Yale Smart Delivery Box with Keypad & Cooler Bag Insert


Protect your packages from theft and inclement weather while you are away from home with this Bluetooth and Wi-Fi delivery box. Lock and unlock the package box from anywhere using the Yale Access app on your smartphone. Receive notifications when deliveries are made.

Enable Delivery Mode so that the box is unlocked until the first delivery is made, then it auto locks until you get home to retrieve your package. Includes a Smart Keypad so you can share entry codes with people you trust and delivery personnel.

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Deliveries can be dropped into the Yale Smart Delivery Box and secured until you’re ready to retrieve them. Enjoy convenient, contactless deliveries of your packages, mail, food deliveries and more.

Deter porch pirates by concealing your packages. The box can be tethered to your home or weighed down with sand to deter theft. Never worry about packages being left in the sun, rain or snow. With the Kingsley Park Cooler Bag you also can protect food and other perishable deliveries.

Manage the security using the Yale Access App from anywhere. Works with the Yale Access App, and includes the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, so you can lock/unlock, share access, and receive real time delivery notifications from anywhere. Also, unlock the box when home using the keypad.  Includes the Yale Smart Keypad so you can unlock the box during phone-free moments, and share codes with people you trust or delivery personnel. You can also easily change or delete codes using the Yale Access App.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Included In The Yale Smart Delivery Box?

The Yale Smart Delivery Box is sold in two styles, Kent and Brighton. Each style comes with the box including the box base, installation hardware, the boxes’ smart lock with batteries, Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, and installation manual. Certain models are also sold with the Yale Smart Keypad including batteries, installation hardware and mounting tape.

What Colors Does The Yale Smart Delivery Box Come In?

Antique Brass

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Satin Nickel

Polished Brass

Black Suede

Which Delivery Providers (e.g. FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.) Can Deliver Into The Box?

All delivery providers can deliver into the Yale Smart Delivery Box. The box has a feature called “Delivery Mode” that leaves the box unlocked each morning until your first delivery is made. The driver simply lifts the lid of the box, places your package in the box, and then closes the lid using the easy to use safety latch. You’ll receive a notification that the delivery was made and you can choose to either unlock the box to allow for another delivery, or leave the box locked until you are ready to retrieve the box.

With the Yale Smart Keypad, you can also provide drivers or trusted friends/family with entry codes.

How Will The Driver Know To Drop My Packages In The Box?

Easily designate your parcel box as your preferred delivery location and receive alerts when packages are delivered by creating a delivery profile with each major carrier: FedEx, UPS and USPS. When shopping with Amazon, you’re able to indicate your preferred delivery instructions for the driver.

Can I Have Food And Other Perishables Delivered Into The Box?

Kingsley Park offers a cooler bag designed for the Yale Smart Delivery Box to protect food and other perishable deliveries. The cooler is available for sale on Amazon.com.

How Big Is The Yale Smart Delivery Box?

The Kent style is 19″ High x 24.625″ Wide x 28″ Deep.
It fits most standard package sizes; up to 16″ High x 22″ Wide x 13″ Deep.

The Brighton style is 24″ High x 28″ Wide x 18″ Deep.
It fits most standard package sizes; up to 16.5″ High X 22.5″ Wide x 11.5″ Deep.



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