#WINTER/CAMPING: Tips for Winter Camping in Your RV

using a camper van in a camping trip

BY Boondockers Welcome—A recreational vehicle is not just for the bright, balmy days of summer. It’s a great option for getting out and about when the temperature drops too. Hit the road and make the most of the holiday season in your RV with our top tips for camping in the winter.

Preparing Your RV For Winter Camping

It’s vitally important that you prepare your RV for winter camping if you want to be comfortable, safe, and warm.

Install Or Upgrade Insulation:

Make sure you – 

  • Install window covering such as reflective foil and window film
  • Check the seals and caulking around the windows and the weather stripping around exterior doors, replacing as needed
  • Insulate the floors with foam board flooring or rugs
  • Use insulated fabric drapes for curtaining
  • Install RV skirting around the base

Check The Engine: Check the batteries for corrosion or damage. Make sure they’re fully charged before you set out on the road.

Protect The Plumbing: 

Protect your RV plumbing by –

  • Opening bathroom and kitchen cabinets so the heating can warm the plumbing
  • Wrap freshwater and sewer hoses, valves, and connections with heat tape
  • Use the internal freshwater tank so you can disconnect and store the freshwater hose safely
  • Protect the RV water pump and water lines with a small space heater
  • Dump tanks only when full to reduce the risk of freezing

Check The RV Furnace: If you’re going to camp in extremely cold temperatures, get a certified RV repair technician to inspect your furnace. Make sure the furnace is clean of debris and dirt and ensure the vents and air return aren’t damaged.

More Tips For Prepping Your RV: Use these additional tips to prepare your RV for winter camping:

  • Use a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the interior
  • Get wooden blocks to place under the stabilizing jacks to prevent them from sticking in snow or ice
  • Install vent covers so you can keep your vents open without worrying about rain or snow
  • Place an insulated AC cover over your AC unit when not in use
  • Change or fully charge the batteries in safety devices such as fire alarms

Packing For Winter RV Camping

Prepare for colder weather than predicted when packing for winter RV camping and make sure you have an emergency kit that includes medical supplies and anything you might need to repair your vehicle. 

Other packing tips include:

  • Your clothing choice should include breathable base layers, various mid-layers made of breathable insulating materials such as wool or fleece, waterproof outer layers, and warm hats, socks, waterproof gloves, and snow boots
  • Take a good-sized mattress, warm sleeping bag and blankets
  • Pack goggles if you want to snowshoe, ski, or snowboard
  • Include a headlamp and a lantern
  • Add a shovel and tire chains
  • Pack extra food and drinking water
  • Use a blow dryer to defrost RV components
  • Pack additional propane tanks

Finding The Best Locations

Finding the best locations for winter camping in your RV depends on what you want to enjoy during the holiday season:

Camping In The Cold: Head to Georgia, Washington State, or anywhere in between if you want to camp in cold conditions. A few great destinations include Breckenridge, Colorado, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Enjoying Warmer Temperatures: If you want to be a snowbird and head to warmer climates, check out campgrounds in southern states such as Florida, California, Arizona, and Texas. A few destinations to consider include Key West, Panhandle, Austin, Fredericksburg, and Big Bend National Park.

Swap sun for snow and enjoy a holiday season with a difference. 

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