Cuisinart CPT-122BK 2-Slice Compact Plastic Toaster, Black

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The Cuisinart 2-Slice Compact Plastic Toaster boasts seven shades of toasting, and the wide slots and high-lift carriage make toasting anything easy every time.

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Take control of your toast with the Cuisinart 2-Slice Compact Plastic Toaster, which boasts seven shades of toasting. This compact toaster saves space, whether placed sideways or facing forward, to fit any kitchen counter or even a dorm room. Whether you want a thick toasted bagel to snack on, toaster pastries, or thin sliced bread for a healthy twist on croutons, the wide slots and high-lift carriage make it easy to toast every time. This Cuisinart toaster has 2 1.5-inch wide toasting slots for a wide variety of sizes. The 7-setting shade dial gives you control over the toasting shade and the slide-out crumb tray makes clean up easy.


Features of the Cuisinart CPT-122BK 2-Slice Compact Plastic Toaster

  • Compact design
  • Stainless steel accents
  • 7-setting shade dial
  • Reheat, Defrost and Bagel controls
  • 1.5″ wide toasting slots
  • Slide-out crumb tray
  • 2.6 lb appliance
  • 110 volts

Additional information

Weight 2.6 lbs


13 reviews for Cuisinart CPT-122BK 2-Slice Compact Plastic Toaster, Black

  1. Atalaya P.

    Excelente tostador.Es algo voluminoso, pero para lo que es funciona perfecto.Siempre he tenido algo de problema con el hecho de que en cualquier tostador siempre se llena por dentro de migajas. Pero este al menos tiene el plus de que por debajo hay una bandeja que uno puede quitar para limpiar las migajas que le caigan.Tiene varias funciones, aunque en realidad solo lo usamos para tostar. Quisimos este porque precisamente estaba muy bien reseñado en The Wirecutter para tostar correctamente, y así ha sido hasta ahora.Muy recomendable 🙂

  2. JP Goss

    may be a bad unitThis was recommended by Wirecutter: “browned bread more evenly than almost any other model we tested”. The attached pictures showed our first test with intensity set at 3/7: Uneven dark bands on 1 side and hardly grilled on the other. I had 8$ toaster doing much better. So disappointed! We returned it.

  3. Negative Nancy

    False advertisement! No bagel mode.So, this toaster doesn’t actually have a “bagel mode” (which is supposed to toast the cut sides of the bagel more, leaving the outer sides soft) . All that the “Bagel” button does is increase the time that the bagel is being toasted for, making both sides hard and crunchy. You can do the same on any toaster just by increasing the toast time, that’s silly. At first I thought mine was faulty when I saw that the elements on both sides were heating up while the button was engaged. I will probably be sending this back, this is a false advertisement.

  4. Marty

    Just another toasterJust another irritating toaster. Toasts unevenly and doesn’t pop up enough to remove toast without burning fingers. It has all those useless buttons such as the one for bagles. I have no idea what they are for. It doesn’t make any difference when I use it or don’t use it when toasting bagles.Why can’t someone design a simple toaster that works consistently? It is a toaster, not rocket science.

  5. Zam

    Doesn’t work outside USADoesn’t work outside USA

  6. fotosapien

    Works great, looks great.If there’s one drawback it would be the crumb trays which are too shallow and can only be accessed from the back. You’ll end up with more crumbs on the counter than it should be unless you like to empty the trays every week or even more frequently.

  7. P Shif

    It makes toast!We just needed a new toaster to make toast and English muffins. This is simple but looks nice and does the job.The only knock on it is we almost need the temp dial up all the way to make things toast. It will do it a setting or two lower but all the other numbers are not really useful unless you just want warmed bread and not toast.My theory is this isn’t a heavy duty appliance that needs to be fancy. It just needs to make toast when we want it. For the price this does this well and looks more expensive and not cheap at all.

  8. Tom

    Wide openingI have been putting off buying a new toaster for a very long time. I finally bought this unit and generally happy with it. It has the functions I wanted, and the price was fair. I can finally do bagels and folded tortillas. The settings are easy to use and understand. My only beef is one side the elements don’t work or are very dim resulting in a slightly uneven cook. That said I would recommend this unit based on price and ease of use. The elements are something I’ll have to live with, and the reason the 4 stars.

  9. HerbB52

    Uneven toasting.Nice features. Tends to toast one side darker than the other. When I turn the setting down to keep one side from not being too brown the contrast seems to be worse.

  10. Cascadian

    Compact toaster, works okayI got this after reading the rave wirecutter review. Doesn’t quite live up to that, but it’s fine for now. The slots are on the small side in terms of length. You have to bend a standard slice of rye bread a bit to fit in (or trim). Forget about larger loaves like artisan breads. It was made for square sandwich loaf style bread. I am not getting even browning on both sides of bread. It was cheap, so that’s good.

  11. Emil Prisco

    Performs wellOls toaster quit and this one had good ratings and a 3 year warranty. Not crazy about it being white, but it will do. Works as it should and toasts faster than our old one which was another brand. I believe the listing says the bagel mode only toasts the face but the owners manual says it doesn’t just toast 1 side and the owners manual is correct.

  12. Amazon Customer

    Wide bread doesn’t fit!Loved everything about this toaster EXCEPT the fact that wider pan bread slices do not fit. I had to jam them in, and then the sides that touched the heating coils got too dark or burned. If you are a English muffin or bagel eater, or standard slice bread user, it is a great buy. I ended up buying a 4 slice/2 slot toaster that will accommodate the wider bread.

  13. Dennis Colditz

    It works. About the same as all the rest. But safer.Replaced old toaster because you had to put bread in twice with a turn to get both sides even. Well this one too. Otherwise great. Bought a cheap one before this one and it smoked the popup relay in less than a month and would not stay down. So if you don’t mind the twist to get both sides even get it. It’s more even than the much older one it replaced I believe which was also a Cuisinart. You can see the problem in the toaster wires, the tight ones don’t heat as much as the loose ones, but I’m not trying to adjust them and chance breaking them.

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