fresh design. And, it’s not just great for opening bottles, it’s handy for hanging anything with a lanyard like keys or a flashlight! Includes two stainless steel screws.


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