Progressive Dynamics PD9145ALV 12V Lithium Ion Battery Converter/Charger – 45 Amp

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Progressive Dynamics PD9145ALV lithium power center provides filtered DC power to ensure proper lithium battery management system operation.

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The PD9100L Series 12V Lithium Ion Battery Converter/Chargers provide a constant current/constant voltage (CC/CV) charge profile as recommended by lithium battery manufacturers. PD9100L Series units can be connected both in parallel and in series. Reverse battery protection prevents charger damage if the battery connections are accidentally reversed. Filtered DC power ensures proper lithium Battery Management System (BMS) operation. Electronic Current Limiting automatically reduced output voltage to prevent overheating and possible damage. High and Low Voltage Protection prevents charger damage from AC input voltage fluctuations. Automatic Thermal Protection reduces charger output to safe levels if unit temperature exceeds safe levels pre-set limits and protects charger damage due to excessive heat. An intelligent cooling fan operates only under high load conditions.


  • Reverse Battery Protection – Prevents charger damage if battery connections are accidently reversed
  • Provides Filtered DC Power – Ensures proper lithium Battery Management System (BMS) operation
  • Electronic Current Limiting – Automatically reduces output voltage to prevent overheating and possible damage
  • Automatic Thermal Protection – Reduces charger output to safe levels if unit temperature exceeds safe levels pre-set limits and protects charger damage due to excessive heat
  • Input Voltage: 105-130 VAC 50/60 Hz 725 Watts / Output Voltage: 14. 6 VDC 45 Amps

Product Information

How can I update my present RV to a Lithium Battery System?

Progressive Dynamics can provide Lithium Converter Models to replace most of the Lead/Acid units presently in the field.

Where Can I Purchase Lithium Batteries?

Progressive Dynamics has been working with several Lithium Battery Distributors to test and approve our Converter/Chargers on their batteries.  Some of these Distributors will also be able to provide you with PDI Lithium Battery Power Centers.  At the present time, the following Lithium Battery Distributors have approved our units.  Click on links below to go to their website for pricing information.


Briter Products

Lithium Converter Replacement Units

What You Need to Know Before You Update Your RV to a Lithium Battery System

Step # 1

Determine the type and location of your present Converter/Charger. Note: There are two types of Converter/Chargers used in the RV industry Floor Mount and Wall Mount.

The Floor Mount unit is designed to be mounted on the floor of a compartment in the RV, but can also be mounted on a side wall or the ceiling and will operate normally.  Once you locate your unit, determine the model number and D.C. amp rating shown on the label.  Typical D.C. ratings are 30, 35,40,45,55, 60, 70 and 80-amps. These models are manufactured by Progressive Dynamics, WFCO, IOTA and Power Max.  Whichever model you have should be replaced by one of our PD9100L Series Lithium Models with the same D.C. output amp rating (See chart at bottom of this page). 

Progressive Dynamics PD9200 Series Power Converter/Charger.

Floor Mount Unit

WARNING! Do not replace your present Lead/Acid Converter/Charger or Converter/Charger Section with a Lithium Model with an Amp rating higher than the D.C Amp output rating of your present unit as your RV wiring is may not be capable of safely handling this extra current!

The Wall Mount units as their name implies are mounted in the RV interior wall or cabinet for easy accessibility and include a removable Converter/Charger Section, a 120 VAC Distribution Panel with a 30 or 50 Amp Main AC Circuit Breaker and several 120 VAC AC Branch Circuit Breakers.  The unit also includes a 12-Volt DC Fuse Panel to supply 12-Volt power to all 12-Volt circuits.  Updating to a Lithium Battery System requires the removal and replacement of the present slide out Lead/Acid Converter/Charger Section with one designed to charge Lithium Batteries.  These Replacement Lithium Sections are available from our approved distributors.  NOTE: Lithium Replacement Sections are only available for Progressive Dynamics and WFCO Wall Mount units.

WARNING! Disconnect all 120 VAC power before removing and replacing converter/charger section!

The fourth photo on this page shows a typical Lithium Replacement Section for All Wall Mount units.  Replacement requires removal of the front panel of your present Wall Mount unit to gain access to the Converter/Charger Section.  Once Converter/Charger Section mounting screw is removed, (mark the location & color) of the wires then disconnect five colored wires and slide out present Lead/Acid section and replace with the new Lithium Section reconnecting the wires to their proper location.  Depending on your knowledge of electricity you may want to consult a licensed electrician or RV technician for assistance.


Wall Mount Units

Step # 2

The size of the Lithium Battery you plan to install depends on how long you wish to dry camp.  This decision will be based on your experience with your present Lead/Acid Battery System.  Note: A Lithium Battery with the same Amp Hour rating will provide 2-3 times the battery power.  This should provide you with a guide to the Lithium Battery size you will require.  If you wish more dry camping time (off the grid) additional Lithium Batteries may be added in parallel to provide additional dry camping time you require.

Once you have determined the Converter/Charger Amp rating and Lithium Battery size, go back one page, then review our approved Lithium Battery distributor websites for pricing and delivery information.

Click here for complete installation instructions for replacement units.

45 AMP RV Converter/Charger Replacement Section

Replacement Section for all Wall Mount Units

Converter Section Replacement Instructions

Do not replace the converter section unless the following checks have been completed:

  1. Remove the front cover.
  2. Connect unit to a 120 VAC power source.
  3. Use a digital voltmeter to verify proper voltage at the 120 VAC breaker that the converter is connected to. This voltage should be between 105 and 130 volts.
  4. Disconnect all AC power to unit before continuing: Verify the reverse battery fuses have not blown. These fuses will only blow if the battery or DC output leads were connected in reverse, even for a moment.
    • PD4500 series – If they are blown, check the wiring to the battery before replacing fuses with same type and rating.
    • PD4000 series – If LED indicator is NOT illuminated continue to step 5. If illuminated, verify wiring to the battery is correct before replacing fuses with same type and rating.

PD4000 Reverse Battery LED Indicator:

  1. With AC power disconnected, remove the reverse battery fuses.
  2. Reconnect AC power and check the converter output from the CONVERTER GND/WHT to the CONVERTER POS/BLK terminals on the DC board. This should be 13.6 +/- .3VDC (14.6 +/-.3VDC for LI models).
  3. Check for any inline fuse in the positive lead near the battery and verify it has not blown. Replace if blown.
  4. If the converter output is not present and there is AC power to the converter, the converter is defective. Contact your dealer for return instructions. 1541A

Removing the Converter Section: (Do not remove the entire AC/DC distribution panel. Only remove the converter section)

  1. Disconnect all AC power to the unit.
  2. Disconnect the (3) AC wires from the circuit breaker, neutral and ground buss bars. Remove AC hot (black) wire first, then AC neutral (white), and finally AC ground (green).
  3. Disconnect DC converter output wires from the DC distribution pcb.
  4. Remove and retain hold down screw(s).
  5. Remove converter section.
  6. For factory repairs, return only the converter section. Make sure you use proper packaging to ensure the product’s safe arrival.
  7. Reverse steps to install new converter section.

Verifying Converter Function:

  1. Turn off breaker supplying power to the converter.
  2. Verify proper battery connection: Using a digital voltmeter, measure voltage across converter output wires/lugs.
  3. Turn on breaker supplying power to the converter.
  4. Using a digital voltmeter, measure voltage across converter output wires/lugs. If the voltage has increased from step 2, the converter is supplying power to the DC circuits and charging the battery.

Replacement Converter Section: (Replace converter with the same model and rating as previous converter section)

  • PD4045CSV – (45 Amp converter section, with built in Charge Wizard®)
  • PD4045LICSV – (45 Amp converter section, 14.6VDC output, no Charge Wizard®)
  • PD4060CSV – (60 Amp converter section, with built in Charge Wizard®)
  • PD4060LICSV – (60 Amp converter section, 14.6VDC output, no Charge Wizard®)
  • PD4560CSV – (60 Amp converter section, with built in Charge Wizard®)
  • PD4560LICSV – (60 Amp converter section, 14.6VDC output, no Charge Wizard®)
  • PD4575CSV – (75 Amp converter section, with built in Charge Wizard®)
  • PD4575LICSV – (75 Amp converter section, 14.6VDC output, no Charge Wizard®)
  • PD4590CSV – (90 Amp converter section, with built in Charge Wizard®)
  • PD4590LICSV – (90 Amp converter section, 14.6VDC output, no Charge Wizard®)

If you have any questions please contact Progressive Dynamics’ Service Department: [email protected]

Additional information

Weight 5.07 lbs
Dimensions 14.57 × 10.98 × 5.55 in

Progressive Dynamics



Item Weight

5.07 pounds

Package Dimensions

14.57 x 10.98 x 5.55 inches

Item model number


Manufacturer Part Number




Date First Available

June 12 2018


Progressive Dynamics

9 reviews for Progressive Dynamics PD9145ALV 12V Lithium Ion Battery Converter/Charger – 45 Amp

  1. RAK

    Compact, light, quiet. Easy to install.Perfect fit for my trailer 12V retrofit and swap to Lithium batteries.

  2. Fayrae

    No support if you purchased one manufactured before Oct 2021!!I just got off the phone with PD regarding this unit overcharging my lithium battery. There is no support for the older version to be upgraded so that it doesn’t fight with the BMS. The new version drops the voltage to 13.6…..this speaks volumes as to the problem with the old version. I was literally a few months from this upgrade and “sorry you will have to pay full price, no core charge, yours would be scrapped”. I’ve been a PD fan and purchaser for many years but they lost my business and have obviously been way behind the curve on lithium “progressive”.

  3. Alfred

    works just fine for me!!I take in my ion lithem batterys in from the camper during the winter and have a charger for them. Battery cost 1000.00$$ battle born for the camper.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Good qualitySo I changed out my batteries from dual 6 volts to 12 volt lithium and need this for charging. The old conv/charger would not charge the lith. Easy to install and works just fine. Only been in one day so will see how it works out. The cooling fan is a lot quieter that the stock conv charger in my Winnebago RV and it’s half the size. Only thing is the part or model number PD9145ALV it not why is on the product, the product comes PD9145AL. Not sure it matters but you kind of expect it to match what is ordered. I’ve always used progressive dynamics for replacing old conv/chargers

  5. tlMueller

    Poor product labeling I don’t really trust it not to ruin my battery!Poor product labeling! Not sure if this is the product I’ve ordered or not by the label on it. The model listed on the charger does not match the documentation for a lithium battery charger! The only part that matches the documentation is the listed output voltage on the label! Only keeping it because I am out of time to get a different charger that is truly listed as a lithium battery charger on the label!

  6. Alan

    Works wellI am charging two Lion Energy 105 Ah 12 volt batteries in parallel in van conversion when shore power charge is needed. Voltage when fully charged is 14.42 V. The fan cycles on and off as needed during the charge. Fan is not noisy.

  7. alan satar

    90’s productIf you feel nustalgic about the 90’s, this product is for you. It looks and feels old. No lights or bottons togive you indication of anything, its all based on guess work. Be carfule not to cut yourself on the sharp edges.I will not recommend this product.

  8. Hubert Redmon

    Solid and reliable charging powerEasy to install and works great! I was a little concerned about overcharging my 100AH Battle Born batteries so I contacted Battle Born and they said that the 14.6V charging should be okay but do NOT leave the charger connected to the battery for more than 3 weeks at a time at that voltage. It is fine to charge at 14.6V for a quick charge but it not good for the battery in a continuous charging situation for a long period of time.

  9. Justin Sweat

    Randomly changed output voltage after 3 monthsJury still out. I use these daily and until issue is resolved I will then update. After 3 months it will not charge above 14.4 volts as of late. 14.4 max. Just randomly stopped doing what it was supposed to do. A simple product. Unfortunately no lights or indicators(Simple to integrate). Just plug it in. Sharp edges all over. A quick sanding from the factory could resolve this problem. I probably use this 3-4 times a week. Worked fine till it didn’t. For the money I expected a little more life. We will now see how warranty plays out. Follow up>>>> Terrible customer service. I cannot recommend this product. It stopped putting out the correct voltage and the company will not stand behind their product or warranty. Now I have useless piece of Junk…

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