SmartSign Fire Extinguisher Inside Label | 4″ x 6″ Engineer Grade Reflective, Pack of 3


Emergencies often mean no power and no light – but you still need to respond quickly. Everyone has a cell phone with a light on it. Spot these 3M authorized reflective fire extinguisher stickers and signs in the dark.

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Spot your fire extinguisher in a blackout or in low light conditions. These stickers shine brilliantly when spotted with a flashlight. In a fire emergency, seconds count. Do not take chances.  These graphics are protected by a clear polyester laminate. Competitors’ labels, too often fade or can be scratched. Labels feature a heavy laydown of durable inks, a 3M high bond adhesive and a scratch proof laminate. Laminates outperform a mere overcoat that too many competitors tout as their alternative. Round corners are a mark of quality. 4” x 6” is our top selling size. Over time, square corners tend the lift off (or be picked off).

Made in the USA


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