Thetford StorMate Broom – Extendable and Collapsible Broom for RV/Marine/Home use


StorMate isn’t any ordinary broom. Featuring a 3-section aluminum shaft that extends from 27 to 50 inches, this broom is perfectly suited for tight spaces, be it during storage or during usage. What makes StorMate the perfect RVΒ  broom is that with just a twist of the wrist you can expand the bristles of the broom, covering even more ground.

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StorMate Broom can be used in RVs, boats, or even at home. The perfect combination of function and practicality, this broom is compact enough to fit in RV storage spaces but rugged enough for the rigors of home use. StorMate’s bristles expand to full size with just a twist of the wrist. Also the twist-and-lock 3-section aluminum shaft can be extended to 50 inches.

One answer is StorMateβ„’ broom, collapsible to fit in compact storage spaces of your RV, but rugged enough for the rigors of home use.

  • 3-section aluminum shaft – with twist locks – telescopes up to 50 inches!
  • Compacts to 27 inches to store in a drawer, cupboard or closet
  • Bristles expand to full size with twist of a wrist
  • Integrated dust pan


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