#VIDEO/INTERVIEW: Scott & Lori Adams Talk About Their GMC Motorhome – Scott Then Gives Us a Tour of its Interior

BY Marco Kathuria—Another episode in a series featuring interviews with GMC Motorhome owners. This time, Scott and Lori Adams are interviewed by Stefanie Kohl while at the GMC Motorhomes International Rally in Corunna, MI. in September, 2023.

Later in the segment, Scott takes Stefanie on a grand tour of the interior of their Eleganza II where he points out lots of interesting features and upgrades that have been added to this 45+ year old vintage RV over the years. Scroll down to view the video.

Scott Adams Honored as an “Outstanding Citizen”

PHOTO: Adams Development Co.

The Adams Development Co. was founded by Homer and Juanita Adams in 1961. Its primary focus is real estate development and sales plus commercial property management and leasing in the Southwestern Illinois area. Adams Development’s land holdings range from wooded residential home sites and prime commercial building sites to 1,000-acre planned unit developments. It has lease properties in multiple locations including shopping centers located along Homer Adams Parkway in Alton.

As Co-Chairman of the Grafton Flood Relief Committee during the Great Flood of 1993, Scott worked with city, county, state and federal officials and agencies to raise more than $20 million in public and private funding to rebuild infrastructure in the city to prepare for the regrowth and expansion of residential, commercial and recreational facilities there.

Scott has received the Golden Leaf Award, Life Spike Award from the National Association of Home Builders, Outstanding Citizen Award, Homer M. Adams Memorial Citizenship Award, and Growth Association Small Business of the Month Award.

Scott’s father Homer Adams received the first Golden Leaf Award in 1977. Just as his parents worked for the betterment of the Riverbend Area, Adams has continued to do the same. He leased the Christmas Carousel Shop to the Godfrey Women’s Club in 2021 to help the organization raise funds to continue its scholarship funding for Lewis and Clark Community College.

His past and present business affiliations include Greater Gateway Association of Realtors, Illinois and National Association of Realtors, Home Builders Association of Greater Southwest Illinois, Illinois and National Association of Home Builders, Grafton Chamber of Commerce, River Bend Growth Association, Southwestern Illinois Leadership Council Board of Directors and Director of Business Development for Church Administration (Enjoy Church).

Sources: Adams Development Co.; The Telegraph; Realtor.com.

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Roundtable: Four Guests Discuss Their Experience of Owning and Driving a GMC Motorhome

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About the GMC Motorhome

Built by General Motors using automobile assembly techniques, 12,921 GMC motorhomes were produced from model years 1973 to 1978. Over 7,000 are currently listed at the GMCMI.com international registry. Estimates suggest that at least 8,000 to 9,000 of the original production run are still in operating condition.

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History of the GMC Motorhome

Source: GMCMI.com

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